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  1. Hi, This is part of the email I received from Pocketmags Thursday advising of the new issue. The November 2020 issue of Hornby Magazine is available now and features 164 pages of modelling inspiration plus a FREE Scalescenes kit for a Grain Silo in ‘OO’ gauge. Hornby Magazine digital subscribers can obtain a print of the kit parts by calling the Key Publishing Mail Order Department on 01780 480404. I tried for four hours on Thursday evening from Australia and kept getting the engaged signal, so eventually sent an email. Received a confirmation last night to say that one had been sent. Regards, Jim.
  2. Hi, Just opened August BRM digital edition and went looking for the DVD link, cannot find it anywhere. However we do have two page 4's so maybe we have to wait for a fix? Regards, Jim.
  3. Hi, Thanks for your help. It was updated last night 30th June 2100 hrs AEST. All is now fine. Regards, Jim.
  4. On opening the latest issue on my PC I find that on a lot of the pages it looks like the censor has been at work. For example Shellhaven has thick black lines underneath it, instead of the actual print. This occurs on many pages. Is anybody else having the same problem? I have tried it on different computers, one with Firefox and one with Explorer and it is the same with both. It only seems to be with the current issue. Regards, Jim.
  5. It's all good, just downloaded and working, many thanks. Regards, Jim.
  6. That's good, but can you download the DVD? I can't. Regards, Jim.
  7. Hi daftbovine, Thanks for that, however upon clicking on the button I get the cover page of the calendar opening but any attempts to go further results in going back to the magazine. I have tried it on three different computers all with the same result. As I don't use Facebook it looks like another email to Hornby and see if I get an answer this time. Regards, Jim.
  8. Hi daftbovine, I would not have a problem printing the pages out, cost would be a few cents. I am in Australia and find the digital editions are great, no having to wait for two to three months for the latest issues and the mark-up at the local newsagents is incredible. The way I feel, if it is advertised on the front cover of the issue that I am reading it should be available for me to either download by a posted link or part of the magazine that I am reading enabling me to print the relevant pages and create my own calendar. It should be no different to creating a digital edition of the supplements. Regards, Jim.
  9. Hi all, Received December 2016 digital Hornby Magazine with Free 2017 Calendar emblazoned across the front cover. I have looked through the whole magazine and cannot find any reference or link for the calendar. Have I just missed it (it has been known before) or is there no calendar with the digital edition? I sent an email to Hornby a couple of days ago but have not received a response so far. Any help would be appreciated. Regards, Jim.
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