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    Barry Railway and GWR, particularly in South Wales. British Railways memories.

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    Is it really that long since I posted anything? I have not been completely idle on the modelling front but not far off, this time of year the garden has taken more of my time than in the past but I usually have to work under supervision. So what have I been doing, well for some years the track for my garden railway has needed attention so a lot of time has been spent relaying a large part of it. No photos I'm afraid but I now have a usable full circuit, very nice to sit outside with a drink and watch a train trundle round. Work on the cottages is moving along slowly, the walls have been covered with embossed plastic, windows and doors fitted, walls assembled and internal walls made. I'm not keen on the windows and doors supplied, they are more suited to more modern times with a variety of different styles so I have done some bodging with the windows and used Scalescene doors. I may replace the windows at some time, then again I probably won't get round to it. One of the Llanforen boards has to be removed when the gas boiler is serviced and as I get older It is becoming harder to move. It is 4' x 2'3" half covered with scenery and my initial thoughts were that I would need to narrow it and lose the inclined track. However when I had removed it for the gas man I had the idea of attacking the framework with a drill to lighten it, it has made some difference but it is still awkward. I am working on an idea to place a removable handle on the scenic part and disguising the hole when not needed. Hopefully that will keep me going a bit longer before drastic action is required. I seem to have spent too much time reading RMWeb rather than modelling so that I can contribute,. Must do better! Best wishes to all and carry on being sensible. Brian
  2. I think my blanking chip came fro DCC Supplies, which I possibly mentioned earlier. Whether this is relevant or not I can’t say but I also lined the tender cavity with insulation tape. Fortunately the body work on mine was fine and hopefully you will be able to get yours sorted. Brian
  3. Time to vote. PBV. 1,2,3,6,7 focused 1,2,6 Monsters. 8,9,10 focused 8. I could find a use for all of the above, I have not voted for the K42 because I have built one from a kit. Thanks to Brian and the team and not forgetting our host Robin. Brian
  4. You never notice until you have taken the picture. Brian
  5. 88C


    I mentioned sometime ago that my recently acquired Abergavenny Castle was to be renamed Swordfish, well I have done it now, details of how can be found on the Hornby Castle thread. Not a very good photo I'm afraid but here it is, still needs some details and weathering. Why Swordfish? Well my Grandparents lived in Barry overlooking the railway and our annual holiday was always spent there, in those days August Bank Holiday was earlier in the month. I was 12 then coming up to 13 and just beginning to do a bit of trainspotting although I always liked watching the trains and in those days there were plenty going to Barry Island. Every year there was a 6 a side cricket competition on the ground by the causeway, a can of beer for a four and two for a six, this was something we did most years. How does this have anything to do with Swordfish, well walking back for some reason that has stuck in my mind, Swordfish was in the headshunt waiting to back onto it's train and to a 12 year old looking up at it it made an impression. As a follow up to this I, of course, have a copy of John Hodge's book Barry, its Railway and Port and on page 142 there is a photo of Swordfish in the self same spot, checking the date it was a Bank Holiday, was I there at the same time, surely too much of a coincidence not to be. And if all of that is not a good reason to choose Swordfish as a name I don't know what is. Brian
  6. I have finally got round to renaming Abergavenny Castle to Swordfish, not as simple as I had hoped. The last Castle that I renamed was straight forward because it was possible to stick the new plates directly over the old ones but not this time because Swordfish has smaller plates. This is what I ended up doing. Assuming the existing plates to be plastic I started to try and carefully cut the plate just above the splasher, having started I soon realised that the splasher and nameplate are metal, steel as it turned out. Fortunately the glue holding the slasher in place is not too strong so it pulled away quite easily. Having already damaged the plate support I set to with the piercing saw and cut away making sure that I didn't damage the splasher itself, once apart it was a case of careful filing. I was using 247 plates which fortunately match the radius of the splasher. I glued some L shaped brackets on the back to give a firmer fixing. The splashers were replaced and the new plates tested for fit, a bit of trimming was needed on the brackets and once happy I used epoxy to fix them, giving time to readjust. The 247 plates were lined using their transfers but despite putting them onto a glossy surface they have silvered slightly which shows up in the photo, by the time the loco has been weathered it shouldn't be a problem. My tip for any one wanting a different, shorter name would be to remove the splasher/ nameplate and just cut the ends of the Abergavenny and either buy plates without the base or if you have to, cut off the support from the new plate and stick it on what is already there. That should give a neater finish with a lot less work. Hope this may help. By the way, there may be some details which are not correct for Swordfish but if there are they won't worry me. Brian
  7. 88C


    A long time since I have posted any updates but I have not been completely idol and I'm starting to feel a bit more confident in my modelling again. I started with a Scalescenes hut, one of the free ones as a trial, it certainly involved more work than I was expecting but I have learned a lot from it and I will be buying more. A Parkside tube wagon has also been completed, the usual quality and everything included apart from couplings, I don't count the ones in the kit. One thing I have found having built quite a few Parkside kits in lockdown is that it is best to space the solebars a bit further apart, easy to do with shims of plastic. The final thing to mention is the 1600. Before doing anything to it I gave it a good running in, it must rank as one of the best locos that I have, then again I don't use DCC. The model needs careful handling as some of the fittings are very delicate The poorly fitting bunker isn't too noticeable but the couplings are awful. I have managed to modify a set to make them more acceptable and removing the hook helps the appearance as well. New number plates have been fitted and it is now 1600 which spent, as far as I know, it's whole BR existence at Barry shed, an 88C shed plate is still needed. I'm also wondering what to do with the steam heating pipe(?) which hangs at a very strange angle, it was unlikely to be needed at Barry so I may well remove it Other projects are planned but supplies are needed and if possible I want to go to a shop to get them. In the not too distant future I hope to give details on the changes I am making to the Castle I bought recently. That's it for now so best wishes to all. Brian
  8. Better than too low. Brian
  9. 88C


    Back to the main layout now. Whilst I have been operating recently I have also been considering what to do with the undeveloped corner and I think I have come up with a plan. I have seen The Johnster's use of the Ancorton row of cottages which have given me the idea. Although they are half relief I believe that using two kits it will be possible to create a full depth row. It may be necessary to clad the walls with embossed plastic to blend in with the rest of the layout but a lot of cutting will already be done. The photos below show a quick mock up to get an idea of position. The last one certainly doesn't work but somewhere between the other two looks about right. Now I will need to order the kits. Brian
  10. Looking back to the start of this topic you should be pleased with your progress, you seem to have completed a good number of buildings which all go towards your vision of what the railway will look like. In my long experience progress does go in waves and it will happen. The only sure way to make things happen quickly is to offer an incomplete layout to an exhibition! Brian
  11. 88C


    I have been making steady progress with the bedroom layout and testing has proved to give interesting operation, even if the realism is a bit unlikely, that is for the garage. The Metacalfe small factory kit has provided a goods office, it does sit very low as built but no problem to raise it slightly. The white paper is a possible site for a loading platform, I haven't made up my mind if one would be likely. In the middle of the layout below the ramp is the small factory, it really is too small and I quite like the look of a Scalescenes version. I have downloaded the free coal office to see how I get on, I just need to source the suitable card but it looks promising. This little project has helped me to recover my mojo although I am still holding off renumbering and weathering new locos but I'll get there. I have also had chance to get out and operate Llanforen in the garage and plans are forming for future developments, more about that next time. That's it for now. Brian
  12. 88C


    A long time since I last posted, some progress to report today. After Christmas I lost my mojo and confidence in modelling so I put the 2021 kit to one side and decorated the two spare bedrooms. The two panniers have arrived and I have had chance to run them in, what good models they are and in time they will get renumbered. Because these are both British Railway locos and the fact that I have built quite a few wagons for this era I decided that the shed scene would be remodelled and recycled into a goods yard. A track plan was devised, which is probably not very plausible, but it does give operational interest. The scenic side is very much make it up as I go along and much use is being made of Metcalfe kits, which are helping me get back to something practical without being too challenging. I have started with retaining walls as a means of getting to the fiddle yard which is really just a plain track. My claim is that there is the main yard through the bridge/tunnel and a few wagons at a time will be tripped in. Progress so far is shown in the next picture although not everything has been fixed and I do need more walling. Under the walls there is a coal yard and I still don't know what to do at the top of the walls remembering that I will need to access the fiddle yard. The other end of the layout will be for general goods and I will need to change the track to fit in the building. The room does get used for visitors occasionally so the railway does have to get taken down, another factor to bear in mind. As of now I do not know how far I will go with the scenics, after all this is a secondary layout that is available when a bit too cold to get into the garage to operate and work on Llanforen but it is helping me get back into the swing of things. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to post their layouts and work on RMWeb, it does inspire me to try and do better myself but it must be enjoyable as well. I did buy a weathered 16xx and come the better weather it is something that needs doing with my other BR(WR) locos, uniform black just doesn't look right, a few cheap bodies from an exhibition or swap-meet are needed to practice on, so no rush. Best wishes to all. Brian
  13. A year ago today, the Nottingham show and also the last time I traveled by train. Brian
  14. Sorry for causing confusion, my comments refer to the B1 class, clearly I did not read the title carefully. I have now edited my entry. As you mention the Bs had a 5’5” overhang and I don’t think there was any difference, I certainly don’t claim to be an expert. Brian
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