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  1. 88C

    Little Muddle

    The recent topic about the hall has prompted me to sort out my effort at improving the model which I did when I was about 17, so long ago! I was inspired by the magazine article mentioned earlier. I bought the model by part exchanging my Tri-ang trans-continental stuff. There are a lot of things wrong with what I did, I can plead ignorance at the time, and over the years it has gained new wheels but not much else. a few years ago the front footplate fell off due to the failure of the glue so that needed repairing and running is poor now, I think the motor needs remagnetising. I have taken this model to the club to show younger members what I did when I was a youth and that you do get better with experience. Brian
  2. 88C


    It's been a while since I posted an update and quite a bit has happened since then, although not on the layout itself, I think I have mentioned before that I spend far more time modelling than running. The trip to Barry went very well and we really enjoyed the Cardiff show and chatting to a few fellow RMWebbers. Happily, the sale of my mother's house was completed at the end of October, although we are still waiting for the funds from the solicitors, and since then I have found it much easier to concentrate on some modelling. Another loco is waiting for the paint shop and I have also made a lot of progress with a Collett full brake from a Comet kit. I must admit that I do find building coaches to be a bit of a chore, but at least this one doesn't have much interior to deal with. Not quite ready for painting but not far off, anyway it is not suitable weather to get into the garage to get the airbrush out. Looking forward to a trip to the GBMRS tomorrow and especially seeing Hungerford again. Brian
  3. Good luck with your project, I will look forward to seeing it develop. Do you know how much space you have available? Old OS maps can be a good source of information especially the larger scale ones but no help with signal boxes. Brian
  4. Along with my wife we were at the show on Saturday and it was well worth the trip down from Mansfield and having a short break. It was a very good show and excellent value not forgetting a ride on the vintage coach. The layouts ranged from good to exceptional and it was a pleasure to talk to many of the operators especially those that post on RMWEB. As for trade, it is not easy to get the specialists that many of us like to see, they rightly, for their own business, will want to go to shows where there are a lot of potential customers. I didn’t go looking to buy anything but I did find a Dean Goods loco body at a reasonable price which will eventually be used for a project I have in mind. Well done and thanks to all involved. Brian
  5. Looking forward to visiting on Saturday. I saw Sherton Abbas at Railex earlier this year so I decided it would be nice to have another look. As well as that it will also be nice to see Danemouth for real, it's one of the layouts I look out for on here, and looking at the list some other quality layouts. I will be accompanied by my wife and we have booked a few nights at the Barry Island Premier Inn, that sounds so much nicer than Barry Docks! It will be interesting to see how much has changed since I was a lad. Also hoping to meet up with some RMWebbers, especially those who have commented on my Llanforen thread. Here's to Saturday. Brian
  6. 88C


    Nothing new to report, as I mentioned earlier I have been busy working on a club layout ready for our show which I'm glad to say went well and visitor numbers were up. I can now start getting back to my projects but first we are having a few days staying in Barry, partly to visit the Cardiff show on Saturday. We are staying at the Barry Island Premier Inn, sounds so much better than Barry Docks where it actually is. Hope to see some of you there. Brian
  7. Really looking forward to seeing Sherton Abbas again on Saturday. These photos are a reminder of just how good the layout is. Brian
  8. This time next week it will be all over bar the clearing up. A bit of 0 gauge this time. Brian
  9. Don’t know about Johnster but I do and I’m sure there was a mine as well. Brian
  10. A photo of our tribute to Radford Mill's builder, the late Pete Wright who was also at one time an ERS member. Pete had intended to extend the layout and we are now using his boards and ideas to complete the job. It won't be completely finished by the exhibition, but not far off. Brian
  11. From what I remember, most of the buses coming to Barry Island from the valleys were double deckers and they really struggled going back up St Nicholas' Road. Brian
  12. You’re in luck, but the instructions are very brief. I will scan a copy and send it to you as soon as I get chance. I have recently built one of these, a bit tricky but worth the effort. There are photos on my Llanforen thread. Brian
  13. It is nice to see some recent pictures, I’m looking forward to seeing the layout at Cardiff. Brian
  14. I have just edited the list of layouts to add Preuninger Alm Hoe by Axel Klozenbuecher. Brian
  15. In these days when many people are quick to complain I think it is only fair that excellent customer service is also mentioned. I have recently started building a CSP kit bought several years ago which has reached the top of the to do pile but I discovered that the casting for the chimney was missing. Anyway an e-mail to CSP has resulted in the missing part turning up in the post within days. Well done to Iain and Philip. Brian
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