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  1. 88C

    Little Muddle

    I have just shown the photo to my wife, she didn’t realise that it was a model. That sums up the superb quality of your modelling Kevin. Brian.
  2. You could also contact Brian Osborne at Branchlines, I got mine from him. Brian.
  3. Not really controversial, the bunker join does look disappointing in photos, I haven’t seen one for real. Other models have done it better so hard not to be critical. Brian
  4. I know what you mean about the 16xx kit, I have made a start on the latest version of the 2021, certainly challenging, in fact I’ve put it to one side for the time being until I get my concentration back. Brian
  5. There is certainly a lot of satisfaction, and frustration, in building things yourself and sometimes it is the only option. I am old enough to say that my first pannier was Tri-ang, we have come a long way from there. My K’s pannier is still in use, no brake gear, tank fronts painted green because at the time I didn’t know any better. Perhaps because of my age, or just my approach to modelling I don’t get obsessed by what I regard as minor differences in detail, especially things you can hardly see at normal viewing distance. My 16xx hasn’t arrived yet so I will make a judgment when I see it.
  6. 88C


    Well, having said in my last post that I have too many locos another one has arrived today, a 94xx late crest. Also, in the emails was an invoice for a 16xx. Need to get some number plates ordered. The layouts are not very accessible at the moment due to decorating, a new sofa and chairs plus a big loft clear out but a skip is being delivered on Monday so I will get chance to do some running in. In the meantime plans are taking shape for the re-use of the shed layout board and track to something with more operating potential. Brian
  7. You could be charged with cruelty to The Johnster by posting these pictures. Brian
  8. I too am looking forward to seeing this layout progress and hopefully at a show sometime. Brian
  9. 88C


    Not a lot to report in the way of progress on any front, the 2021is making a little progress, the first whitemetal kit I have done for ages so a bit of re-learning, recent efforts on the loco front have been brass. I won't be doing much for the time being as we have decided to do some long overdue decorating which has also taken my indoor track out of action. Not all negative though, I have been thinking about the future. First of all I have long wondered what to do with one corner of Llanforen, at the moment it is filled with inferior trees but seeing The Johnster's Cwmdimbath wit
  10. 88C


    There are always plenty of frustrations when modelling, getting over them gives a sense of satisfaction. I have been modelling for over fifty years now so this is not the first mistake that I have made and I doubt it will be the last. Brian
  11. 88C


    Oh b***** . I have just discovered that no matter how careful I try to be I still make mistakes! Somehow I managed to get the front and middle splashers in the wrong place, at least they have come off easily. More stress ahead, I won’t make that mistake again and if I do I won’t admit it. Brian
  12. Some of the concrete buffer stops can be seen if you drive along the road from Isley Walton towards Melbourne, just before the old railway bridge and Kings Newton. I think that one can be seen on Google Earth. Brian
  13. 88C


    It has been a while since an update so a belated best wishes to all. For a multitude of reasons I have not done a lot recently and none of it in the garage, it's a bit cold. Slow progress on the 2021, the chassis is all but finished, it needs painting and the pickups fitting. Starting the body I realised the castings are quite soft so I fixed the valances and buffer beams to add some strength before moving on to the splashers. A trial fit on the chassis shows that it will need packing later on. The splashers have been a real pain to fix! Getting them in
  14. The trees at the back look great but the big one just looks wrong even if it is more to scale. Perhaps it also emphasises that the other trees are smaller than they ‘should’ be. You were right to question the size and as far as scenery goes I work on the principal that if it looks right it is right. Brian.
  15. Thanks John for all these recent photos, we really have been spoiled. Brian
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