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  1. 88C

    'Cambrian Street'

    Hello Bob, I’ve been watching progress for some time and I agree with other replies that to waste all that work would be a great shame. I am sure that most people building a layout hit a flat spot at some time, problems can always be overcome, I have been puzzling over how to operate my signals for a couple of years now. As for your points, nothing wrong with ‘digital’ operation, it works in my fiddle yard. If some points are hard to reach have you investigated some of the small point motors that I have seen advertised? Best wishes and don’t give up and certainly don’t do anything in haste that you will certainly regret later. Brian.
  2. 88C


    A very impressive layout, there is a definite feel of reality to it. Well done. Brian.
  3. Slow but steady progress with the detailing, not much more I can do until I can source some fittings, mostly from 247 but I also need buffers and some larger pony wheels from Alan Gibson. Looking more like engines now. Brian
  4. 88C


    Not a lot has happened on the layout recently but I have been thinking, dangerous I know. I had a good day at the Stafford show on Saturday with very little purchased however I did come away with some inspiration for future projects. A couple of years ago I built four of the signals needed with the intention of operating them mechanically but recently I have been considering using servos, it will work out a lot more expensive but hopefully they will be easier to set up. Until I looked on the Megapoints stand I did not realise that there are some small servos available which look like they could be mounted to the signal off the baseboard and set up before refitting them into a suitable sized hole. More research at Doncaster on Saturday. I am planning to spend more at this show, I need some fittings from 247 and signal parts from Wizard. Brian
  5. Neal has beaten me to it, as he said if you had shown us the pictures of the train the first thought is that looks more like a typical GW train. I have been building models for a long time now and I am never completely satisfied when constructing them but once they are on the layout I don’t notice the faults and, yes, close up photos are cruel. A lovely layout and I wish that I had the space to realistically run express trains. Brian
  6. It was nice to meet you yesterday Robin. The last picture is very realistic, the lower angle makes a big difference . Brian
  7. My wife and I visited yesterday, arriving at the same time as ChrisF so we went to the cafe for our first cuppa and a catch up. A very good show as always with plenty of variety. Particular favourites of mine were Hope-under-Dinmore, Harlyn Pier and Wickwar. I enjoyed the 3mm section and noticed there were a few London Underground layouts which add something different, plus a fix of panniers. Can’t forget to mention Under the Chandelier. Congratulations to all involved. Brian
  8. Looking forward to my visit tomorrow, a short shopping list but who knows. Cuppa arranged with ChrisF. Brian
  9. 88C


    Some dock shunters this time. First up a Nu-cast saddle tank, 1364. I bought this from Sherwood Models in 2013 when they had just a few whitemetal kits left and I figured buy it now or it will be too late. An interesting build, to get parts to fit I realised that the footplate was a few mm short so this needed lengthening and the tanks had to be eased out gently. The chassis was straight forward and has a small Mashima motor with 40-1 gears. Should I have left the roundel off? Having built the saddle tank I decided that it would be nice to have the pannier version so here is the DJH kit. No problems and I used the same motor and gearbox combination as the saddle tank. Needless to say, I didn't buy the RTR models when they appeared. Finally a Swansea Harbour Trust Hudswell Clarke 0-4-0ST number 150. This as you can clearly see is based on a Hornby Smokey Joe. The inspiration came from a photo in Russell's excellent book of GW absorbed engines. I doubt that my model is anything like to scale and I wish now that I had done more work on the front end. Earlier on I mentioned the K's motor being useless for the 72xx, well it is now in this loco and is OK for the demands placed on it. Romford wheels also fitted. I have a bit of a test track engine shed in the spare room, it comes down sometimes when we have visitors, and from time to time when I am in the mood I give all the engines that are not used on Llanforen a run up and down. Occasionally they may go into the garage or to the club for a bit of a leg stretch. That's it for now. Brian
  10. I have got to a point where the detailing starts. Beginning with the GW version, the boiler has been test fitted but I will not fix it until I have finished soldering and this will be delayed until I source some more parts and this will probably be at York. If anyone knows where I might find some etched steps please let me know, I have some Mainly Trains and Comet which with a bit of work will be OK for the cab steps but the small front ones will probably have to be filed up. More progress with the Barry version. I think I have more or less finished adding the details which need soldering, I use epoxy to fix the chimney, dome and safety valves. There are other items which I make from plastic such as sand box lids. Both engines have been tested as I progress but a short test track doesn't show up all the problems. So far the GW model has been fine but not so the Barry one. It has shown a tendency to derail when running bunker first. Adding more weight at the rear helped a bit but not enough. A bit more of my roofing lead was put in the bunker to go with the slabs in the tanks and plenty in the boiler. Some tweaking to the pony truck, giving the rear drivers a bit more side play seems to have done the trick, we shall see. Adding all the details is a slow process compared to building the basics but it has to be done. No rush as it is not fit to go into the garage with the airbrush even with the heater on. Brian.
  11. 88C


    Morning Penrhos. Llanforen is a permanent layout in my garage and I’m afraid it not a layout which goes to exhibitions. The separate Llanforen shed has been to a few local shows over it’s many years but nothing booked at the moment. Thanks for your interest. Brian
  12. 88C


    It has been mentioned at the club that I haven't posted anything on here recently so here goes. I did intend to post a couple of pictures that I took yesterday but they are so bad I will not embarrass myself, instead a few more of my loco stud. First today a K's 72xx number 7202. Not built very well but a reminder of my time in Barry. Originally I put in the HP2M? motor that came with the kit, I would take it up to the club and it would do a couple of laps and stop, next time the same so the motor had to go, it is now in a dock shunter that only does short runs. It now has a can motor and an enclose gearbox with a flexible between them, works better now. Next an 8750 series pannier, well you can never have too many. Another K's kit but with a Bristol Models(?) chassis and another one of my earlier builds. Some detail errors before I learned better. I have a photo of 3615 that I took in Barry shed so an easy choice of number. Another pannier but I didn't build this one. I was offered it by a friend who was an LNER modeller. An offer I couldn't refuse. Numbered 8779 it came with the top feed but as this didn't have any pipework, I removed it. Finally a Tri-ang Hall. I bought this when I was still at school and it was mostly funded by part exchanging my Tri-ang transcontinental models, why I had them is another story. Anyone remember Pearsons in Nottingham?There was an article in one of the magazines at the time on how to improve the model so I had a go. Once again some detail errors for the livery. Many years later when I joined the Elizabethan club it gained Romford wheels. 4906 Broome Hall. Brian
  13. For some time I have been looking for an old Dean Goods body to use for this project and I finally found one at the Cardiff show in October. I had assumed that the boiler would be a simple job to add to the model. No, I hadn't done any measurements to check and when I had separated it and tried it was too short so what to do. More checking showed the actual boiler to be OK but it was the smokebox and firebox that were short. The front of the smokebox pushes out easily so if I could use a ring of plastic this would extend the smokebox, it was easy enough to ad plastic to the back of the firebox. The components. Extension piece ready for trimming. More filler than I would like! I have since given the boiler a quick spray of primer to check how well I have cleaned up the filler. At this point I must say that neither model will be completely accurate, for a start I know my limits, but they will look the part on a layout. As I mentioned earlier, the kit is an old design, things have come a long way since then but I do know that there is an up-to-date B1 kit proposed but it is not my place to give details here. Brian
  14. That’s the plan but it is not as straight forward as I had hoped, I will post some pictures when I get chance. Brian
  15. An unexpected problem arose when testing the Barry chassis, the one with the Branchlines gearbox. The motor worked but nothing moved, closer inspection revealed that the gear which is an interference fit wasn't turning, see photo. There isn't enough space to get some Loctite in so another solution had to be found and after thinking about it overnight I wondered if it would be possible to pin the two adjacent gears together. I managed to do a partial dismantling of the gearbox and set to work. Using a new 0.5mm drill bit I put a couple of holes through the offending gear and by putting the two gears onto an old axle I could accurately drill into the other gear. I used 0.5mm nickel silver wire for the pins, secured with superglue. Once the pins had been cut back the gearbox was reassembled and without talking too soon, I think I have solved the problem. These Branchlines gearboxes are very nice when working but it is tricky to get the one gear that is an interference fit right. Although the box worked when first assembled it is possible that the lubrication got into the joint, if I use one of these again I may well pin straight away. Brian
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