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  1. Looks good, that last photo with the 105 DMU does it for me. I spent far too much of my teenage years in those things, trying to get from Lincoln to somewhere more interesting. Class 25s weren't really part of my Lincolnshire childhood except on the summer Saturday excursions to Skegness: it was all Immingham 31s and 37s around Lincoln. Seemed very boring at the time but I wish I could go back now.
  2. Scratchbuilt from brass and Plastikard. Sine I finished it, Tiny Underground Models have done a 3D printed body to fit a Farish C class chassis. https://www.shapeways.com/product/M67BBQCK5/nbr-c-class-lner-j36-n-gauge?optionId=189926414&li=shops
  3. The wheels are Farish coach wheels I had lying around. Hard to get hold of at the moment apparently. You may have to rob them off a Mk1 and hope they come back into stock later. The Chivers kit has a couple of issues partly due to its long wheelbase. I buried 2mm Assoc bearing cups deep in the axleboxes but still had to push the solebars right out to get the wheels to fit, Farish axles are quite long. Then the thing wouldn't sit square and I had to carefully twist the body, using a sheet of glass to check the wheels, until it didn't wobble, at which point I glued the roof down. It still
  4. I reckon I will need about 120 wagons for Stobs, up to around 60 at the moment. Mostly N Gauge Society kits. You're not wrong about the variety of colours, but there is also the mix of different van designs, a big jumble of heights and roof profiles. I found a photo of one class 4 freight where the first fifteen vehicles were vanfits of fifteen different types. I have been poring over photos to try and ensure I have the main freight flows covered - banana vans, fish and meat, Presflo / Prestwin cement wagons, oil tanks, grain hoppers etc etc. I would say about half the vehicles were vanfi
  5. Summer of '63. 2.43 pm Edinburgh - Carlisle slows for its booked stop at Stobs, with a St Margarets B1 substituting for the usual Type 2 diesel.
  6. Clayton on the Waverley: D8560 heads north with what looks like a set of freshly overhauled and painted wagons ready to be fed back into the wagonload network at Millerhill. (In other words I haven't got round to weathering any of my kit built wagons yet.)
  7. The moorland is advancing steadily across the hills and has now reached the viaduct. 60882 heads south on yet another Millerhill - Kingmoor Class 4.
  8. If it's a Digitrains Activedrive project, full instructions are under "Description" on their website: https://www.digitrains.co.uk/shop-by-product/sound/digitrainsound/digitrainsound-zimo/class-26-activedrive-sl.html I have one of these in an N gauge class 26 and it is great. Richard
  9. Couple more photos for Iain Mac: Unusual motive power for a Kingmoor-Millerhill freight: a "Crab" clanks over the viaduct towards Hawick. BRCW Type 2 on a Carlisle-Hawick local passes a typical North British platelayers hut. Banking to Whitrope: a J36 gives a sturdy shove to a southbound freight.
  10. That sounds very interesting and I would certainly like to try it. Please let me know how I can order one.
  11. I'm building a model (in N gauge) of a station on the Waverley route, which means lots of three cylinder Gresley beasts - A3s, K3s and V2s. The layout was actually inspired by the Peter Handford sound recordings made in 1961, and I reckon DCC sound will play a big part in creating the atmosphere I am looking for. One problem. I've watched lots of videos, listened to lots of sound clips, and none of the sound projects out there sound remotely like the Handford recordings. All the sound projects have their exhaust beats in nice even groups of three. A typical hard-worked St Margarets V2 sou
  12. Seeing how much WR atmosphere I can create without any scenery: 60969 on a Millerhill-Kingmoor Class 4 passes D5316 on the 1300 Carlisle-Edinburgh all stations. About time I stopped fiddling with locomotives and got on with ground cover, trees and stuff.
  13. I ordered a Q class decoder from Locoman and can say two things: 1. The service is excellent, decoder arrived within two days of ordering. 2. The product itself is very, very good indeed. I actually wanted it to go in a Dapol N gauge "B1" (as far as I am concerned, one mid-sized two cylinder loco sounds much like another) and it is the first decent steam sound simulation I have come across. I really can't fault it. Even has a slight "blow" on one of the cylinders which sounds far more authentic for the last years of steam. Here's a short and p
  14. Pleased? I'm absolutely furious. I spend two years trying to assemble an appropriate loco fleet for June 1961, and then that happens. Just kidding, it's a great model but has forced me to change direction a bit. Rather than pick one moment in time I will now aim to run a representative selection of trains from the last ten years of WR operation. Meanwhile here's another fragment of Super 8 cine footage: filmed from beside the platelayer's hut to the north of the viaduct a St Margarets B1, looking nice and clean but with a "blow" on one of the cylinders, ambles aw
  15. Still no progress on scenery, but I have a new D53xx shaped toy... (crank up the volume)
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