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    Primarily 1960s BR Steam,Diesel,Electric LMR and some BR SR. Settle and Carlisle Route/WCML. Large, expensive motorcycles.

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  1. Black 5 Bear

    Dapol 'Western'

    The Maroon Western (Both DC and DCC variants) is in stock at both Kernow and Hattons for all interested parties.
  2. I wouldn't be in too much of a rush to buy. I'm pretty certain that you'll see these discounts again when they release the two further BR variants later this year.
  3. Good to see that Hornby is on the up and that this business is turning the corner, which I hope will continue in the future. They are producing some excellent products, but still need to focus on QC issues. Well done !
  4. Agreed, the Star and the tanks should never of been design clever models, however Hornby we're going through a rough financial patch at the time. I for one am really pleased that they have turned the corner. Additionally, although I love my 1960s Duke of Gloucester, a "full fat" version would be very welcome.
  5. Peco code 75 BH is so good I've replaced all my old track with it. You can't please everyone unfortunately !
  6. Black 5 Bear

    The Engine Shed

    I'm now kicking myself as I sold a UP Big Boy and a Cab Forward for £100 in the early 90s lol !
  7. Black 5 Bear

    J15 cab puzzle

    I think you maybe referring to cab seats.
  8. I've sent you a PM with regards to the above.
  9. Doubtful I would say. These locos appear to have been split from the Pullman set.
  10. LNER version J36 in stock at Hornby as of this afternoon, if anyone's interested.
  11. Lord Rodney now shown as in stock at Hornby. Shouldn't be too long now !
  12. Incredibly, the new airsmooth M/N is currently £179.99 RRP, where the W/C airsmooth Pacific is £184.99. The M/N is superior in every way, especially with regards the valve gear. This model is so good I bought 3 of them with the blue liveried EAC on pre-order.
  13. Anzac is a lovely model without doubt. I've seen one today at my local model ship which has "Skew Whiff" lining on both cab sides. I thought this was a one off until I saw the recent Rails of Sheffield photo I think I'll be sticking with my Sanda Kan Lord Rowallian with the BR1D tender.
  14. You won't be disappointed buddy, Steve Johnson is excellent to deal with and produces some lovely work. Good choice !
  15. Many outlets routinely do this as a matter of course, Derails is one such shop. Having purchased somewhere in the region of 25 locos from them over the last 4yrs without having to make a single return, they are getting it right in my opinion.
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