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  1. Tim, FYI, the Hattons, soon to be released period range have BR departmental variants in both crimson and black liveries. Hope this assists. Mark
  2. If anyone is interested, Hornby have just released a new video on youtube with running examples of the forthcoming Clan Class releases.
  3. I wouldn't put too much faith in those items being delivered before the 31st of July. The HD Merchant Navies were due for release in July on the Hornby website. These locos are now shown by many outlets as scheduled for August delivery and will if the latter is correct, attract the additional 10% price increase. Hornby deliveries and release dates for various reasons, appear to be all over the place at the moment.
  4. Probably the "Collectors Club" special I suspect !
  5. Hornby and their provision of spares are a complete misnomer. I seem to remember there being mention of a push by Hornby to provide a comprehensive list of spare parts a few years back. This unfortunately came to nothing and appears to have been quietly buried.
  6. https://www.hattons.co.uk › StockD... Deluxe Materials AD-55 Glue 'N' Glaze - For Glazing & Bonding ... - www.hattons.co.uk https://www.hattons.co.uk › StockD... Deluxe Materials AD-55 Glue 'N' Glaze - For Glazing & Bonding ... - www.hattons.co.uk. This product may be of some use to you and is pretty good in providing realistic windows for loco cabs.
  7. FYI Donny, the latest incarnation will have cab glazing as has been the case since the blue variant release.
  8. TBF, if you order through Hornby, they do tend to honour the "Pre-Order" price from personal experience. They did however change their terms and conditions a few years back to allow price hikes prior to items coming into stock.
  9. Personally speaking, The only "Must Haves" for me are the two Hornby Dublo Merchant Navies which are limited editions. That is if I'm lucky enough to actually receive one or both of them. The rest of my Pre-orders I can realistically do without and will probably cancel.
  10. I really don't think this is solely confined to the UK market. It probably applies to exported goods worldwide unless I'm missing something? And as for inflation, that too is prevalent in many economies other than our own domestic market !
  11. Sorry, but eBay's terms and conditions clearly state 0-4 days. As I've said before, some banks are obviously quicker than others. The main consideration I would have thought is that you've been paid and the money is secure !
  12. It very much depends on the clearing bank account that is linked to an individual's eBay account. The longest time I've waited for a transfer is 12hrs from the time of the eBay notification message. I simply can't understand why you consider it an issue that eBay hold the money on account pending transfer ?
  13. The beers usually good in all of their establishments, but it's the other Draconian rules they have in place that puts people off. Additionally, Sam Smith's prices have gone up to in the provinces due to the pandemic, but not anywhere near the pricing in some watering holes. Mind you, paying £7 a pint in London these days is pretty much the norm !
  14. My recent experience of the new system is that it works fine without the PayPal % cut. The three items I've sold recently started with an immediate notification that the buyer had paid and that the item could therefore be despatched. No one in the right mind would post out before payment is secured. eBay quite rightly hold the money until after despatch. It took two days for the sale money to be transferred into my nominated account. Not bad going in my opinion !
  15. There are some computer generated images on the latest Hornby Engine Shed blog. https://uk.Hornby.com/community/blog-and-news/engine-shed/marked-progress?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=Marked Progress!&utm_campaign=Hornby - Engine Shed - Week 13 2021%2F2022
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