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  1. If you then click on the link on that webpage it reverts to Winter 21. Bearing in mind we are now in Spring albeit only just ! I still can't believe that a release as popular as this loco isn't being marketed very well by Hornby.
  2. Sorry, but the green livery on all the BR/ GWR Hornby Kings is woeful and spoils an otherwise excellent model. I simply don't comprehend why Hornby don't address this as they've been told about it often enough. How difficult can it be to get this right? You can bet the livery colour/application on the new Manors from both Accurascale and Dapol will a different kettle of fish !
  3. Indeed Mike, I've just ordered the new Bachmann V2 St Peters School after having seen the latest sample pictures. The livery application/colour on the V2 has got to be one of the best renditions of BR Brunswick Green and in total contrast to the Hornby A2/2 offering. Not much difference in price either in comparison.
  4. Thanks Mike, I managed to secure both locos from Fenwick's department store in Newcastle some 12 months later, when they were closing down their model department. Both were on sale at just over £100, which even then was a bargain. I think they were originally announced as a limited run of 1000 models to coincide with the commemoration of the 1914 outbreak of WW1. Not surprisingly, Hornby missed the boat and they didn't come into stock until 2015.
  5. Listed on the Hornby website " Coming Soon" section as April apparently. I would treat this with a pinch of salt at the moment, 2021 releases are arriving prior to 2020 items.
  6. R3632 is still shown as a pre-order for Winter 21. Fireline must have received a customer personal notification of a stock arrival. Hornby have not as yet updated this on it's website page. Good news though ! https://uk.Hornby.com/products/br-merchant-navy-class-4-6-2-35024-east-asiatic-company-era-4-r3632
  7. Ian, Or the new game of Hornby "Lucky Dip" everyone's a winner ! According to various sources on both this thread and some retailers, R3632 East Asiatic Company, although not listed on the "coming soon" section of the Hornby website is due within the next two weeks. R3861, Belgian Marine is a 2021 release with a release date of August. This is now due this month according to the Engine Shed. Airsmooth Hornby M/N's are like London buses lol !
  8. TBF, it's probably the new customs regulations at the ports affecting inbound goods. As Rob stated in a previous post, Steady Aim is in stock at Hornby, so I would have thought that Sun Castle is not too far behind. Let's hope these models are more consistent in quality than the A2/2's.
  9. World of Railways "First Look" running on Little Bytham. Looks mightily different to some of the examples in circulation.
  10. Just a word of warning, Hattons did the very same thing to me a few years back with a pre-order on two L/E Britannia's, Earl Haig and Lord Kitchener. They reinstated the order, only to later cancel once other shops had sold out, claiming Hornby had refused to supply the models. If you are in any doubt and really want a new release, which is likely to be popular, either order it direct from Hornby or use a smaller, trusted outlet.
  11. Not to mention the two Hornby Dublo M/N's, General Steam Navigation and Elder Fyffes Line. A very expensive year indeed!
  12. What do we know about this? Specifically: The chassis was reworked from recollection a couple a couple of years back. Unfortunately, this revamp didn't extend to the the loco body. A very consistent and smooth running item though.
  13. Couldn't see any mention of the MN I'm waiting for, Ellerman Lines. John, If you look in latest arrivals at the end of the blog, there is reference to M/N Belgian Marine. This is a newly announced 2021 release scheduled for August which is now arriving at the end of March. According to the Hornby website, Ellerman Lines is due April this year.
  14. Hornby February Engine Shed blog now available. https://uk.Hornby.com/community/blog-and-news/engine-shed/trailers-and-tenders
  15. If the M/N's are due for release in the next two weeks, they may feature in the next Engine Shed release, which from recollection is due about now.
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