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  1. http://www.kernowmodelrailcentre.com/images/product/201022 Bachmann 31-678A_1.jpg Here's the link to Kernowmodelcentre which I think may assist.
  2. Hornby state Winter 2020/21 on their website. Dec/Jan seems to be the general consensus for a release date from UK outlets.
  3. I'm not aware that any of the OR N7 models come with LED glowing fireboxes. The only current/forthcoming production models that do come with this feature are the Rails/Dapol Terrier, Dapol Dock tank, Bachmann J72, Hornby Princess Royal class, 94XX Pannier and possibly the Midland 0 4 4 tank. I'm still new to DCC and chipping, but this facility on the chip could be for an aftermarket firebox glow fitment.
  4. Agree with your comment about the Rebuilt M/N. However, it's very doubtful that Accurascale would seek to duplicate/ produce an airsmooth version, especially when Hornby have recently provided an excellent rendition of this locomotive. We're still awaiting 4 new versions from H which are due out in the coming months.
  5. Robert, Did you call them or look online as some are still shown as pre-orders and not sold out ?
  6. Give Derails, Colletts of Exmouth or the Bure Valley model shop a call. These outlets recently (this week) had some for pre-order at the normal -10% Hornby price reduction of £134.99 rather than the ridiculously inflated prices we've seen of late. They are all small businesses who punch well above their weight and provide excellent customer service.
  7. Danny, The 37s are delayed and according to Accurascale, should be available in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Definitely worth the wait as the photo samples posted so far look superb.
  8. It maybe the lighting again used in these photographs, but the BR green livery on W1 60700 looks far lighter in colour than the recently released Princess Queen Maud. The finish is more akin to the BR/GWR King class. Hopefully, this is a pre-production paint sample which will be rectified.
  9. Hornby website currently shows 1 available for pre-order.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case. Cheltenham Model Centre have it listed for release in March 2021 where's other shop show TBA.
  11. All I can say is "Wow" what a fantastic model. Seriously thinking about ordering a DRS 37/6 now. Well done to all at Accurascale.
  12. I remember my 1979 Mirafiori TC which had more body filler than metal when I sold it on. When it was raining you could hear it rotting lol !
  13. It was very much a "tongue in cheek" post on my part relating to the recent deliberations voiced on RMweb regarding Hornby BG and nothing more.
  14. Very diplomatic of you Dan for refering to this model as " Late BR Green". Will it be Brunswick Green which is too light, too dark or flat in appearance I wonder ? Nevertheless, a welcome addition to the range.
  15. Fair comment, but I really can't imagine this S/E version of Clan Line, gold plated parts aside, being much different from the norm.
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