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  1. Russell, The Morley Vector is an excellent controller for the money. I've had mine for 3yrs with no issues. Good choice !
  2. Time for one of the "New Boys" on the block" to capitalise on these delays and produce an up to date 21st century Black 5, 8F or Rebuilt Merchant Navy.
  3. I think you'll find the ice block packaging ( Train packs the exception) were in well before 2014. I have a B1 from 2010 and a 1960s Duke of Gloucester from 2013 which came packed using the above method.
  4. Nothing like the Hornby product that's for sure. The current R/B Merchant Navy, Stanier 8F and the Black Five are all low hanging fruit for Accurascale. Personally, although not a WR modeller, I'm really looking forward to receiving their new Manor class whenever it arrives.
  5. Wait for the inevitable price reductions in the bargain bin it is then !
  6. Mike, I've not picked up my copy of HM as yet, but does this apply to the E/C, L/C version or both?
  7. Apparently the V2's are imminent and advertised as available Oct/Nov 21.
  8. Rather than cancel and forfeit the deposit, Isn't it UK Consumer Law that if you take delivery of the item as an online purchase, you have the right to reject it if it doesn't meet expectations as to quality, performance, fitness for purpose? You might have to swallow the postage costs which is fair, but you would be lawfully entitled to receive a refund in full from the supplier The Consumer Contracts Regulations When you buy goods online you have additional rights to return them. This is because your decision may be based on a brief description or a photograph – so what you receive isn't always quite what you’d expected. Under the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you are allowed to return an item if you simply change your mind.
  9. FYI, the relevant Bachmann advertising states "Powerful 5 Pole Motor" nothing more nothing less. There is no mention of it being coreless or otherwise.
  10. It appears that I've been given incorrect information from a Bachmann outlet. I was told that from the release of the 94xx, all new steam locomotive releases going forward were to be fitted with coreless motors. Thank you for providing a definitive answer and apologies to Paul 27 for providing incorrect information.
  11. I'm led to believe this is the case with all new steam outline Bachmann models recently released.
  12. Very lacklustre to say the least.
  13. Maybe some news on the Engine Shed blog which is due tomorrow the last Friday of the month.
  14. Wasn't the coreless 5 pole motors an issue with the GWR 94xx? These motors don't like feedback controllers according to Bachmann.
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