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    Primarily 1960s BR Steam,Diesel,Electric LMR and some BR SR. Settle and Carlisle Route/WCML. Large, expensive motorcycles.

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  1. Black 5 Bear

    Oxford N7

    I wouldn't be surprised if that is the case. Cheltenham Model Centre have it listed for release in March 2021 where's other shop show TBA.
  2. All I can say is "Wow" what a fantastic model. Seriously thinking about ordering a DRS 37/6 now. Well done to all at Accurascale.
  3. I remember my 1979 Mirafiori TC which had more body filler than metal when I sold it on. When it was raining you could hear it rotting lol !
  4. It was very much a "tongue in cheek" post on my part relating to the recent deliberations voiced on RMweb regarding Hornby BG and nothing more.
  5. Very diplomatic of you Dan for refering to this model as " Late BR Green". Will it be Brunswick Green which is too light, too dark or flat in appearance I wonder ? Nevertheless, a welcome addition to the range.
  6. Black 5 Bear

    The Engine Shed

    Fair comment, but I really can't imagine this S/E version of Clan Line, gold plated parts aside, being much different from the norm.
  7. Black 5 Bear

    The Engine Shed

    Ryan, We still have R1251M - the 100 year Hornby Centenary set containing the BR black E/C Princess Elizabeth and LMS Stanier coaches awaiting release. I'd be more excited if the Rebuilt M/N was a newly tooled version as per the 2017 released airsmooth variant.
  8. Plus all the profits go to fully supporting/funding the railway. I'd much rather support BVR than 365games who've hardly done themselves any favours !
  9. The "Flying Pig" Standard 4MT and the Ex LNWR G2 also being pretty decent in that department.
  10. Hornby did do weathering, but not very well !
  11. Now that takes me back, the warble of that 2 stroke 3 pot. Wonderful !
  12. That would probably drive Rails over the edge considering previous history lol. Seriously though, why not ask the question. Hornby can always say no.
  13. It's amazing how a set of Alan Gibson front bogie wheelsets transform a Hornby model at very little additional cost or modelling as you say. Prime examples of this being the current Black 5, 8F and Crosti 9F.
  14. That would look very smart indeed if it was anything like the livery application of the Bachmann Jubilee Madras in post 1948 BR livery.
  15. Or we could all play safe and wait for the R1251M "Centenary Set " featuring 46201 in BR early crest black.
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