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  1. Hi, has anyone had the crank pins come out, on their beyer. If so did they repair themselves, or can they suggest a repaier. At 77, my eyes are not up to playing with these tiny pins. thanks. john
  2. If it is really track cleaning, then to my mind, nothing beats CMX. However, if is debris, dirt, dust on track, nothing beats the Dapol in its Hoovering mode. Its amazing, what it picks up. I have both DC and DCC ones. Other than that, use rough side of a piece of hardboard.
  3. Hi, what a terrible thing to happen, through no fault of your own. A lot is going to depend on who your insurer is, and how long you have been with them. You certainly wont need a loss adjuster, claim is far too small.. I have my collection, under All Riska, as a specified item, with a paragraph about new for old. Let us know how you get on. A lot will depend on their understanding of accidental damage.
  4. Nobody own a stephensons rocket ??????. Find that kinda hard to belive.
  5. Hi, are there any older rocket owners on here , please, as RH cylinder, has come adrift, at the top end, and needs urgent repair as it is mt 77th th birthday present from my wife, this weds, and she will want to see it run. thanks. john
  6. Thank you, now here is the rub, owner could not find instructions, so mine came without. I am fairly sure it is a Hattons one, i presume, Heljan, would know.
  7. i have been checking on this loco , which came from a private collection. How does one know if it is a hatton one. It came in a Heljan box. thanks
  8. thanks guys, belts away on straights, so presume , power units ok. will look at peco .
  9. thanks, guys, have checked, back to back, seems about right, and it belts along the straights, and Hornby, large curves. I think, it sulks, when faced with the prospect of sitting in a siding. Trouble is, removing it, requires a planned operation, and these lifting boxes, aint cheap. Will look at peco large radius, cos i have a Rivarossi, Big Boy, and a challenger, that may be just as touchy.
  10. Hi, have this new Beyer Garatt, that happily zooms up and down straights and curves. Wanted to put in a small siding, so could run other big locos, without removing Beyer. Have tried all option points that i have, all, Hornby, and it derails at some point, over whatever i try.. Can anyone recommend a point made by another manufacturer, that it is likely to accept. thank you.
  11. I thought it was a perfect size, with good build quality. Have had it for 4 years now, and its never missed a beat.
  12. i gave you a link, which supplied size/ opinion. There is a uk supplier, who when i remember their name, will post. It s the size that sold it to me. Very compact and takes 22 roads, which i have had all up and running, in DCC.. At the moment i am down to 5, due to amalgamation of layouts.
  13. Frateschi model HO scale 4500 Turntable | ModelRailroader ... mrr.trains.com ›2009/10› frateschi . This gives you a write up, size etc.
  14. If you want a decent Turntable, look a t Frateschi. Brilliant. Simple to make DCC, looks good, and works from Hornby Railmaster, with a mouse, one click.
  15. Jason, Thank you muchly. Can you say more about rocket 150, as all this very new to me. Where does X 413 come into the equation, which is the set number.
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