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  1. Agree about flexitrack, but it joins without bother to marklin points. Makes for better running in my view.
  2. Hi I model z gauge and use Peco flexi track. As for locos and rolling stock, marklin, marklin, or marklin. Years of experience, great product selection, and helpful helpline. Johnny
  3. Tad doom and gloom, dont you think. Hamment and Morgan built there controllers to last. I have 9 of them, duettes, clippers, HM 2000, in daily use. Never even had a single problem. Been using them for 30 years, and bought then, secondhand. Why would you assume that a newer controller, would have better safety standards. I would love to own one of those controllers. john
  4. hi, any progress on tt bogie. thanks. john

  5. yelrow

    Forlorn Hope

    34, hi, sounds as if it could well be a solution. thank you for your rummage. Do you run TT. I have 2 ovals running daily. Will look on line at castle pony, bogie to see how it compares. My emaii, is [email protected] aol.com. perhaps we could talk direct. john
  6. yelrow

    Forlorn Hope

    Hi, am looking for a front bogie for Triang TT Clan Line, loco , no 35028. I realise that hens teeth, would be easier to find, but it liiks a tad ungainly, when running, without one. Any kind person, have one in their parts box. john
  7. it would help those who cannot get to the the shop, if Ian Allen could be persuaded to sell these bargains on line. That way nobody would mind seeing what was on offer, as we would all be able to join in. Its a tad far from birmingham, to the middle of france and back.
  8. Hi, have Frateschi, Turntable, fully chipped , and for last 3 years, perfect. Decided to re jig, layout, and moved entry point to layout, with new point, etc. Loco runs fine, up to TT, but then shorts. Have checked polarity on TT itself (track ), and 3 roads off far end to loco sheds. They, and TT rail, are totally reversed, EG, bulb lights up on other track. What have i done wrong. thanks. john
  9. Hi, if it was mine, i would send it to Hornby, for updating, Its £15, and they pay return postage, There have been several updates, including the latest, that extends suond functions. When you first turn it on, it shows version, and i imagine, yours is now, well out of date. Had both of mine done recently, well worth it. john
  10. I buy from Janes trains, who have excellent bargains, ans very helpful staff.
  11. I can find no fault with the Hornby Elite. It does everything asked of it, and with 3 additional walkabout select controllers, at various points of layout, i have complete control. Elite is fully compliant with regulations.
  12. It makes superb templates. Use it to draw out on.
  13. Perhaps 20%. Have 100 plus locos. Problem selling is how much to ask, postage from france to UK, Returns would be a pain. Would need a reason to sell, eg, start 0 gauge for example. Now if anyone living in france, is looking to buy, well ................
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