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  1. Well, I was guessing when I wrote the post above, but a book by Tony on the Class 15/16s has now appeared on both the Pen & Sword and Book Depository websites, for publication in October. Book Depository also advertise one on the Class 14s; publication in 2022. I'll be ordering these two as I've found the previous three very interesting. I'm still reading and enjoying the one on the Claytons. In the past most of what I've read on the NBL class 21/29s, the Metrovicks and the Claytons could be summed up as "they were unreliable". I hadn't previously seen any author give an explanation of why this was, and what was done to try and fix things, as Tony does.
  2. Thanks Airnimal. No, I don't think the local library has that one. However I lived around that line until I was 18, so buying the book is tempting.
  3. Thanks Gents. I've done the usual searches but I haven't come up with any pictures of the railway in use. It was indeed a dispersed site but the railway served (I think) only the largest of the separate parts. The junction with the LMS/BR was on the east side of the line, south of the Stanley Road overbridge.
  4. That's great Nick, much appreciated. I'll have a look at the website, but I can immediately see the loco shed I referred to! Thanks Mike
  5. In the 1970s I lived near the site of RAF Handforth, (61 maintenance unit) in Cheshire, and visited frequently. Although completely abandoned by then, there were many remains of a large internal railway system, including much track and a two road loco shed. The site had been served by a connection to the Manchester-Crewe line between Cheadle Hulme and Handforth stations. I'd really like to know more about this railway system. Can anyone point me to any references such as a track diagram and/or photographs of the railway at work? Many thanks in advance. Mike
  6. I received my copy today. As the previous poster said there's an awful lot to take in, but my initial impression is that it's superb. Congratulations Tony! Can we look forward to further books, maybe one on the Class 15s & 16s?
  7. Publication date has been pushed back to 30th April on the Pen & Sword website.
  8. I have it on order. If it is up to the same standard as the class 21/29 book it will be fascinating.
  9. I found the class 21/29 book excellent, and am now part way through reading the Co-Bo volume. I'm finding this one very interesting too.
  10. Yes the 21/29 book is about 290 pages with a RRP of GBP40, although available for significantly less even from the publishers. Well worth it in my view.
  11. Many thanks for the detailed reply. I'll have to think about whether to get a copy. What interests me most in the case of the short-lived diesel classes is why they were unreliable and what was done to try and improve things. It sounds like there may not be much new in this one. Maybe Pen & Sword will do a volume on the Claytons in the same vein as their class 21/29 book, which gives a lot of detail on problems in service.
  12. Thanks Chard. One to get to absorb during lockdown then.
  13. Is there any text about their service history and problems or is it all pictures? The spelling howler on the cover has put me off buying it so far.
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