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  1. This is an awesome layout. Very inspiring !!!
  2. I am glad I came across this topic over here. I never heard of NGRM-Online until I read this. I went to check it out and this what I've been looking for , for a long time. That forum is FANTASTIC !! Layouts from all over the world !!! I want to thank you for this information. AND YOU ARE RIGHT, THAT FORUM IS DELICIOUSLY DANGEROUS !!!
  3. Can anyone help me. I need the dimensions of a typical standing water tank for my 009 scale engine facility.
  4. I modelled 009, can I fit the Kadees NEM couplers on my 009 scale equipment ?
  5. Is it recently that you decided to go into 009 ?
  6. Oh wow !!!! That looks splendid !! It gives it extra dimensions. Congratulations !!!!
  7. jarhead

    009 scale

    Hello Everyone, I just wanted to know if anyone in the forum is into 009 Scale. I am just converting from N scale to 009 scale. I would like to get advice, experience, prefer rolling stocks, locomotives, what is a good brand to buy which one to stay away from, etc. I posted a photo of my existing layout. As oaf right now I have a Baldwin Class 10-12-D from Bachmann with DCC. I just ordered a C 1930 Tramway Loco (Fourdees Brand). This is my first time into this scale but I've been around model railroads all my life, My layout is 14 feet x 12 feet. DCC power using NCE controls. I will be mod
  8. Any progress on the layout ???
  9. Hello members, I am in the process of building a shelf Gn15 scale layout for my office at work. I've been shopping for 1/24 or 1/2" scale figures and was wondering where to shop for these. I found a place in the USA that is called Supply Line Model Railroad Figures ( http://www.slmonline.com/shoppingcart/store.cgi?action=24scalenew.htm&uid=38595 ) and was wondering if any of the members have ordered from them. Also, if you have other places tht I can get figures please let me know. Thank you in advance. Nick
  10. Beautiful layout !!!! I also have a small O scale layout in my home. Mine is 18 inches wide by 16 ft long. I don't know how to post photos here but here is a link to Youtube and see a short video of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JajM9PrGtc and here is with a SW9 switcher: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_FjOC9fmLc You are really going to enjoy O scale. The size annd the details that you can add it is unbelievable. Keep us posted.
  11. jarhead

    ROCO BR80

    Hello everyone, I've been busy remodeling my house and that has been a challenge to my modeling. It is good to be back. Just wanted to let yiou know that my little BR80 is running very nice with the sound decoder installed. I also have a BR50 with sound that runs like a dream. I am in the market of getting this funky looking Loco, a Roco brand Austrian Class 3071. It is only 129mm long and I was wondering if this little thing will run well through the Peco insul frog turnouts. If any one have any experience with this little engine I would like to know as much information as possible. Thank you
  12. jarhead

    ROCO BR80

    I got the sound decoder installed and running. A good thing !!! I've been working on the layout and on the room itself. Progress is moving forward.
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