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  1. Thank You Wenlock, in the prototype world that dockside 0-4-0 ran mainly on Pratt St switching the industrial sight. But I have stretched the license a bit and run it on my seaside little town.
  2. Here is a photo of my first mpodule on my home layout. The Wharf. The plankings on the deck were hand-laid one by one, a total of 1,864 of them. This module is just a little bit longer than 6 ft long. The ship is scratch-built, model after a WWII Liberty ship. I had to compress the size a lot. It is close to 6 feet long. I can't take credit for that. My friend Jerry Diaz made it for me.
  3. I love the idea that you design it in a way that it folds unto itself. It protects all the scenery while in transport.
  4. For those of you that model in O scale what is the size of rails that you use ? Code 143 or 125 or 100 ? I am just curious which one is the most popular.
  5. John E, The SW 9 is an Atlas but the 44 Tonner is a Brass Sunset Model. The Rich Yoder version is too light. This one is heavy and a good puller. My third engine is a 0-4-0 Dockside. I search for one of these for over 15 years and about three years ago I acquired one.
  6. Here are the photos of the engines: The one on the left is the SW 9 and the one on the right is a 44 Tonner.
  7. Group, Thanks for the welcome. I am modeling O scale in 2 rail. I will be hand-laying all the tracks and doing my own turnouts. The turnouts will be two, a left and a right. They will be a #5 and all the tracks will be code 125. Power will be DCC since the engines (motor) have sound decoders in them already. They are a SW 9 and a 44 Tonner. Now that I know how to put photos I will post them. With this post I posted two photos of my modules that I am doing. This will be to take to shows and try to promote the type of modeling that you guys do, which I love.
  8. Good Morning, I am new to the group and I just started to build two O scale modules to be portable and to be shown at train shows. I have a small O scale layout at home. U shape and it is a point to point with a nautical theme. Once I figure how to pst photos I will. Going back to my two modules, they are 18 inches wide by 4 ft each making it a total of an 8 ft layout. It will have code 100 track with two #5 turnouts that I will make. I think doing modules and being able to connect to others is a fantastic concept. I don't believe that it should have any standards, with adjustable legs f
  9. Hello Every One, I am from across the pond and live in South Florida. I discovered this forum through a member in a different forum, ModelRailroad Hobbyist.com . I've been a model railroader all my life and most of the time I've been in HO Scale. In 1999 I got involved into On30 and eventually I went to O scale two rails and I've been modeling that for about ten years. I got very interested in the blog of "Bury, Thorn & Sons and his progress on his switching layout. I am in the process of building a small 8 foot long by 18 inches wide exhibition layout in O scale. Iam trying to br
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