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  1. did they ever get the measurements dead on there? If not how far out were they, and how many of their boats sunk?
  2. Lots of the structures on this section seem to be similar to the standard mk1 structures but with minor differences. Lots of the cantilevers seem to be standard MK1 masts except slightly taller as shown by Clive Mortimore: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_2019_06/25161000_ScRmast9.png.629b9c78f6fa5e937de3061149b5928f.png . Most of the portal and 2 track cantilever structures look as if they are made from Circular Hollow Sections which are bent for the diagonal members and welded together: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_03_2015/post-16423-0-45625200-1427837001.png . Most of the power supply structures seem to be separate to the main masts, these look to be mostly a pair of towers with some wires dangling between them but only on this section. There also seem to be lots of portals with what looks like fixed termination points, these look like they are mostly made out of H sections. In the areas where a station was, you can get very long spans such as round Blisworth, possibly due to other sidings and platforms in existence whilst the OHLE was being installed. These tend to be heavier (n brass type trusses), but have some of the lighter trusses and some Pratt truss types. Round the station area on your layout, you might want to have a truss spanning from the viewers side of the platform to the far side of the back platform. For construction, Eileens Emporium do metal sections and wires, n brass do insulators and portals and shapeways will probably do alternative insulators. Best of Luck, Matthew
  3. You could also cut out the frog and the blade nearest to the camera and replace with a continuous rail, have seen this sort of thing before on parts of the network but can't remember exactly where. I think another good section to look at would be between Milton Keynes and Rugby on the fast lines, there are lots of abandoned stations and lots of areas with different OHLE equipment, as shown below. There are a few threads on MK1 OHLE which makes up lots of the southern part of the WCML, but after the modernisation Castellated beams started to become common round junctions. All the best, Matthew
  4. Best of luck, I think N brass and shapeways do OHLE components. Will the pantographs touch the contact wire, and will there be 86's/87's/90's? Matthew
  5. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing this layout progress! My only criticism is the track layout looks too reasonable, some of the formations in that time were ridiculous, Euston looked as if it had been blindly thrown together https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=51.5295&lon=-0.1372&layers=163&b=1 and the platforms from Ludgate Hill are a stones throw from Holborn Viaduct and Blackfriars https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17&lat=51.5132&lon=-0.1030&layers=163&b=1 Best of Luck Matthew
  6. Hi all, I got a small cnc machine recently and have been struggling with the software side. The kit didn’t come with any software links, but has a CronosMaker control board directly connected to the computer via a supplied USB lead, and GRBL is recommended. Firstly, has anyone got a link to GRBL as the Github page is a nightmare to find the actual download (I haven’t managed it). Secondly, I have looked on youtube to try and fix my problem and a USB driver was recommended. Does anyone know of any drivers that I need to install for this specific board, or do I need to install a general driver? The setup is shown below: Many thanks, Matthew
  7. Imagine trying to motorise a 2mmFs Velocipede, you would have to get an ant to cycle on it
  8. good choice on respacing the sleepers, have you thought about making a jig as this could give much more consistent results? Best of luck, Matthew
  9. it looks like a journey would be very scenic, how much would a ticket have cost?
  10. nice to see the rest of the layout, that K1 looks really good on that crossing, really captures the ECML south of the Welwyn Viaduct pre modernisation. Here is a good video of that area:
  11. For the ohle: https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx050-oo-mix--match-laser-cut-catenary-ohle-masts--headspans-oo4mm176-1810-p.asp https://www.scalemodelscenery.co.uk/lx050-oo-laser-cut-lattice-girder-ohle-catenary-headspan-extensions-pack-e-oo4mm176-1815-p.asp https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/oocat.html these should be good, best of luck! Matthew
  12. I think you are over thinking it, I am surprised it is even possible to produce weathering that good in N gauge! Best of luck, Matthew
  13. The pic and the track layout look good so far, looking forward to seeing more, especially the station area! If you still need to develop some scenic sections, this layout could provide good inspiration: and this one and this one and this one Looking forward to seeing the progress on the layout, Matthew
  14. When was it built? Surely BR wouldn't build a loco to only last 8 years....
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