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  1. sorry to throw a spanner in the works, but here is another way for you have a station/industry layout. This would actually work for 00 gauge with your baseboard size, but it would be most suited to the southern region as you could use a 2 car EMU/DEMU. Brockley Green (EM gauge) used this setup, but was much larger. Best of luck, Matthew P.s. your CAD pics look really good, what package did you use?
  2. strange to think a train would run from Watford fast via the Trent Valley, exit the main 2 track route to manchester then rejoin! Must have been a complete nightmare for signalling though!
  3. not an actual picture but hope this helps. I assume teak colour from this postcard, but then again it could be anything
  4. have a look here, if you have been able to get that far then the kit manufacturers on this page should be able to help you get most of the rest of the way: http://www.2mm.org.uk/links.htm Best of luck, Matthew
  5. Out of interest, PN looks brilliant but with all this extra time in the railway room, have you thought of trying to build any extensions or anything? I know it would be very difficult logistically, but it might remove any monotony in current operations?
  6. it can even be painted in Northern livery! In all seriousness, best of luck with the 325!
  7. good choice of layout, not too simple or complex
  8. very nice idea, but the idea of an inglenook is simple - have a shunting neck and 3 sidings, it is just meant to be a shunting puzzle. Having said that, you could have a platform edge for one of the sidings. Honestly, I think you have come up with enough ideas now, focus on how you can flesh out each option in low detail then take forward your favourite ideas. Best of luck, Matthew
  9. knock over a beer glass... then again you might get short circuit problems
  10. There are other CNC fittings that will admittedly deflect more, but are much cheaper and will do a fairly good job. Deflections could be reduced by having a longer bar than required, and having an extra support at each end, pulling the bar down if loaded in the middle by the traverser. Best of luck, Matthew
  11. imagine that problem with the silver jubilee, the coronation and west riding limited weren't as bad as there was a spare set for them
  12. have you considered using plasticard and/or clay for the buildings? Matthew
  13. did they ever get the measurements dead on there? If not how far out were they, and how many of their boats sunk?
  14. Lots of the structures on this section seem to be similar to the standard mk1 structures but with minor differences. Lots of the cantilevers seem to be standard MK1 masts except slightly taller as shown by Clive Mortimore: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_2019_06/25161000_ScRmast9.png.629b9c78f6fa5e937de3061149b5928f.png . Most of the portal and 2 track cantilever structures look as if they are made from Circular Hollow Sections which are bent for the diagonal members and welded together: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/uploads/monthly_03_2015/post-16423-0-45625200-1427837001.png . Most of the power supply structures seem to be separate to the main masts, these look to be mostly a pair of towers with some wires dangling between them but only on this section. There also seem to be lots of portals with what looks like fixed termination points, these look like they are mostly made out of H sections. In the areas where a station was, you can get very long spans such as round Blisworth, possibly due to other sidings and platforms in existence whilst the OHLE was being installed. These tend to be heavier (n brass type trusses), but have some of the lighter trusses and some Pratt truss types. Round the station area on your layout, you might want to have a truss spanning from the viewers side of the platform to the far side of the back platform. For construction, Eileens Emporium do metal sections and wires, n brass do insulators and portals and shapeways will probably do alternative insulators. Best of Luck, Matthew
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