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  1. Hi Guys Many thanks to those who responded. The DCC Concepts do look exceedingly good, but I'm still baulking at the price. The Gaugemaster GM813, does not quite look the part (judging from the catalogue photos), but I had more in mind the GM856 which looks less squat and are half the price of the DCC Concepts model. I also had Mikes Models in mind, but that was dredged up from my long ago memory bank. It looks like they went out of business some time ago - they were a one man band set up. So, I' ll invest in a pack of GM856. Thanks for all the help Cheers Harry
  2. Hi Guys I am looking for 4mm lamposts for my layout - Midland Railway or LMS type. I am not fussed if they don't have lights/LEDs, but I particularly want the 4 sided lantern type. Most lamposts I see do not look at all like the real thing with usually 6 sided lanterns. I have found some from DCC Concepts at £10 each and as I need about 50, that is a no-no. Gaugemaster do a 6 pack at £35, so is nearer the mark. Both these have LEDs. Does anyone know of any other supplier please ?? Cheers Harry
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