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  1. Thank you.It seems they have changed the domain name to: www.tennentstrains.co.uk (Had to google it!) - it was until very recently http://tennentstrainsofhalesowen.co.uk (Which is what I had saved).
  2. I have just noticed that Tennents website has disappeared - are they still trading? (I haven’t been there for a couple of months). Steve
  3. Those look nice - I already have a K’s one purchased from eBay a few years ago from ‘Hayfield’ of this parish (if my memory is correct) but I think I’ll be saving up some pennies for a few of yours!
  4. Thank you! So we are looking at about just over 6 months minimum- off to do some sums...
  5. Could I ask, without you having to reveal any sensitive information, how long this would be likely to take once tooling commences, as this would determine whether I might order one or several (I would like to save up and budget for them)
  6. Why would they? - you need to drill pilot holes (slightly smaller than the screw size) and countersink to fit the screw heads.
  7. I only ever had (and still have) 2 Clippers, but as far as I recall they still had only 2 wires coming out of the back......
  8. At the risk of entering a war zone, what do you perceive as ‘significant advantages ‘?
  9. That’s a model?? You’re joking of course! Seriously- that is superb!
  10. sp1

    Little Muddle

    It will be interesting to see what you do with the King - they come up at a very reasonable price now that the new model has been available for several years, and at least the colour is better! Saying that, my original one years ago was BR blue, and my recent one is also ......blue! (Just for nostalgic reasons - plus, I can’t stand to look at the ‘green’ on my the recent Hornby locos..
  11. I’ve been following this thread since the start and have just one thing to say: you don’t hang about do you! Brilliant modelling and so quick- I would still be measuring things and procrastinating about what to do next!!
  12. sp1

    Free exhibition

    Excellent- well done!
  13. Is it a trick of the light or do some of those sleeper ends at the bottom of the picture appear to be pointed?
  14. sp1

    N gauge J94

    That looks like it’s pulling a brass coach kit that hasn’t been painted
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