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  1. If you read this version http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/manchesters-museum-science-industry-faces-4044896 the MEN seems to be working from a statement from the Science Museum Group, so I would say that there actually is information and it isn't just speculation. This version also contains references to the NRM and the museum in Bradford. The local councilors/MPs also don't seem to be quite as relaxed about it either. Hopefully it is just a local news paper trying to big itself up, or the Science Museum Group trying to get more money by causing a pub
  2. Hi, I have a simple wooden jig that I use for spacing the sleepers and laying the first rail (most rail seems to be laid round bends!). It's basically a length of tongue and groove but can be anything so long as its longer than a piece of rail (1 metre) and wide enough for the track. To this is glued a template (an accurate one) and then bits of sleeper such that sleepers to be used in the track can be located in between. Unfortunately it's down at club but I'll try and get a photograph of it tomorrow night. Andy
  3. Definitely interested in the County build. Falcon is one of those that you hear bad rumours about but very rarely find anybody who's actually attempted one. Andy
  4. Craig, are you aware that Masokits does an etch of Mk 1 details. It's only small but if I can find one tonight I'll bring it to the do tomorrow. Andy
  5. Nope! One wire one terminal, but they've never given any problems. No idea what the wire is rated at. Andy
  6. Not yet - my understanding is that the current Comet 28xx chassis is designed to fit the old model which has an incorrect wheelbase and therefore splasher positions. I have heard that Geoff drew up a new chassis to the current standards a while back before finding the above fault, so hopefully he won't have much work to bring out a revised version. Andy
  7. Some shots from the gallery (perks of being 'staff'). Taken on Saturday. In addition to the main hall there was also a smaller upper hall which I think worked very well. I'd had reservations that it wouldn't get visited but it worked very well and had an atmosphere similar to those of the specialist shows. Required additional signage to and from the upper hall has been noted and will be provided for next year. Andy G
  8. Also note that it won't be a continuous demo. We have a demo desk with three seats at it and a rota of people, so I'll probably be doing an hour or two and then letting somebody else have a go - Craig ? Andy
  9. Hi Paul, Definitely need good tweezers and a small soldering iron bit. The ability to apply the tiniest amount of solder is a very definite benefit with these. The reason for the odd number is that Craig has put five levers and guards on each etch, last night I worked through three etches and have another six to go. For the batch build on Slattocks we've each got twenty wagons so I'd asked Craig for enough lever etches to complete these and have some spares. I won't be at Scaleforum but I think Craig will. I'm aiming to have my wagons complete if not painted by Christmas and will be d
  10. Fifteen without loss was last nights score in the lever guard folding dept. Do I get a black belt for that feat of origami? The instructions certainly worked well and I've only suggested a couple of minor amendments to Craig for clarification. Only another thirty to go! Andy
  11. Just to put matters straight the plain trackwork on Slattocks that we had the paint problems with was purchased from Brian's predecessor who it has been established was 'experimenting' with different plastics. Unfortunately the plastic in Slattock's track was polypropylene to which paint just does not stick. I think you did confirm this at the time Brian when one of our members contacted you to see if anybody else had found the problem. Bottom line is that the plastic in Slattock's trackwork was different to that in the current product. We haven't used plain track from Brian and therefore
  12. Andy,

    Sorry to hear that, not good news at all.


  13. Thanks Stephen, Almost certainly the UK and probably the late 20's - there's a possibility that the child is my father-in-law which would place it in the late 20s. Andy
  14. It's not mainstream railways but I've been going through my late father-in-laws photographs and have come across these four rail related images. I've no idea what they are of, nor what period they are from. I'd be very pleased if anybody can enlighten me. Regards Andy
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