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  1. Certainly is a beauty and will last a long longer then the usual Glass Vessels I get the odd time in these type of boxes!
  2. Would not worry bout it 96701, Stick the Fell on your layout and enjoy it. All very well for these season lads to bleat on about Buying a kit, you then need to fork out to get wheels, motors and if you don't have the gear all that you need to construct it and paint it and hope that everything aligns and it actually runs on your tack. Sometimes I wonder if we are better off without the internet. Before you had a go at me at building these and you never know if you dont try I have tried and Failed and I have been modelling for quite a number of years so no slouch to soldering etc. That's quite easy, Its the Gubbins inside killed me off. I rather stick my cash into an RTR than run the risk of mucking up 300 notes worth of loco lit.
  3. I have got 60% of my stuff 2nd hand, Wagons and coaches mostly and some Locos from Ebay and local Railway exhibitions. I have reached a stage I don't really need any more and cancelled recent locos mostly due to Brexit and being a UK modeller in Ireland as diminished my buying and selling base which was mostly UK lads. Also the continuous conveyor belt of new stuff coming to market, I wonder how sustainable that will be tbh in the long run. Some like Accurascale have good prices but as you say baccy has made their product priced for what ever reason mostly now for solicitors and doctors these days.
  4. Yes there is a +1 for Yesderday, Better off recording in and you will be able to skip the repeated info and ads.
  5. Well I am sure my wages have not increased the same way as Baccy Offerings. I have a choice to get it or not, If it does come down to Bargain bin lots then I will maybe take a punt otherwise I will enjoy vids of other chaps layouts and those bombing about!
  6. I remember the ol fella telling me about this: "If you took Economics 101 in high school or college, you learned that selling prices for goods and services are determined by “what the market will bear.” That means that consumers – the market – decide what a product is worth, and will give so much money, but no more, for that product" In this case I wonder is the pricing right out. I decided on a 3 rail SR layout when this stuff started to come out but by god wont be shelving out that for a yoke to go around in Circles. I will stick to what I have at this stage.
  7. Far too dry Noel! In all fairness looks Fab! As they say Stone walls and the grass is green, I wish I was on the......
  8. Well the brokers ( I work as one) have to pay for the systems to clear these through customs, Train the staff etc etc. Some fees I have seen charged can be little as a 5 right up to 100's Brokers have to maintain a Deferred account with customs and might have anything from £1000 to vast amounts of cash sitting in the customs account each month in order to pay the VAT for the import straight away to HMRC. This then gets collected before delivery and transferred back in. More Staff needed to do that. tough to back out that sort of cash, With Post service you may of had better luck getting is snuck through.
  9. Ooooooooh nice! Still have 3 of the old versions to build....
  10. Tried to order a Blue MN from Bure Models, No courier Option to Ireland. Cannie get it from them, hopefully the email I sent asking them if they are able to post it using RM then I might be able to go ahead with the Purchase! The LMS had one for €199 about 10 notes difference from the UK price.
  11. Brexit well worth it for this change then..
  12. perfect! you only need Smell of the engine and sound of the Swallows to make it!
  13. I got two , Bluebell and BR Crested one. I have a soft spot for Bluebell to remember a fab day out with my Dad in 2016 on the BB Railway itself and the loco was in Steam in Horsted Keynes in the Bright sunshine! She looked Lovely!
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