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  1. just a word, IWATA re brand some Cheaper compressors with bling so you can actually get summit a bit cheaper without the badge.
  2. I know the blokes in IRM are like gods these days and I know I might sound like a grump but christ that a lot of packing for something that would fit into a Largish Matchbox. Despite the escalation in concern about single use plastic packaging there seems to be no end to companies using single use plastic. With Peco going non Eco switching from Carboard to fancy plastic cartons for a few sqaure of walling or tiles I am feeling very guitly of buying such items now.Of couse I could used the plastic for glazing but some tend to be a bit opaque. nice product otherwise lads.
  3. Hello Sb67: Here you go, A chap on here posted this up some time back, The Front skirts with screws needed thinning and I then glued them to the lower chasis when the fit was satisfactory. I'd Recommend drawing out the wiring diagram before you take your orginal model apart as all the wire on the new chassis from the lights are in black, Also you don't need to remove the fan unit from, just loosen it a tad and slip the wires in the channels below it, I scoop the Black tack out with a Toothpick and reused it on the new one. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/NEW-Hornby-CLASS-31-X10810-CHASSIS-for-SUPER-DETAIL-LOCOS-HEAVYWEIGHT-METAL-red-/153607542327 Running lovely now!! Might looks at getting sound in her next and a buffer beam detail pack.
  4. For 60 Mins I fought my Eyelids from closing. Pretty dire effort.
  5. I bought a new Chassis to replace the old one recently, Just popped right back on, the only difference is the Skirt part around the buffers, that was attached buy Screws on the Orginal but looks to be a push fit on the new one.A bit of whiltling down of the skirt should do the trick but I have a running 31 again! yay!
  6. Thats a Massive Discount. You have to buy 2 packs or more to Qualify.
  7. Not a Fan of that bloke presenter but fingers crossed it is a good series.
  8. Cracking layout, I like the Different angles of the boards, Lots like those in the Modelbau in Dortmond. Makes for a nice journey. I must say you should get commision from the Harz tourist board as this thread has cetainly ticked the box to visit this in 2021 in Feb!!
  9. Good one Colin. I Already have one woman, Can't afford another plus there are laws to protect us from having more than one wife thankfully! a GT3 is most definately a Cheaper Alternative!
  10. Victories Secrets are coming up for me!! Had to pleasure of 'accidentally' clicking in the other day. Top Quality sweatshop fashion.
  11. 9V square battery would of flicked over the wheels for sure. Well GWR Fan man did you hit the Buy button yet?
  12. Nice to see Postiviity now for this model. I will look forward to a Sound Version next year! Now what to do with that Resin Kit GT3 I have?
  13. @Mr Decorum Interesting Video. Yuo can change this now>>> Why can’t we have a Fell? Six engines for the price of one. It’s got to be a bargain!
  14. Now Phils picture Sells it for me. Captures it spot on. I say a good few more orders will be going in this weekend Including Mine.
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