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  1. Soldering is easy, its making sure lining up the chassis so it all square, Getting all the connecting rods right, painting and lining are the hard bits. Its Easy to balls up a 300 note kit.
  2. You had better get one sooner than later before the Lefties Tearing down statues focus on other dubious characters from History and eradicate OC from history.
  3. They have a contact us page. I completed the details and expected a Response, I Could not order it on line from them, No shipping options pops up hence I contacted them via their website. Same for Track Shack, they dont post to Ireland. Flipping nuts in this day and age. I got my father a Hornby rocket in the end from my Local shop. Heres a link to the IOM stuff. http://kentgardenrailways.com/index.php?route=product/search&filter_name=isle of Anyhow thats in the past now.
  4. I looked to buy some IOM G gauge stock from KGR, did not even bother to reply to my mail. Must not need to business.
  5. Yes same here, Tried twice, Order from Hornby direct in the end. I Don't have time to be messing about.
  6. TBH I actually did not realise it was wrong it just looked completely wrong in the instructions and the pictures I had seen of other chaps builds. Looks the better for it anyhow. It was after a chap sent me a picture of the real deal that I became aware of it!
  7. One benefit of the reduction of traffic was the pleasing sight of no road side Litter. A complete Joy. There are some Certainly people that dont have any pride in thier surroundings. Enjoy your trip and Rocket.
  8. Yep it is the Talacre! well spotted. That was a pressie from my Dad!! Keeps me busy!
  9. One to do the Tension Lock Tango would be helpful!
  10. Humbrol is just as bad as Phoenix. I use Alclad Kear cote not but that stays tacky for ages and not suitable for RC Boats.
  11. Just Completed My a Puffer for My Father, 1/24 Scale Mountfleet. 1st Voyage yesterday, smoke unit was not operational due to a faulty swtich
  12. Awful place to find Parking around there on my one and only visit.
  13. Hi Lads, Anyone use this stuff?, I tried a few times now to cover a few Models but this Matt Varnish PV82 for me leaves an light grey dusting over a model, Over Black very patchy and white grey when dry. possibly the worst Varnish I have ever come across Any one else have a similar problem
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