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  1. Accurascale have a few bob of stuff too https://accurascale.co.uk/collections/bundle-deals
  2. Irish Railway Models have 4 pack spoil wagons for 239.97 down from the 400 I paid, Arrgh, Other bit n bobs on it too https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/ie-spoil-wagons/products/cie-ir-42-flat-spoil-wagons-bundle
  3. Thats nice Noel, I gave up on these Shapeways stuff ,Way too much work to get the groves smooth baby!
  4. Cracking model Darius. Sent Silver Fox a mail about getting one of these but no reply.
  5. That's his job and he gets money for it, If I was that abrupt with people then I would have no business.
  6. Given your high standards along with championing the model all along and I suspect some input into the model itself they were gonna make sure you got a good one in all fairness. And yes it does look very nice too.
  7. You put yourself out there on the Net so you are bound to get some reaction to your reviews positive and no so positive. As an influencer do you get paid from rails/other suppliers to review these yokes?
  8. Like the chap says. If you are importing you trains and paying duty then you are due a refund.
  9. I was reading the producers are looking for a bridge to blow up so I imagine this yoke will be on top or near it when it happens. Tom or Evan will no doubt escape by his fingertips whilst just about to be shoveled alive into the Firebox by the Arch Enemy.
  10. cracking modelling there, I love to visit the real place at some stage!
  11. How many times do you actually look under a wagon and go ooh Loverlystuff?...Maybe once just taken out of the box but afterwards, personally me never afterwards once on the layout. Good Luck KR. bit to far north for me though.
  12. Look like it went Rallying to me TBH. Tad too overcooked. Glad to see the Environmental packing now, Good Riddance to the plastic
  13. I must admit I do get a little bit of excitement when this thread pops up with hopefully more news on the project but most of it is pretty much nothing to do with the Model itself.
  14. I got 404 too but a search on the Hornby Site gives this link: https://www.Hornby.com/uk-en/news/the-engine-shed/developing-Hornby-far-wide?fbclid=IwAR2X-foqwDj7-CzDk8KD5Wh5mEQDN0aYJ1hSXBo_bYsD8_EOHKc8aplNN6Q
  15. Just got a PFO reply the last time. I am too old, Male, white so does not fit the recruitment profile.
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