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  1. One other thing to consider is the effect of the magnet on steel wheels. I fixed Kadee magnets on my layout and whilst coupling works fine, my small TAA tankers lurch when you go over them slowly. If you think that might be an issue, pivoting them so you can move the magnet away from the track when not needed might be an idea.
  2. Yes, the modern one, R023a. The discontinued one I referred to was the original R023, looks like you can't download that one any more.
  3. I had a go at building the Scalescenes modern diesel depot. Never actually finished it, more down to circumstances rather than a reflection on the kit, but some observations... The concrete "ribbing" can be rather time consuming, you have to cut a "comb" of card and it can be a bit fiddly to make it even. The discontinued older version of the depot was worse as it have even more of the stuff. I seem to remember having issues with the roof - being slightly out of line when scoring the centre line meant it was a bit of an effort to get it to look right again. I think the designe
  4. News article from the local rag about a crossing in Nottingham showing a picture of kids sat on a crossing. Clearly not the brightest end of the gene pool. Apologies if you don't have an ad blocker, from what I remember if they had as many adverts in the print copy as they do on their website, the paperboys would only be able to carry half a dozen papers. https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/shocking-picture-shows-group-sat-5356375#source=breaking-news
  5. A sunny afternoon at Loxley depot, the more I look at the picture the more I see details that I need to address. One that stands out is avoiding making the plonked on building look plonked on, but of course it needs to be easily removed as sods law says something will break down / derail in there if it's hard to get at!
  6. In all fairness, it probably looks good from a distance. About a mile or so.
  7. Absolutely you can. I've two different Arduino systems running on my layouts. One uses track detection and turnout position detection to set signals appropriately, the other drives servos to change turnouts. I guess the first question to ask is where are you starting at? Have you any electronic / computing knowledge? If not, I would recommend an Arduino kit like the Elegoo ones which contain an Arduino and a number of components to attach to it, along with wires, breadboard etc. They will get you up and running with the Arduino and will help show off its capabilities.
  8. If the wheels are only "good" it makes you wonder what state they're in. Probably square.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I've now got a separate MERG 12v supply made into a 5v supply with a 7805 providing power for the servos and it is working perfectly. I did hit a small hitch when I added more servos despite having logic to only make one servo move at a time. The issue was a servo that I was hinging a magnet with to uncouple Kadees; it looks like the servo lacks the oomph to move the magnet so was constantly seeking to the right position but not being able to make it. Disconnected that and everything works fine, so will have to go back to the drawing board on activating t
  10. Adding a 5v voltage regulator to my rectifier output, using that as the source for the servos (ensuring the 0v lines are tied) and that seems to have helped. I'm powering both the 12v VR which powers the Arduino and the 5v VR powering the servo, display and IR receiver from the same rectifier which I think might also be overloading it as the IR receiver seems to keep resetting. So might have a slight rethink and separate the power completely. But, looks like I'm making steps in the right direction and certainly learning! Thanks for your help!
  11. My Arduino has me baffled and I wonder if anyone might be able to shed any light on it please...! I have an Arduino Nano (clone) with a sketch that controls a servo; on startup it sets the servo to a known position before waiting for further commands sent via an IR receiver. It also has a 16x2 LCD display connected via the I2C connections. Powering it through the USB port, connected to the laptop it behaves perfectly. On startup it shows the display correctly, moves the servo and waits. However, when I power it via the VIN pin it starts to move the servo, cuts out, restarts (eviden
  12. Thanks for that advice, changed CV29 and both go in the same direction now.



  13. And just think how much they would charge if the track wasn't wonky!
  14. You can change the direction by changing CV29. CV29 is quite a complex CV if you're not comfortable with DCC, see https://www.gaugemasterretail.com/magento/rightlines-article/Unravelling-CV29.html. However, the direction is the easiest bit to change. I'm not familiar with Dynamis or Digitrax controllers, but what you need to do : Read the value of CV29 If it is an odd number, subtract one else (if it is an even number), add one Write the result of the above maths back to CV29. That will invert the direction of travel. The bigger challe
  15. As soon as I saw your post I guessed who it was Strange item for them to be selling though as it isn't kit built!
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