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  1. The slightly slower cousin of the HST available here... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224639298763?hash=item344d8baccb:g:kTQAAOSw1ithX9zs The Intercity 123
  2. Sadly, given that previous suggestions have been met by accusations of telling Warners how to run their business, I suspect it's unlikely they'd bother sharing that knowledge.
  3. But in much of the same vein as Martin's comment that it is up to the site owners what goes on the site, the you are of course hosting the advertising service on your site and therefore allowing them to do the tracking It strikes me that there's two things that are annoying people, the fact that the ads are intrusive and the fact that the ads are not relevant. Maybe this is just what happens when you use a third party advertising provider, which lead me to wonder whether it would be more effective to manage ads yourselves. Warner clearly already has a department dedicated to advertising for BRM and other publications, so it doesn't seem an insurmountable step to extend that to website advertising too. The result would be that ads are relevant to the audience and actually complement the site. I guess the caveat is that there needs to be enough of an income to cover any extra cost of not just farming out ad management to a third party (although it would result in less time moderating conversations like this one!), and that's something commercially sensitive that isn't going to get debated in the open.
  4. I wasn't really involved in the hobby at the time and during that period my trains were safely tucked away in their boxes. For me though, it was a little sad to see them go under. As a diesel era modeller, I looked back fondly on my younger days where Lima models were the mainstay of my layout. Indeed, I still have Lima Mk1s and an HST set running on my layout today. I always thought Lima stock was better than Hornby on many different fronts. The Lima HST power cars looked far better than the Hornby offering; the carriages were the right length, and I never had any Lima stock that had grown square wheels in transit (Hornby managed that, according to the letter received in response to a complaint about half of my Hornby purchases having to go back). Albeit now in the Railroad range (Class 156 excepted) , the fact that Hornby were able to buy and put into use the Lima tooling from 30 years ago has got to be a testament to their quality at the time.
  5. But if someone had just painted it in engineering sample grey, you'd soon know because there might be splashes and splodges on the underframe..... oh, there are.
  6. And you still only get 300 Nectar points if you buy!
  7. Whenever I struggle to get rail joiners on, I normally find that the problem is a burr on the track from cutting - even when using Xuron cutters rather than a saw. A quick bit of attention with a flat file and it makes it much easier. Of course, the other problem is where I have used pliers on the rail joiner and squeezed them too hard...
  8. Something odd going on here, a Bachmann Class 08 with a starting bid of £200 sounds very optimistic https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174941727541?hash=item28bb56eb35:g:CmsAAOSwIG9hP35K&autorefresh=true And then a little further down, the same loco (or at least one with identically broken steps at the front) from the same seller for £170 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/174937955935?hash=item28bb1d5e5f:g:CmsAAOSwIG9hP35K When I saw the first listing (the one for £170) I did wonder if this was someone who put a ridiculously high price on not knowing the worth, hoping to establish the value through the "Make an Offer" feature. That said, it's far easier to just look at sold listings to find the range that they go for.
  9. Where else could you get such a fine example of wonky sticker application, followed by the valiant but futile attempt to peel it off again from the corner with the final air of defeat as the wrinkled corner is pressed back down.
  10. You mean it's going to take the whole afternoon?
  11. I had a look in my copy of the excellent book Colour Light Signalling for Model Railways by Simon Paley @St. Simon, but couldn't see any mention of a height. The diameter of the standard boards is 900mm, 450mm for miniature boards if that helps as a guide to working out a height from a photo.
  12. This seems rather optimistic - particularly when you look at completed listings... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393482002851?hash=item5b9d5ae1a3:g:oK8AAOSwifZhCWAJ
  13. Very sad news. I had the pleasure of spending a day with Mick on one of his weathering courses. Had a lovely day, learned a lot and found Mick to be a really nice chap with a lot of talent and knowledge which he was only too happy to share. Thoughts are with his friends and family.
  14. This caught my eye... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/144119575546?hash=item218e3233fa:g:vHEAAOSwi2lg9fcd Not sure which prototype it is based on, but presumably one used to shunt around 2 hour long video cassettes.
  15. It didn't work for me - it looks like you might have put up a link to the editor as the author of the video. This link should work though... Edited to add - fantastic video. There's so much there to see!
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