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  1. Losing the American style signage and having the wasp stripes on the doors might help too. Also wondered about the colour of the mortar. And if all else fails, a flagpole with a Union Jack on top... :)
  2. Is that one of your handpainted backscenes on Loch Leven Andy? If it is, that is absolutely stunning.
  3. Ten Commandments do them too - https://tencommandmentsmodels.co.uk/product/brut-trolley-ready-built/ Can't comment on their quality or realism, just remembered seeing them from a browse at a show.
  4. But what if the train is not reversing, will it still work? I guess reversing cameras are designed to work well in the dark, but if you go down a different route you might want to consider visibility if your fiddle yard is covered with scenery and / or is fairly dark. I picked up a USB camera with a similar intention, but it has LED lights around the outside so makes it ideal for areas hidden under scenery etc.
  5. So the truth is out. Andy doesn't actually build these layouts, he just knocks up the pictures in Photoshop and then conveniently "sells" the layouts before anyone can see them in the flesh Looking good as always Andy, the weathering is superb - the toning down really makes a difference, in fact making it look like they were that mucky and then got a half hearted clean.
  6. If you are happy soldering up some albeit fairly simple circuits, MERG do a range of "Pocket Money Project" kits. Although you need to pay for membership, if you buy a few kits at just a pound or two each then you soon end up ahead. They do a couple of sorts which I have used to good effect - either a laser beam (similar to the Heathcote Electronics IR but with a laser), and a DCC track occupation sensor. I've used both, both kits are easy to make and work very well.
  7. I knew I'd have to try harder to catch you out! Signals are looking good too. Now looking at the underside of my layout with disdain at how neat my wiring isn't, compared to yours!!
  8. Will it not also stop the signalman getting to work, or is there a gate that I haven't spotted?!!! Looking fantastic Andy, like others have said the station really looks effective.
  9. My Prodigy Advance 2 says SVDA on the screen when you disconnect the handset from the controller. Doing so actually saves the most recent locos into the recall list. Could you maybe have a loose connection somewhere?
  10. Blimey I look a miserable sod in that photo (bloke in the stripey shirt looking none too plused for some reason). No reflection on the layout, spent quite a long time happily watching trains go by.
  11. When I was last doing some static grass, my wife said "If they did a darker brown you could use that to cover your bald spot." 50% of us found that funny.
  12. My 11th birthday in November 1984 saw me getting my first trains - a Lima InterCity 125 in BR blue. I think that might have been out only recently as Your Model Railway at the time reviewed it, pointing out the fault in that the InterCity 125 lettering was black. Didn't bother me, I loved it and the miles that must have done!! At the same time a trade in of old toys with a colleague of my Dad's yielded some more stock - Lima MK1's and a class 117 DMU which as they were preowned must have predated that.
  13. You mean you're dropping back to the speed that the rest of us go!!
  14. Another layout that will be conceived, built, admired, tweaked, admired again and finally sold all in the time it takes me to lay a yard of track Love the concept Andy, will definitely follow and after watching Kings Moreton, I know it will be good!
  15. My experience of code 100 peco track is yes, you can. Bear in mind though that where the rail and base have parted company, the chairs on the plastic base may have bent / deformed / broken off, so check first.The odd one or two may not be an issue but there might be potential for the track to go out of gauge if there is a long run of broken chairs. The other thing to make sure of is that the end of the rail is perfectly clean, i.e. no burrs. There isn't a lot of clearance so these could catch quite easily, making it hard to rethread the rail without damaging the chairs.
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