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  1. I've found Roket card glue to be quite effective at sticking plastic to card / paper - used it to attach platform fencing to a Scalescenes cardboard platform, relay boxes to cardboard bases etc.
  2. If you are a MERG member, then there are a number of train detectors in the pocket money project section. I've not controlled points but use an Arduino to set signals based on occupation and points settings. Code is on this topic if there is anything that helps :
  3. Nearly posted this in bargain hunters instead https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/293546862871?ul_noapp=true The twenty quid "bit of wire" has now been reduced to 15. Can't see it hanging around for long now!
  4. Did the prototype have a large gap between the body side the roof then?
  5. Before you go pulling up track, just a thought - do you have the same problem with just one loco or others as well? Some locos can be sensitive to points that are not completely level. Other thoughts, if you have a multimeter, you could check that there is continuity where there is supposed to be and that there is an appropriate and relatively consistent voltage across the track at all points. There could be enough for your track tester to appear OK but not enough to power a loco.
  6. Have you used insulated rail joiners on both the frog rails in all cases? You mentioned doing it where points face each other, but because the polarity of the frog changes you need them on both frog rails. (I'll caveat that with you need to do that if manually switching polarity - say with a point motor based switch - but I assume it is the same with the DCC80).
  7. If you enjoy putting electronics together, you might want to consider looking at the MERG kits. The 4 way solenoid decoder takes two inputs - 16v (I use the output from an old gaugemaster DC controller) and the DCC signal. The board includes a CDU and I've never had any issues changing two points at a time (say on a crossover). You do have to be a member of MERG to buy the kit, but the lower cost of the kit may soon cover membership fees. I would add though that the kit doesn't have switching for frog polarity etc in like the ADS-4sx appears to.
  8. I remember hearing that about 30 years ago and wondered if I would ever come across it - thanks for posting. Led to an enjoyable lunch break listening!
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OO-Gauge-Lima-Class-20-Weathered/114230165539?hash=item1a98a60023:g:OE4AAOSw9IdexUqX&autorefresh=true Weathered? That's an understatement.
  10. Similarly those in IT searching for the Experts Exchange website have to be very careful with the positioning of the space
  11. I think it comes down to the search; for some people they would rather trust someone with experience giving them the answer rather than Google.
  12. You could consider a rotary switch rather than a toggle switch, that might be safer from accidental knocking. IIRC they come in a form that has 12 outputs, so single pole 12 way, double pole 6 way, 3 pole 4 way etc, so you can have a number of "centre off" positions too to avoid accidents. Venturing slightly off topic, but I used a similar arrangement on a siding to switch it between normal operation and a programming track, going for the 4 pole 3 way option. Two of the poles were for the end of the siding, designated as the programming track, the other two being a buffer zone between the main and programming track. The three switch positions were Main - Off - Programming, main energising both sections of track, off killing both, and programming connecting only the programming track to the programming output of the controller, leaving the buffer zone unpowered meaning there would be no issues with a loco bridging both main and programming sections.
  13. But did you still include the image in the reply? In a thread about that very same thing!!!!! LOL!! As for Delete vs Backspace on a Mac, Fn + Backspace does a delete.
  14. Having been browsing one of the photo threads, I came across a comment echoing my thoughts, so wanted to suggest an update if possible within the constraints of the forum software. When quoting a previous comment in a reply and that comment has pictures, could there be an option to include / exclude images from the reply - the default being to exclude. It gets tiresome scrolling past repeats of the same image when some quotes the post, especially when their comment is simply appreciation of the pictures!
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