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  1. D7100

    Dapol Class 21/29

    Have I missed a history lesson somewhere. Class 21/ Class 29 Diesel HYDRAULIC locomotive. I thought these were all Diesel Electric
  2. Thanks, I understand that, as has been mentioned earlier in the thread the jumbos start out as 40 + wagons and then split according to final destinations. I made reference to a 12 wagon consist as this would be as much as I would be able to accommodate in the space I have available. So I would be modelling an onward portion that admittedly would be somewhat of a compromise in terms of wagon numbers, but I imagine a fair few modellers would also be so challenged regarding available space. thanks again D7100.
  3. Cheers steadfast. Appreciate the info.
  4. Can you run both livery's together. for example, a rake of 2 outers 4 inners of the original livery plus 2 outers 4 inners of the revised livery. Total rake of 12 wagons. Also can you mix the two liveries within an outer and inner set. Does any one have any links to photo evidence. Cheers D7100.
  5. Must be an optical illusion. The class 56 looks like H0 scale compared to the 47 & 37.
  6. I would be grateful if anyone could give some useful knowledge or advice on the feasibility of converting a Heljan class 45/0 sealed beam into a class 46 sealed beam. What are the main areas that would need to be addressed, i.e. Body details (roof & sides), bogies, buffers, pipework etc.. Thanks for your replies in advance guys. D7100.
  7. Looks like there on the way to whoever pre-ordered as I received e-mail earlier today that my card had been charged and my order had been despatched. Pre-ordered price of £169.99 also honoured. However when I visited their website earlier the item was not showing as 'in stock' @ £189.99. Maybe it will show when the pre-orders are taken care of. Hope this helps guys. Cheers D7100.
  8. Not even had my e-mail yet to say they have been despatched. Have all orders deffinatley gone out Fran ? Cheers D7100.
  9. Cheers Simon, Better prepare the c/c for going into battle again ! D7100.
  10. Hi Andy, Was there any mention of when the revised Blue/Grey Pullman and Dynamis set will be shipped. Cheers D7100
  11. Whilst I and many other forum members appreciate that Hatton's & Bachmann's business relationship will not be laid bare before everyone within this medium, I do think as a loyal customer of Hatton's and indirectly of Bachmann having invested thousands of pounds over the preceding years and having many more hundreds on pre-order that both parties should at least be affording us some kind of info/statement that we can make some kind of informed decision as to whether we need to make other arrangements regarding the latest releases. I'm aware of what the mods on here have stated and appreciate that, however this situation has been going on for over a month now and I believe that we as loyal customers just need to hear something of substance. Come on Hatton's & Bachmann your silence is deafening and your loyal customers deserve better. D7100.
  12. Have all uk orders now been sent out. Who's the courier ? Cheers D7100.
  13. Hi Dave. As stated in my earlier post I have now received my refund. I have now re-ordered, but noticed the original first instalment price has now increased by £10. Is this correct. Original instalment was £223.99 New first instalment £233.99 For your info I ordered a 10 car unit. Also I wasn't prompted to put original order number in anywhere although the web page said this was required if you were re-ordering at original start price. Cheers Dave D7100.
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