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  1. Like the look of that Ben, good excuse to build some more VEA vanwides too.
  2. Work is progressing well on the extension board. The warehouse is built, but requires painting, and the window frames have been spray painted away from the building. The road and path in front of the warehouse has been formed using coving adhesive, which took a bit of fettling to get it to meet the height of the existing goods platform. Now to find those paint brushes!
  3. You're right about the 25's Richard, as you say more likely to be something from IM or MR depots. Most of the pictures that I've seen of freight trains on the branch in it's final years were 31's and 08's. Currently got a pair of 31's on the workbench, awaiting respraying after having a bit of work done to them. Talking of 31's, it's about time one of better manufacturers produced a decent Brush type 2.
  4. Here's a couple of shots of a mini running session I had before wood working commenced.
  5. Layout is back up, tested and tweaked. Work has now started on the extra scenic board at the station end, this will help finish off the back scene, and give a bit more depth to that end of the layout
  6. That looks pretty good clive, a lot more complicated than Horncastle. Very good for a gun fitter!
  7. That looks pretty good clive, a lot more complicated than Horncastle. Very good for a gun fitter!
  8. Work on rewiring the new control panel is now complete, took the easy but expensive option of using the alpha switch a control and buttons mounted on the back of the panel. The layout now needs putting back up, so testing and adjusting of the motors can be carried out.
  9. Been oh so long since I've been on here, so time for a little update. Scenics are basically completed, except for making some young trees to add near the backscene. I'm currently replacing the old seep point motors for some cobolts, and making the adjustments to the wiring, which includes making a new control panel. Once this is completed, I'm going to make a small board to add on to the station end of the layout, to allow a better finish with a curved back scene.
  10. Been making good progress over the last 2 months. Platform is finished and weathered, ballasting has been completed, with weathering now being carried out. I've ordered some cobolt motors to replace the unreliable seeps, this will also stop the blades becoming soldered and make the frog switching more reliable.
  11. Could anyone tell what type of brake distributor was fitted to the UKF PWA pallet vans please, thanks in advance. Simon
  12. Looks like you're gonna be on show parade tonight CFN Mortimore
  13. Damm, I hoped no one would notice! Just thought of a great excuse, H&S pointed out the old ones were worn out so were replaced
  14. Thanks for the headsup, will take a look, not been on his site for some time now.
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