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  1. Do trade customers with Hornby trade accounts receive any of the catalogues for free though? If memory serves (and it is from a good few years ago) Hornby catalogues from "that" wholesaler were around 2/3rds of the RRP and then if they didn't sell, the associated issues of unsold goods with a limited lifespan. Nothing on a sale or return basis. Plus some reps (not just model railways) are not knowledgable about what they sell. Just pushy - and overly pushy sales reps aren't good. As for the showcases themselves, that will be harder to fill now that ordering of one loco is to be done away with, they now must be at least two of a kind and then there are all the other problems with supply quantities, quality control issue that can be hard work for a retailer. Anyone want to have a guess at how much a Hornby-branded display case costs? The last price I saw was eye watering.
  2. Which is what I'm doing. Droids is not a word that I would use to describe them. Customer Service Trolls is the only one I can put here without a number of ****. Anyone thinking that Hornby's handling of their Black Friday orders was appalling (which it clearly was) have had it easy when it came to dealing with the dishonesty of the trolls at Amercon.
  3. Could this be down to them selling fluid for their motorised track cleaner? I also use IPA, it also has another use. A friend's son had a dead Play Station console and brought it back to life by pouring IPA over the circuitboard. Has to be more to it than that. Couldn't understand what he said, though, like some teenagers who grunt...
  4. Haven't read it for ages but one of the excellent (and now late) TB Maund books I think had something about the lines around there and the companies could not agree to some terms over running over some of the lines hence extra trackwork going in? Used to go cycling around there when I was a lot younger, before all the big old warehouses came down. So sad to see so little there now.
  5. Let's see if Hornby respond to my challenge I sent to and was published on MREMAG just before Christmas, ie,what are they going to do to make good what they did wrong, for those who have not seen it. 5/1 says copius amounts of waffle and nothing. Evens says I'll be completely ignored by Hornby. Not that I gamble but it would be nice to be proved to be wrong.
  6. Maybe you were naughty, too. Did you receive a lump of coal that you weren't expecting? Note to self, stop coming up with pathetic attempts at "jokes"...
  7. It was on that line where I saw my first ever real train, an 03 with some wagons - in those days, I never considered the 503s as real trains, was only a kid though! Are the lines part of the Mersey docks or the national network, I wonder? Would have loved to have been just a little bit older, to be able to see those fab L&Y Pugs go around the streets on the way to the docks in the 'pool.
  8. If it contains some bogie bolster wagons, brass and BR blue paint, it's the one I told them where to shove it when I refused delivery of it. I just hope Santa and his Elves hasn't had to subcontract sending parcels to whoever does Hornby's stuff. You haven't been naughty, by any chance?
  9. Hornby may have had a better idea of how to deal with Black Friday if they dealt with at least one BF inhouse first before farming it out to where they have so that additional bodies could be brought in as required on a casual, agency basis. I'm a little bit curious about how they are running their warehouse now, having worked in a couple a while back. Perhaps they have paid for one or two operatives who are not getting overtime or additional help or maybe just couldn't be bothered? Back in the 1990s, for an agency, I did a while at QVC in different areas, I was lucky, I could pick and choose the hours and were I worked so must have been okay! First day on the job I was packing in access of the targets, didn't know what the targets were at the beginning, can't remember for sure might have been sixty parcels an hour. I just got on with it, think I did 400+ on the first day. One bimbo at the pack station in front of me packed three parcels the entire session as she was gabbing on to her mates. I would say about a handful of people really care about the job and the others couldn't be bothered. Maybe that's what we have here, staff who just aren't bothered and let the parcels build up. Maybe it's poor labour relations at the warehouse that they outsourced to? After all, Hornby have been upsetting as many people as possible!
  10. Not one hundred per cent sure about this but wasn't one problem with the Olympic stock was that there were strong sales to the trade at first but the anticipated repeat sales never happened? Things like 50 pence pieces on a piece of card for three quid or so as well and copius amounts of tat based on a logo which many stated at the time of the logo launch was rubbish (and that was long before anything appeared). Olympic merchandise, to me, just looked horrible in general, not just the stuff Hornby had done, but across the board. When looking to see if there were any classic Dr Who DVDs in the sales earlier, I think I saw in the BBC Shop that they are still trying to get rid of Olympic merchandise, good luck there. Why not send it to the recyling bins and get rid, warehouse space can be valuable. If an end of line clearance specialist like Home Bargains had a long, hard time trying to get rid of Olympic stock, what luck do others have? Followed the link through from the post. Is it because I am getting older or does Nat Southworth look too young to be a manager? Reallly do feel for Peter (45568) above.
  11. Be good if things the other side of the river in Birkenhead could be brought back into use, lines are still there. All those containers coming in by ship, how many of those could be put more-or-less straight on a train instead of earch container needing it's own lorry. Insn't the Stone Manganeese building empty nowadays, could be used for a loading terminal.
  12. It's the casual disregard of the privacy of the individual. Why not ask at the checkout if they want their personal information divulged to third parties and explain why they want to give the data out? Internet privacy is the issue. Spam is bad news. Some may think spam is just a pain in the rear end, others take a different view. Who knows where your personal information will end up? Sites get hacked, yada yada yada. The effects on those with certain health issues means it has more of an impact when things happen to them that shouldn't happen to them, it is mentioned in an earlier part of this thread. It's why I'm writing in detail about the subject (might do a blog about it). Anyway, let's get back to Hornby matters for Black Friday! Interesting analysis. I wonder if anyone else thoght disease instead of illness! For all the problems with Hornby over recent years, matters with Sanda Kan and so on, are things worse now under the new CEO? How long has the new CEO had in charge now - and how much can the problems be put down to him, I wonder? Had he been a football manager, he may well have been sacked long ago. Probably. Whilst some may have said things in anger and then calmed down, how many people will actually not shop with Hornby again over their handling of Black Friday? People have also stated, myself being one of them, that they won't renew club subs either so they have done a lot of harm to customers who have been loyal to the brand.
  13. The problem I have with this sort of thing is that several companies give personal information to third party firms like feefo WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE CUSTOMER. The Data Protection Act 1998 clearly applies but is frequently broken by firms. I hate feefo sending me demands for feedback when I buy anything. It makes me very angry indeed. It is a form of spam and I find it equally unwelcome. Maybe I'm old fashioned but I value my privacy a great deal. Not everyone wants this sort of thing being e-mailed to them. If I want something, say a DVD from Brand A who uses feefo and Brand B who doesn't, Brand B gets my custom.
  14. Always trying to do things on the cheap without having the proper infrastructure in place. As always, it's the customer who suffers from deliberately poor customer service on top of the wrongdoing and other failures of the company. Things can go wrong, of course, have worked in warehousing and goods in and out for long enough to know about those sides of things - maybe I have a built in BS detector? With all the name changes that go on, who are White Arrow now known as, did they turn into Home Delivery Network before HDN before becoming Yodel? Could tell you all lots about the White Arrow way of doing things back in the day. On the subject of Hornby's top man, wasn't he once at the helm of Dixons/Curry's-PC World? They were always being featured onconsumer rights programs like Watchdog and are seemingly never out of Computer Active's consumer gripes page for s**ty treatment of customers (had a good laugh at PC World's expence some years ago after I got judgement against them, as the judge told them to pay up immediately, outside the court room I held my hand out and said loudly "pay up like the judge told you, you naughty boy". Very satisfying indeed.) Hornby now refer to themselves as "the brand" and is that all they care about? The brand is mud here and I guess in several other households and businesses as well.
  15. I did ask my cat earlier if she wanted to consider it but she just stuck her head back in the bowl. Work for Hornby or eat roast beef? I think she made her mind up. Seriously though. You raise some very valid points with regards to feedback. The first thing that came to mind was that if each company did have a customer feedback thing, there would be that great annoyance of those damned e-mails from third parties demanding and harassing the customer into that you never gave consent to having and using personal information (got such a thing in my inbox this evening following an order with BBC Shop and I was angered when I saw it - Section 55 Breech of The Data Protection Act 1998, reckless use yada yada yada). The second thing that came to mind was the recent news piece where a hotel fined a couple who gave them a negative review £100 for their comments (I beleive this to be coercive control, something else that is in the news this week). On the subject of feedback there is feedback abuse and extortion. A dubious eBay seller whom received negative feedback from me tried to bribe me to remove it (then again, eBay is not what I would call a reputable organisation anyway so par for the course for them). Then there are those who, as happened to me in the past encounter extortion such as "give me this or I'll give you negative feedback" (I sold a split packet of leftover Hornby wheels years ago, including the obvious quantity stated and photograph stated but the b****** was a crook and demanded that I send him the whole ten, as anyonewho sells on eBay, you have no rights whatsoever in reality. Maybe I'm analysing things too much. Then there are companies such as Square Trade who (don't know if they still do) charge vast amounts of money under the premise to get unfair feedback removed from eBay profiles and no other company can offer a rival service because of bribes, backhanders and affiliation payments. So many things to consider. The more I think about it, the more undecided I become about the feedback thing. Personally, maybe it is because of my condition, I want as little contact with companies as possible and as little interaction with them as possible!
  16. In other words, buy a Bachmann one for a good 'un! I'm only really able to do very basic things nowadays so mods for me are down to decoration and swoping compatable parts over. Apart from the lack of white double arrow transfers, should have big black more or less finished this week. Silver-coloured ones just don't work on a steam loco, maybe the white is more obvious? Just can't put my finger on why the silver does not look right.
  17. My cat would have done a better job if she was a subcontractor. At least with the crap she comes out with is genuine. I dare all the model railway magazines to publish something in their news sections about customers being treated so badly by Hornby over Black Friday. The BS I received when I tackled Hornby manager Mark Lodge over this made my blood boil further. Just how cozy are the magazines to the brands anyway? This was on MREMAG last week. For each of us who have been pissed off (to put it midly) over the unacceptable conduct of Hornby, how many others do not know about or use this forum who have been subject to the same shoddy treatment that we have? I doubt it is isolated to just us few folk.
  18. That's the sort of tender I meant, doing a static model of a fictional representation, turntables won't matter. Model won't have a rolling chassis in anycase. Maybe for much later on, may try the Dapol (ex-Airfix) Evening Star kit. How well do they go together and how fiddly are they to build? I have some limitations with what I can do...
  19. I always get muddled on the BR tenders - high sided one? I need one to go with 92212, the ex-Margate leftover body I bought some years ago was matched to an 'ordinary' one. Would give a bit of variety if nothing else. Still like the idea of an LNER 8 wheel corridor tender, looks more modern to me than the BR standard and being bigger, looks like higher capacity, not that I went into figures on how much coal and water they carried. Beginning to think an extra LNER tender might be useful, one for big blue and one for big black.
  20. That 0-6-2T Thomas looks so wrong and so right at the same time. The not-J94 looks good as well, pity I sold my last locos ages ago with that 0-6-0 chassis, useful one that. Some of the many things on my workbench* include a (nameless) Connie/Polly/Nelly and the later one with the Margate telephone or telex number on it or whatever. Got some Polly nameplates (had a kitten arrive on Christmas Day 1977 that was named Polly so that's the name for one of the engines - and why not?) Only thing is with a necessary respray is that the original style nameplates won't look right, have to get some etched ones to suit the paintwork (any ideas of who does them would be welcome or am I thinking of replica paper lables?) As we are on the subject of stuff from the spares box... Current-style 0-4-0 chassis needs about a centimetre taking out for Connie & Co where the cylinders would have been, luckily the crude blanking insert used gives a more-or-less spot on cutting guide. There is too much overhang if cutting a notch out and as the body is already 'stretched', looks stupid so needs the chassis shortening, which I tried ages ago. However, if the front steps are broken off the body, a chassis with the cylinders makes an excellent alternative. The spring clip for the motor sits tight against the body and holds everything in place but something better needs to be fashioned. If using the original chassis, at least the later version with the Scalextric motor would make it a bit more DCC friendly than the X04 motor version. Another quick fix would be the gubbins from a "German" tank enging (R254/R256) which with square axles, means no wheel quartering but may need an extra pick up which isn't a difficult job. Won't be as an extreme reworking as others do, they have been in bits for a few years now. Frustrating at the moment when I want to do stuff and can't. Finally, the current-style 0-4-0 can go under a Dock Shunter body as well, a trim here and there. Seem to recall that they may have been an NBL shunter with a higher bonnet and connecting rods (Cadbury Bournville perhaps). Might be worth a try. *For workbench, read a cardboard box. Somewhere.
  21. Could someone from admin PM me with an e-mail address for BRM subscription enquiries please?
  22. I couldn't agree more with what has been posted here by hedgeaf. The term adding insult to injury certainly sums up for me what has gone on - although I may call it as adding injury to insult!!! Readers of MREMAG may have seen my post over Hornby's very poor performance over the Black Friday orders. I was not the only one to have expressed displeasure with Hornby there. Previously, I ordered with Hornby and the parcel was opened, a couple of items missing, including a locomotive. I suspected the delivery driver from UK Mail, he looked like a smack head and was pig ignorant, swearing at me and otherwise abusing me as it took me a while to get to the door, I have a number of disabilities so when a thug who stinks comes at you with an attitude, well, it was a truly awful experience. Can't prove it of course. Lots of spam then came from UK Mail demanding I fill in surveys for them - not that I gave Hornby my permission to give this disgusting delivery company my personal information. Hornby eventually sent a replacement by another carrier. So when I saw something that I actually wanted in the Black Friday sale, I asked Hornby to use another carrier. Not unreasonable and saves any potential problems later on for all. Order taken on Black Friday itself, 29 November, money taken and nothing heard apart from an e-mail from Hornby's Matt Jordan stating that they would use another carrier but it may add another week to the time (which I thought smellt a bit like BS but I would rather wait a week than be abused by the same smack head from UK Mail. Enquiries sent to Hornby were routinely ignored and I suspect this is policy as others have mentioned a similiar experience with Hornby. Order still not picked on 16 December, ended up having to register on their forum like others to get any response. A couple of hours later an e-mail was received from bloody UK Mail stating my parcel would be delivered (today). The same, stinking, nasty dirty smackhead at the door, I told him to shove the parcel up his arse and take it away. As an Asperger's sufferer, things have a much more severe impact than those that don't have the condition. For those with Autism and Aspergers, the strain of dealing with incompetent and reprehensible people is completely overwhelming and unforgetable. It is not just an inconvenience, it is more than upsetting, it is more than sickening. I don't expect anyone who does not have this condition to understand the effects this has. As for Hornby, Club renewal due in January, won't be renewing either. I've had enough of Hornby's incompetence and recklessness. For the little bit of pleasure I got from the hobby, the experience of piss-poor customer service from first Great British Locomotives and now Hornby, well, it's killed it off for me. I feel like throwing it all away. Ducks from yet more abuse from forum trolls...
  23. I also had problems finding the Hornby stand. Lots of traders with flags and what have you high above but nothing on Hornby's, so much for brand awareness! I missed it a few times.
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