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  1. One of the things that puts me off using a kit for a base board (aside from the price) is that you need to design your layout to fit the kit, now I know the manufacturers will build what you wish, within limits I guess, but bespoke things come with bespoke prices and what if you change your design at a later stage? Personally I would suggest that you design your baseboard/s break it down into component parts and take the resultant drawing/s to a local timber yard and get them to cut the ply/mdf etc to size to provide you with the parts, all perfectly square and to the shape you want ready to assemble. Cheer's, Pete.
  2. Lovely layout, if I owned it I think I would scenicify the sector plate as well but it looks fantastic as is . Cheer's, Pete.
  3. The Sava BMC FG lorry works out at about £30 with carriage. Steve Beatty doe's a 1.43rd resin kit for £27 + p&p for the FG it needs some fettling, I have one in my kit stash to build, mainly for nostalgic reasons, I used to own a full size one until a few years ago. Pete.
  4. I have one of these old Dinky Transits in my to do box but without a windscreen, can you tell me where you got your replacement from? Thanks, Pete.
  5. This is my method, you have to be pretty accurate with the measurements, but its cheap and it works. Hope this helps. Pete.
  6. I have some Halfords grey primer but compared to Dapols 16t wagons it's a good deal darker. To tide me over I have ordered some Railmatch aerosol in British railways early grey. I will make up a swatch with it and see if I can find a near match at my local Halfords. Cheer's, Pete.
  7. Can anyone suggest an aerosol spray paint for BR freight grey please? I'm particularly thinking of an auto spray from the likes of Halfords etc. Thanks, Pete.
  8. I am toying with building a layout in 7mm for the Gauge O Guilds 20 square feet layout comp. Having some mobility prob's I need to make it as light and easy to handle as possible. I've seen Gordon and Maggie Gravetts Arun Quay layout a few times and seen the way they have made the framing for the base boards. I have become a fan of ply wrapped foam and have done a test with some 4mm ply and 1/2" foam and was surprised at how rigid and light it is. Obviously some thought needs to be taken in joining the framing and boards together but for me, it is the way forward. I reckon 4" deep is adequate and drilling some holes to lighten it even further won't cause any problems. Cheer's, Pete.
  9. Alex Jackson couplings work well, ask Gorden Gravett. I have used them and they work best if built with a jig and a height setter though they work best with electro magnets. Cheer's, Pete.
  10. I did this on a bridge I built using Slaters brick sheets some time ago. If I remember right I used Pritt Stick, the high strength one, after roughing up the plastic with some wet and dry 600 grit used dry. Giving the surface a rub over gives the paper something to grab on to. It is still stuck after a few years. Pete.
  11. This is my first go at scratch building and painting a 7mm coach. It is based on a very old drawing of a GCR suburban. I have found a drawing for a brake for my next attempt. Still aways to go to finish it but a very enjoyable exersize. Cheer's, Pete.
  12. I am building a layout based on a Great Eastern branch line. I would like to have a couple of GE or similar benches for the station. Doe's any one know of a supplier of same in 7mm scale? Cheer's, Pete.
  13. Many people have home 3D printers these days, would it be suitable to make a wagon load and use it as a master to produce a mould for resin casting perhaps? Pete.
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