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  1. Platforms rescued from disposal have been adapted for use on "Buffers Lock". The main platform straddles two base-boards and a goods platform is fitted next to the Goods Shed. Buildings shown roughly where they will be on completion although they will be removable for transport purposes.
  2. With both the Traverser and Turntable fiddle-yard wiring complete, attention turned to wiring the first of two scenic boards for DCC including 4 point motors. All tested and working perfectly now. Lamps and building lighting are provided for by separate DC connectors.
  3. A couple of photos of the Traverser fiddle-yard which can fit either end of the scenic boards. It was developed using the same techniques as the main boards except it is inverted to provide a frame for the the three drawer sliders which carry the tracks.
  4. I am developing two three-way 4 foot fiddle-yards: one is a Traverser and the other a Train Turntable. They can each be fitted either end of the layout. Attached a few photos of the Turntable the first one prior to assembly:
  5. The Big Reveal! The two baseboards have been constructed and track has been pinned down. This series of photos outlines the track-work and approximate position of the buildings assembled previously. Also see the photographic back-scene selected - atmospheric of high Summer in GWR days of steam... The track design has a run-around loop at the station with a forward head-shunt, a siding across a double-slip (a great space-saver) which provides two lines to the Goods Shed as well as a trailing head-shunt to the Cattle-dock. Plenty of scope for passenger and goods stock movements. The design allows for a fiddle-yard at each end of the layout: one is a Traverser and the other a Train Turntable (more of these anon).
  6. Started work on the first of two baseboards for "Buffers Lock". This board is 4.5 feet by 2 feet. Using now well tried 6 mm birch plywood for sides/cross-members hot glued in place and 12 mm for face pieces (two 6 mm sections glued together). Note the dowels for alignment and fixed T-nuts for thumbscrews for attaching back-scene/board covers easily. The construction is strengthened using glass-fibre tape glued in place with builders' PVA along all internal wood interfaces.
  7. Thanks Keith. I recently also replaced the insulfrog 3-way point with an electrofrog model to better enable short wheel-base locos to potter around the layout without stalling! I fitted two Gaugemaster aouto-frog circuits to automatically control the polarity...
  8. Fitted Studio Scale Model's Irish Platform Lamps as well as the Peco SmartSwitch servo system to operate the SSM Level-crossing Gates and Starter/Home Signals all with operating lamps!
  9. Ballybeg viaduct ready for installation of tracks/wiring. Note different scenes under each archway!
  10. Ballybeg is getting a refurbished (lifting) viaduct as part of an upgrade:
  11. Working on a kit from Studio Scale Models of uniquely Irish level-crossing gates for addition to my "Ballybeg" OO gauge Irish layout. I plan to fit working lamps and to operate the gates using servo motors in time.
  12. A couple of shots of "Shunters Yard" in its new GWR livery:
  13. Shunters Yard is being repainted in GWR colours starting with a renovated signal box gifted by a friend:
  14. Timber Track's cattle dock now painted and complete:
  15. Signal box completed with detailed interiour:
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