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  1. Thought it worth an update. Not had much modeling time this last year. However Madeira Meadows has now run for over 100 hours at various shows. Flange wear has not been insignificant despite graphiting the track. I'm intending building a fresh loco, possibly the steam taxi, just for Madeira. Thoughts include off-set axles and using smaller wheels on the inside. Also worth noting it ran all day at the Bradford 7mmNGA members open day last November. I took it out of the box the following week at "off the rails" realising it had been left switched on. It then ran all day without being recharged! Both Madeira Meadows and Bunny Mine will be at the 7mmNga show at Morecambe this coming Saturday 22nd Feb.
  2. I've had increasing damage recently on shipped items. But I've never seen a "broken" magazine before! (DVD intact!)
  3. Thanks, I wish I'd taken more pictures when I was there, trouble was I don't think they (the family) would have been too impressed if I had spent a day roaming the track & stations. A revisit needed?
  4. I've been trying to find information, primarily stock drawings for the Italian 950mm Circumvesuviana system. Not found anything of use. Does anybody know of any source(s).
  5. Well done, excellent composition, superb modelling.
  6. Yes, only issue as I see it is still only 6" high
  7. Event Name: Off the Rails Classification: Exhibition Address: Astley Independent Methodist Church, Manchester Road, Astley, Tyldesley, Greater Manchester M29 7BP Day 1: 17/11/2018 Opening times Day 1: 10am to 12pm1pm to 3pm Prices: 50p per person1.50 for a family group of any size Disability access: Yes Car parking: Yes Website: Organising body: Astley Christian Fellowship Organiser: Roy Heslop01942 [email protected] "Off the Rails!" tries to cater for all age ranges, particularly for those at the younger end of the spectrum and their relatives. with a variety of different attractions on a train theme Including: storybooks, working layouts, puzzles, worksheets and model building to engage the youngsters -whilst railway simulation games, DVDs and display tables are an attraction to older children and adults. The event aims to appeal to all our visitors in some way - especially if they happen to like trains! We encourage "pre-teens" and their families to enjoy a hobby together There are no advance tickets: just turn up on the day. Special train biscuits are available as you leave for a small donation. All proceeds from the event are given to Mission Helping Hands List of Traders Attending : Lancashire Mining Museum - Sale of "N" "Oo" and "O" Coal Wagons The Mining Museum is Open All Day Only 1/2 Mile from the Venue. List of Layouts Attending : Brianville "N" Gauge Hornby Trackmat 00 Gauge DC For Children to Control Abbott's Yard 0-16.5 7mmnga DCC Shunting Layout Smokey Mountain & Soggy Bottom Railway Gn15 Rowland Emett Style Railway Madeira Meadows Gn15 Rowland Emett Cakebox Oval SM 32 For Children to Control. The Bunny Mine 7mmNG Cakebox Shunting Puzzle Demonstration. List of Other Displays : Card Building. Coal on Wheels
  8. One on the day, I'm about 75% of the way through restoring it. Sorry, there is a bit of motion blur. Here it is in a 100% unrestored condition. It will be at the "Off the rails Event" on the 17th November along with both cakeboxes and Abbotts yard.
  9. A little video of both cakeboxes running; On the bunny mine info the Arduino uno board on the left. (I'm going to use the smaller Arduino nano. The 1.5A H-bridge to the right.
  10. I am taking Maderia Meadows & Smokey Mountain / Soggy Bottom for the "Emett" corner at the 7mmNGA Bradford meet this Saturday. Also taking The Bunny Mine cakebox along as well.
  11. Not progressed much this week, However will take this along to the 7mmNGA Bradford meet this Saturday. along with Maderia Meadows & Smokey Mountain / Soggy Bottom for the "Emett" corner.
  12. In a word no, are your servos trying to move past their physical limits?
  13. Your wish (eventually) my command. You can see the start of the repairs to the left-hand side, I ended up cutting it out and replacing with card. The tree to the RHS front was snapped off and the rear one bent, I'm going to remake this one with a wire frame for the base. I'm updating the detail on the little loco, the rear shows up how I "stretched" it. One issue I have is how much it should weigh, My figure weighs in @ 24gms, so to balance it I need another 24gm weight. The brass loco and mechanism weigh in @ 18gms so this would be 66gms (2.3oz in English) Just concerned it might be too much. Does anybody know?
  14. There are certain moments where you want to scream. While having to do so trimming due to the raised cab roof I knocked the cakebox & loco on the floor and damaged both. So a bit of extra work now needed I'm reasonably happy with my manual mode Arduino coding, need to do more work on the automatic aspect. At least I've finished wiring the board and have fitted the servos. As can be seen, I've had to trim the servo bases leaving one microswitch (& despite the rat's nest) it works.
  15. Well, I'm rather pleased to say I've done the basic programming in just a few hours, not bad for a first go!! I hunted around last night for something to make the job easier. found it in Tinkercad, which is free to use. The emulator has let me test the code and the wiring out without damaging any hardware. (I did make a mistake on the enable pin on the L293 although using a module means this would have been taken care of for me) I've designed it with switches for "testing" I'll post my code below if anybody wants to play. I could have made some of the code more concise but I hope I've made it easy to read. code follows; #include <Servo.h> #include <SoftwareSerial.h> // Variables will change // set servo min/maxs if required int posmin1 = 0; int posmax1 = 255; int posmin2 = 0; int posmax2 = 255; int posmin3 = 0; int posmax3 = 255; int button = 0; int speed = 0; int direction = 0; //set pin names // 0 RX // 1 TX // 2 is free Servo servo_3; //4 is free Servo servo_5; Servo servo_6; const int motorDirPin =7; //temp diag const int trackloop =8; // temp dual servo diriction const int motorPin1 = 9; const int motorPin2 = 10; const int motorEnable = 11; const int siding = 12; // on final version //13 internal led void setup() { //setup pins pinMode(A0, INPUT); servo_3.attach(3); servo_5.attach(5); servo_6.attach(6); pinMode(motorDirPin, INPUT); pinMode(trackloop, INPUT); pinMode(9, OUTPUT); pinMode(10, OUTPUT); pinMode(siding, INPUT); pinMode(13, OUTPUT); //Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() { //H-Bridge control speed = analogRead(A0) / 4; direction = digitalRead(motorDirPin); analogWrite(motorEnable, speed); if (direction == HIGH) { digitalWrite(motorPin1, HIGH); digitalWrite(motorPin2, LOW); } else { digitalWrite(motorPin1, LOW); digitalWrite(motorPin2, HIGH); } // read the state of the loop pushbutton value: button = digitalRead(trackloop); if (button == HIGH) { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); servo_3.write(posmax1); servo_5.write(posmax2); } else { digitalWrite(13, LOW); servo_3.write(posmin1); servo_5.write(posmin2); } // read the state of the loop pushbutton value: button = digitalRead(siding); if (button == HIGH) { digitalWrite(13, HIGH); servo_6.write(posmax3); } else { digitalWrite(13, LOW); servo_6.write(posmin3); } // wait 15 ms for servo to reach the position delay(15); // Wait for 15 millisecond(s) }
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