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  1. Had to waste time while my wife’s car was being serviced and dropped in to “ The Works “. Found this, it must be one of the best loco books I now have! Reduced from £22.99 to £7.00 and they had lots of them! Sorry image rotated but you will get the message. Rgds Brian W
  2. Back to A3!! picture of front steps, made up from brass scrap. Interesting that holes exist which look as though they were intended for a step moulding. Rgds Brian
  3. Hi Bernd My settings for these CV are:- 2 = 10 3 = 10 9 = 0 * 56 = 55 * I use Decoder Pro for my Zymo CV,s PWM is set to 40 MHz. Decoder Pro states 40mhz active if CV 9 = 0 (CV112 Bit 5) Not sure how that fits in with the Zimo documentation. But it works well and came in my Zimo by default. Rgds Brian
  4. More on my A3. I finally got to the stage of running and setting up the DCC. SWD never got back to me regarding the ESU chip and software so I used my preferred chip and software from Digitrains namely Zimo and Paul Chetter sound. Which is working well at the moment. I may treat it to a boom box speaker. I had problems initially with derailment caused BT the trailing truck arrangement. I sorted mine out by cutting 2 coils off the spring and limiting the side play by putting a brass spacer either side of the truck. See attached pic. The tender is unbelievably heavy and t
  5. Jay thanks for your kind remarks. I have done a few fire boxes in my time some in brass. It’s a bit nerve racking but worth it. I just remove as much from the fire box hole as possible using drills starting with a row of small holes and moving progressively on to larger ones. I then finish off with small files of various shapes. For the A3 I made a Plasticard flap with a brass rod to look like a pivot. This was then stuck on in the open position and painted black. The A3 cab is easily removed by undoing the 3 screws. I usually make a small light tight Plasticard box representing the f
  6. My FS A3 so far. Never thought I would have to do so much to this loco. I agree with everything others have said. I have too many issues to list them all. Most have been resolved with paint, super glue, files, and sand paper. Shame just a little more care it could have been near perfect. The next issues are to do with fitting DCC and the running. Why did they not consult someone about DCC installations and future loco maintenance? I still have problems with the rear truck and the motor worm gear also jamming over the drive cog at very slow speeds. Still that’s for tomorrow!
  7. Hi! I collected my A3 Scotsman as preserved last Friday and saw it run on Hattons test track. For the price it looks very, very good. Gripes so far:- No front steps. The tender rear window does not line up with the corridor. The valve gear could be better. DCC is not totally catered for The firebox is modelled closed. Not very helpful if you want an LED fire effect. The chimneys are not drilled through which apart from being unrealistic doesn’t help the sound get out. The decoder provision is in the tender with 6 wires going to the loco. If you want the LE
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