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  1. I find it very strange that only a week ago he sold a properly described and illustrated similar item starting at the same price. See item number 313436399122 at https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Scalecraft-OO-scale-Roadrailer-AEC-Mandator-Bogie-kit-Unbuilt-/313436399122?nma=true&si=lkmjjuLxq1pZddUplZVtn90LvZg%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557 I imagine that there will be more tractor units about than the actual trailer/van vehicles, several of which would be required to form a half convincing train.
  2. Please note: Dublo, not Duplo! This coach was one of the most highly sought after by Dublo collectors some years ago. If I had donated one to a charity, I would hope that it would make every effort to maximise the resulting sale price, to which HMRC could add Gift Aid in some cases. Ramseys Guide suggests this item could fetch £180 if mint and with a box so it is not too ridiculous. No doubt the number of Dublo collectors is diminishing and collections will be liquidated by executors and personal representatives so it is probably fair to expect values to reduce slightly. This already se
  3. I actually prefer Brian. He speaks authoritatively and with a calming voice, not sad.
  4. Don't forget that you would also need to add in the cost of two nights accommodation with all the necessary security costs and disruption in the places being visited. Personally I am glad to see the train being used. Just don't let those clowns of politicians near it!
  5. To those who might be interested in these things, there is an error in the graphics which was not picked up by Sony or Apple Corps when they signed them off. On the same piece of decoration that features "When I'm 64" there is a graphic for "Only a Northern Song". The trouble is, they have only put one "R" in Northern! (Northen)
  6. In 2001 Hornby produced a small run of 92134 in a weathered livery. The catalogue number was R2200A. It was tender drive but the later loco drive chassis is a straight swap.
  7. I think the second image on this website shows what you're looking for. http://www.disused-stations.org.uk/a/allhallows_on_sea/index1.shtml
  8. Or available in the UK from Hornby for £149.99 SRP (as their R1268)
  9. Bachmann 37-425A looks very much like that wagon, having identical pressed steel doors. It is numbered B8707. I can see no reason why they should use an incorrect number intentionally.
  10. Of course Hornby provided exactly what the OP asks for about 18 years ago. Google Hornby R9060
  11. Possibly Hattons have created the page so that they have all the information they will need when second-hand/pre-owned models are inevitably offered to them sometime in the future. The page does invite readers to register their interest on their wishlists so they "will email you if a pre-owned one becomes available". Just a thought.
  12. I'm using Windows 10 and the latest update of Firefox and I get "Please replace this index.html file with your own site :)" Using Safari on an iPad gives exactly the same, with a notice that the site is not secure.
  13. Don't forget that any "legacy" DCC system you have and like, can still be used with Z21 through the sniffer socket. No need to worry about CAN and X-BUS connections. The big clunky lever of the ZTC 511/611 works fine that way. For the finest control though, I find an iPhone is best. Tilting my thumb can cause a minuscule change of speed and the haptic feed back when you reach 'stop' or 'max' is a bonus.
  14. On a point of order, decimalisation day was 15th February 1971
  15. Of course if your 511 has been upgraded to a 611, it's slightly different but still just as circuitous. It's now PRESET -> LOCO -> 8 -> ENTER R
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