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  1. Don't forget that any "legacy" DCC system you have and like, can still be used with Z21 through the sniffer socket. No need to worry about CAN and X-BUS connections. The big clunky lever of the ZTC 511/611 works fine that way. For the finest control though, I find an iPhone is best. Tilting my thumb can cause a minuscule change of speed and the haptic feed back when you reach 'stop' or 'max' is a bonus.
  2. On a point of order, decimalisation day was 15th February 1971
  3. Of course if your 511 has been upgraded to a 611, it's slightly different but still just as circuitous. It's now PRESET -> LOCO -> 8 -> ENTER R
  4. Or even packets of 8 from Accurascale for £2.95, with three different types available.
  5. The Hornby reference number of 46229, Duchess of Hamilton, is R3594. I'd been hoping for this variant for decades, and it was worth waiting for.
  6. It's not very surprising when the large majority of shares is held by one controlling party, i.e. Phoenix. There are not many shares available to be traded so who is likely to be panic buying or selling?
  7. "Forwards" is now fan end first after changing CV29. I've also added 4 digit addressing and turned off analogue running as a matter of course.
  8. My "factory fitted" 10201 with Loksound 4.0 decoder arrived today and "Forwards" was NOT fan end first. CV29 had been set at 14 so "Normal" was not conventional.
  9. I don't know whether it was the result of a recent app. update, (I am on version 2.3.17), but I am having trouble Exporting and Importing "Layouts" between iPhones when using the WLAN method. When I reach the WLAN screen on the Exporting device, the name of the Importing device is out of view. If I swipe the screen down the name appears but does not stay down for me to select it. As soon as I let go, after swiping down, it pops back up again out of sight. I am therefor resorting to emailing the file to myself which is a bit long-winded. Is any else experiencing this and found a way to fix it? A second question for the experts, if I may: can one iPhone be working from Layout A and another be working from Layout B? The Z21 would only be connected to one layout of course, but I am thinking of having one set of locos (sound fitted) on iPhone A and another set (silent) on iPhone B, for administrative convenience. If the answer is yes, as I am hoping, is there any way to copy a loco from Layout B to Layout A, or do all the details have to be re-entered?
  10. To be absolutely fair to Rails I must say that they deserve credit for honouring their early pre-delivery price. When I ordered my SWS back in April they were advertising them at £149.50 which was several pounds less than the other large retailer. After the huge Hornby price-hike I wondered if they might make some excuse to not supply at that price but I need not have worried. It was sent on 2/11/2017 for £153.50 including £4 Parcelforce charge. I don't begrudge them putting up the price for latecomers. If they had still been available at list price, plenty of profiteers would have snapped them up and put them on eBay.
  11. You probably mean the Roco/Fleischmann Z21 system. I've tried ESU ECoS, Hornby Elite, Hornby eLink and ZTC. The Z21 with iPhone or iPad is easily my favourite. I sometimes use the ZTC through the Z21 "sniffer" if I ever have the urge to use a handle!
  12. The official Z21 importer, Gaugemaster, does not appear to stock this part. I did ask at their premises at Arundel. I tried ebay and although they can be found from a German supplier at a fair price, the carriage charge is over £10. DCC Supplies have them for £2.16 plus postage although they are listed as being for CT Electronik, or Zimo. See http://www.dccsupplies.com/search/results/?search=101186 Regards, Riddles
  13. A notice about a bugfix for the new WLAN Multimaus has just appeared on the Z21.eu website. Unfortunately the English language version of the News section has not been updated since 20th December 2012. I don't understand German but the Bing Translator shows that there is a link to an update file and mentions that there will be new features in "the fall". The Bing translation is shown below but the original German version is at http://www.z21.eu/News/Aktuelle-News/WLAN-MULTIMAUS-Problembehebung for those who can understand it. Riddles WIRELESS multimedia mouse troubleshooting May 31, 2017 We may contact the wireless multimedia mouse with good news for all users. Our colleagues from the digital Department could resolve some problems: The own router often not appeared in the list of found networks (SSID list). Router names that are identical except for their total length with a router names longer, were not recognized as different names. If you lose the connection between WLANMAUS and Z21, only a restart of the WLANmaus helped to establish the connection again. If the network (SSID) has been changed, the WLANMAUS had to be restarted so that a connection was established. Some menu items no longer reacted, if previously accidentally made the same choices in a different menu point. When adjusting brightness and contrast, the changes were not displayed as you type. "No. RESOURCES" was displayed when leaving the menu brightness/contrast/lighting time. Enter of a lock code was adopted in pressing the STOP button. When entering the device name or the IP mode, the network connection was again built even if nothing has changed. When you switch to turnout mode with the locomotive/soft button "New?" instead of a turnout number was released. The riding level was submitted during fast movements of the knob sometimes not on the locomotive. While driving the same locomotive with multiple input devices, the WLANMAUS took over the control always again independently. Also, the following languages are available: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Czech, Dutch Go to the Update v1.01: Wireless multimedia mouse Update v1.01 (zip - 1.39 MB) ATTENTION: a new up-date with new features will come In the fall!
  14. Thanks for that. I always used to believe that the Combined Volume could be trusted. I suppose Ian Allan was just getting in to his stride after leaving his job with the Southern Railway.
  15. My 1948 Ian Allan Combined Volume shows No. 1 as being an 0-6-0T. No other details are given except that it was purchased by British Railways from Ystalyfera Tin Works.
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