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  1. Hi Have a look on robertcwp latest upload on Flickr there’s a photo you could be interested in Sorry don’t know how to do the link
  2. Hi Ray Have you seen this publication? Feltham concentration yard. By Colin chives available from south western circle. £10 Picked up a copy at the Hampton court model railway exhibition last week. Excellent
  3. Hi Simon My interest is also the WLL, altough my era is the early 60's Looking good so far, will be following with interest
  4. Hi Peter. Thanks for your kind comments. Some of the items came from my "spares box" (bits and bobs that you accumulate over the years, alternative and spare parts from the kits that have been built etc). Sprung buffers, vacuum pipes, safety valve bonnet, steam lance, backhead detail ( most of these items are available from Alan Gibson, Mainly Trains, 247 developments among others) But the following came from - Etched window grilles, lamp irons, Smokebox door = Mainly Trains Smokebox door handles, handrail knobs = Alan Gibson Number plates = Modelmaster Whistle shield & Fire ir
  5. First photos of 9706. I thought this was going to be a fairly quick project by just fixing handrails, bits of piping and a new Smokebox door ! But now 9706 has sprung buffers, lamp brackets, whistle shield, fireiron brackets, bunker window grilles, lifting rings, vacuum pipes, steam lance and that "pipe" in the coal space (what is that for, anyone know ?) Still outstanding are screw couplings, blackhead detail, crew and of course coal. Just a small matter of building the chassis now.
  6. You are right Stationmaster, a close study of the picture on page 209 of J H Russell's Pictorial record of GWR Loco's just about shows the arrangement of the pipework ( tank top photos of these engines seem to be almost nonexistent it's the only one I've found so far in my "library" ). I noticed this error on my model soon after I received it (more modification required) As yet no progress on 9705 yet,will have to make a start soon. Michael
  7. Received my 9700 with top feed about 4weeks ago, generally well pleased with it although I have sourced a replacement smokebox door and some detailing parts, ie etched spectacle plates,cab grilles,lamp irons and sprung buffers (which I already had to hand) It will sit on a perseverance chassis and gibson wheels (em gauge) some time next year ! Only progress so far is the body has been drilled for the handrail knobs. Photos to follow as and when Merry Christmas to all
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