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  1. It'll last longer than that. In terms of unsold stock, at least.
  2. Absolutely heartbroken to hear about last night's events, even moreso on seeing the photos. I feel bad enough when I break a buffer, I can't begin to imagine how the traders and layout owners must feel.
  3. Especially in light of the recent announcement.
  4. Well, I for one am very relieved I didn't go in for the APT, as I'm beginning to wonder if it will ever see the light of day. Also this announcement has helped me make my mind up regarding the Class 92(s) I'm considering buying - Accurascale all the way. There goes the last bit of goodwill DJM had in the hobby...
  5. Excellent news, I'd be very interested in a full IC rake. A modern-spec 91 is long overdue.
  6. The sleepers are delivered at Teesport, and travel to Polmadie behind an FL 66, using some former bogie coal hoppers as brake force runners/barriers.
  7. Remember the halcyon days when we had to wait 12-18 months for Bachmann to release an announced item?
  8. Something for me. Huh, felt weird saying that...
  9. Very welcome news, FOs in Intercity charter livery with white roofs in the future would make me ridiculously happy.
  10. They've made it up the ECML to Scotland, they worked a car train to/from Bathgate for a while. It was a long time before they appeared north of Doncaster as they draw a lot of power and there were concerns they could overload the substations providing power to the OHL until around 2005/06. Appearances have been sporadic under GBRf, but not unheard of: 92044 on a GBRf staff charter at Darlington (92010 was on the rear): https://www.flickr.com/photos/railwayscene/9258747584/in/album-72157632544834695/ 92033 north of Darlington en route to Scotland to start sleeper duties: https://www.flickr.com/photos/railwayscene/16286896654/in/album-72157632544834695/
  11. IIRC most of the BTU tool vans were converted from SKs, so would be longer. These coaches look like straight repaints which very few BTU vehicles were (just the current Super 97100x Super GUVs and a handful of ex-fish vans, from memory).
  12. The only issue I've had with a Bachmann diesel was RfD-liveried 37671, when that batch first came out (about 2003?) - the body didn't sit on the chassis properly, and slipped down over one bogie. Reported to be a widespread issue with that batch. I've had no major issues since.
  13. Doubly so on weathered stock, the bane of my existence!
  14. Yup, Dellner - specifically fitted for coupling to Pendolinos when the 57/3s worked for Virgin. IIRC they can couple up to Electrostars too.
  15. It's been a long, long time since I was a member of the club. Some of the club locos were useful for the kids to play with on the layout, or for fiddle-yard shunting, but it was cheaper to pick them up when Hornby were flogging the left-over ones in later years. I'm in two minds as to whether I'll join the new club.
  16. 58050

    New Mk1 coach

    The interior dates from the mid-80s facelifts at York for NSE (initially Northampton 'cobbler' services, then cascaded elsewhere when the 321s entered service on the WCML).
  17. I would give up blood and organs (not necessarily my own) for FOs in Intercity charter livery.
  18. Looking back at the announcement for these coaches last December, and this particular photo: Does anyone think that coach looks suspiciously blue/grey?
  19. The last only time I've brought Track Packs was about 7-8 years ago when my local Toymaster was selling the Thomas version of Track Pack A at £4 a pop, which made it good value for money for fiddle yard track. It always amused me that the RRP on the Thomas versions was less than the regular version, for exactly the same contents.
  20. Same goes for the 06 - if you see a photo of an actual 06 from the front, you realise how much the Hornby model was stretched to fit!
  21. My favourite aspect of the livery? Unlike '47862', they got the number right this time!
  22. Saw that this morning - so it'll be dark blue, but will it have orange cab-sides or a full bodyside vinyl?? Watch this space...
  23. I photographed 002 in Reading in 2005 in Mendip Rail livery, which I think it had carried for a few years prior to that point.
  24. They'd look great behind an EWS 56 with some Hoyer containers on 6M57. Now I just need the containers...
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