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  1. Hi! My dad's relatives lived out at Cookstown Junction during the war. I'm trying to get a bit of the history of the station. His relatives were Magees. A few of them were railway porters and I believe someone might have been working as the postmistress there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. By the way, it must be in the blood because my son is a rabid railroad fan. He does authentic paint schemes and fashions his own models at time. He's quite a railroad videographer with a nice Youtube channel. Thanks for any help!
  2. Hi, I came across this site in a google search. Funnily enough, my son and husband are model railroaders. The reason I'm here is my granny's family lived in Cookstown Junction and my father stayed there during the war with the Belfast Blitz. My family were McCormick, Magee and McNally. Colm had so much information on Cookstown Junction and I wondered where he got it from. I know the Magee boys were all employees either as laborers or railway porters. I had been told once that one of the women in the family was employed as the postmistress at the railway.....is there any way to get a copy
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