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  1. Here’s my Western with Builders Plate fitted above the the fuel point.
  2. This is D9521 which I repainted for the ELR Class 14s at 50 , the paint I used is as per Swindon specs. D9555 used the same as most of the Class 14 owners.
  3. Thanks for that just had a look at the website photos the green on the cab is looks too dark.
  4. Hi Chris any news on the Class 14 please?
  5. D9524 at Old Oak Common 1965 mesh fitted behind steps.
  6. Hi Chris I think you will find that the mesh behind the cab steps was fitted from new and is not been added to preserved locos. Here’s a photo of D9509 at Canton 1968 also being one of the owners of D9521 in the past our loco had them fitted and all other Class 14 ‘s I have been on also have them fitted.
  7. Looking good so far , well done Chris.
  8. Old Hughie only pasted away last year and I was at the funeral, there was some old railway stories told about him even his son said he liked a good derailment on a weekend. I always got on well with him had a few telling off’s but he never held it against you. Gareth
  9. Yes you could eat your dinner off the floor in Cwmparc box that’s for sure ,I went there a few times before it closed. As for Hughie Jones (RIP) the DI what a star turn he was ,Ray Hawker (RIP) was a true gent and was well respected by his men and everyone. Great day’s Mike.
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