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  1. Impressive! They certainly look the part and run very smooth. I found I had to put a small blob of blu tack on the top of the battery to ensure reliable connectivity with the contacts. Apart from that I've no problems.
  2. I noticed the raised edges were most pronounced on the flat thicker pieces. To hide them I painted the back side of those parts and glued the partially raised face to the building. On thin stuff and embossed brick the effect was only minor. For those bits a good coat of primer and paint sorted them out. Cheers
  3. Been a while since the last update. I've been busy building some low relief flats to go somewhere behind the scrapyard scene. I used the cricut maker machine I've had for a while to assist me. No way was I going to cut all those windows by hand! Lots of detail left to add but for now I'm going to take a break from it. Looks right at home overlooking the scrap yard.
  4. I've also added another 5 HEAs to my existing rake. They started out as bauxite HSAs that I had spare as they didn't fit on the previous layout. Painted them up as usual and faded the red quite a bit. The load is a plastic parkside item with peco coal glued on top.
  5. I've also been going back through previous weathering attempts and redoing them to a better standard. Latest ones are a mix of VDA, VAA and VGA vans. I removed and tried the weathering again for all of them. Decided to repaint 4 of the VGAs into railfreight leaving just one with yellow ends to better represent the era I'm modeling.
  6. I've made some more progress on the scrap yard. Its about 75% complete and there is plenty of detail left to add. Enjoyed working on this section, good fun doing all the weathering.
  7. Got back into things over the past month or two. I'm still not great at the old scratch building lark. This is my first attempt at a bridge, quite enjoyed the process. Still a long way to go yet. I've lots of details left to add and some touching up to do but the basics are in. Now for the other side... Video about the project is in the usual place, cheers.
  8. I took a break from the layout over the past month or two. I like to take a break every now and then as it helps avoid getting burnt out. Been busy at work on customers cars and my own restoration project making up for lost time due to the lockdown period. I've been working on the layout again over the past few days and hope to have another video ready in a week or two. Despite taking a break from the layout I didn't forget about the Bachmann 117 release. Gave it some gentle weathering and added about 75 figures. Impressive model, very happy with it.
  9. Very impressed. Adding some passengers is well worth the effort if you have time.
  10. I run it through the silhouette cutter. Takes a few passes but does a nice job of the cutting.
  11. I use 2mm art board which is basically 2mm cardboard but of higher quality. Easy to use and saves having to venture into the world of laser cutting, cheers.
  12. Im enjoying the videos and was thinking the setting could be moved to Toronto Canada same year range and of course different trains and look similar

  13. I make the windows using a silhouette cutter. Invested in the machine last year and use it to cut all my windows and walls. Saves a lot of time and gains a level of precision I couldn't hope to reach by hand. I use a cricut branded machine which you can find in hobbycraft. Cheers
  14. Been working hard on the layout over the past few weeks. Focused on lots of different projects and had another crack at scratch building. This commercial garage is based on a real building local to me. Had good fun putting it together. I'm starting to get the hang of this scratch building! I've also worked on redoing the rather bland spot where the car auction scene was. Had planned to redo this area for a while. It lacked interest and didn't blend all too well with the more rural scenery around the corner. Its now a small estate comprising of 4 indu
  15. I use water to wash it off and used it neat for the paint removal process. Theres no danger of melting stuff with it from my experience. Its far less potent than paint stripper or IPA. Just happens to be very good at removing railmatch for some reason. Tried it most recently on a Heljan 58. Removed all the lacquer and weathering I'd applied years ago. Factory paint and transfers where unmarked and returned the model to an as new finish.
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