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  1. Stop groaning, you could be in a French Rehab Unit where all things administered you know where. Olddudders will confirm that. Ar$£
  2. Right mate. In the worst possible taste that I know you will accept. There is certain age where, if a Nurse tells you you can have a stroke , you no longer become excited. Be well pal. Take it easy. P
  3. TBGo.....all the best. The Prairie Rob. My wallet has been fluttering a bit. Should I wait? The pic of the 61XX had me twitching as there was just the one at Laira. Any thoughts/advice O(about the loco, not to what I should do, where I might go, or my footy team thanks)
  4. Meaning? Are Dormice not important? Sometimes things just need a little time to be sorted. P
  5. As you say. Processing as per customers' requirement. Those Lorries, the A1and M1 and the demise of Billingsgate as the main destination. In 1967 I had a lift in a Fish Truck from 'ull, passing Brizzle & going to Plymouth with North Sea catches. The Driver told me about the demise of the Fish Trains as the modern Lorry distribution system was far more flexible, especially for pre processed stuff for the developing Supermarkets. There were still some Fish Vans in Trains from various places but not the multi van Expresses of Gilbert's time. Funny thing was the the driver often passed Fish Trucks going the opposite way (going east) containing Cornish Ports' loads and Bay of Biscay Stuff as well as the Cornish Shell Fish and Crab loads for London. P
  6. I have some Keens and have since about ten years ago, but, as with many other things, I haven't actually fitted any yet. They are a neat little KIt though. Horses for courses really. Phil
  7. I have adapted them too so that in a fixed rake of Wagons I can adjust them as required for curvature, as well as using my own simple mounting fettles. That's what made me think that teeinox could do the same without the hacking. However those Buffers are a bit of a fag being so long BUT he/she could have an experiment. Think I might have told you before that I haven't fitted any to Coaches yet as the existing NEMS are hidden by my Paper Bellows? Yes, I think Hunts have been a game changer for me for goods stock so far. (4mm) Phil
  8. Steve, do we tell this ingenious lad about Hunts? Phil
  9. Contraceptive devices. Had to come to it!!!!!

    1. Hroth


      Perhaps a rake of London Rubber Private Owner vans?


      Or would they be plain covers only?


    2. Mallard60022


      Brummm brummm, Peppa Piggy, can't compute, can't compute!

    3. St Enodoc

      St Enodoc

      I tried not to laugh but you made it too hard.

  10. Mis quote there Sib, he actually groaned " Bogcarts" when he saw the SR VEPS etc; I know this as I read it on Karen's FB Brighton Rock pages.
  11. Just to say I have tested out the Modelu suggestion for a painting figures service. Dan Everson of the Parish is the man. I only have this pic of his at the moment, of a mixed group that has been turned around very quickly for me. It includes some of the recently introduced Dairy Workers. My cunning plan is to get Dan to paint ones that need a lot of detailing and work and I can probably manage Loco Crew that will mainly be Hidden! I shall be taking these up 'The Junction' shortly and may take some close ups. So far I am well pleased. His service is worth looking at. P
  12. Just received my Custom 'renumbering set' with 3D front Plate for 'Packet' 35024. Within a week turnaround. Very high standard, top quality. I have used other suppliers in the past; maybe not now. OK Etched Plates need to be accessed elsewhere but these items are quality. Phil
  13. Evo Stick or equivalent every time. Not impossible to undo if desperate. helps fill the gaps if there are any. Done a load of conversions. P
  14. One of the 'alternatives' then! Cab/Cab Roof or something IIRC. Look forward to seeing those. P
  15. Dave at SEF was one of the nicest blokes you could meet and, as you experienced, speak to. He was so helpful and provided all sorts for me that were not even on spares lists. A quality bloke to have moved on. I wish him a long and safe retirement too. Phil
  16. Good decision mate. Same for a large number of folk. Takes all sorts of course. P
  17. Privates on Parade.

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    2. Mallard60022


      Sadly I can remember that Erica moment (or two) as if it were last week. Cant knock her can you?

    3. bgman


      Just front it out !

    4. Kylestrome


      I thought you were refering to private messages in status updates. :rolleyes:

  18. Ah you did the H15 as I did. The really were touching! P
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