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  1. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Entering the yard Shows for next year are as follows 21st-22nd March Howden MRS 16th-17th May Immingham MRS 23rd-24th May Bridlington MRS 1st August Scarborough MRS and finally still on for 2021 Warley MRE 27th 28th November
  2. I would like to also put it is a messy job so do it somewhere with space which I haven't and also not to build the layout using an old shelf 20mm thick Oh well never mind lol
  3. I've decided this weekend to rip the track up as with Caistorail out the way the next show is March (I think) one thing I noticed was how bumpy it was and the eletromagnets was 100% working with the kadee couplings so with this all in mind I thought to do it in one go I've also got a new back scene but I'll do that once it's all running as that comes off (as least it used to)
  4. Entering the Yard will be attending the Caistorail Model Railway Show this weekend I've added pictures of the details and a map location if you fancy to pop and have a look I'm doing this on my mobile so if your reading this post means it's worked (yeah) and I'll post again tomorrow
  5. Another week another van This is my 2nd attempt as the 1st was a failure Some micro leds or smd as there called used at the rear of the flatbed took ages to stick at some point these will have to be test fitted on the layout in there respected places but plenty more to do The best thing about making these is I can mix and match them on the layout and make the scene look different with minimum effot other than the locos coming in to complete there
  6. Also few more pics here I've had a class 08 redone with sound and lights as I didn't do it very well myself so I sent it to Richard of Roads & Rails Here it is in the background of the new van with it's transfers applied Both need weathering and renumbering now Two more pictures of the underneath of the vans to show you the connections
  7. Sorry for not posting in a while progress has been pushing forward I've started on redoing the vehicles on the layout with new connections and better wired so more reliable pictures of the old van and new van side by side plus old van is technically flying were as the new van is lower down
  8. Today I paid a visit to Scunthorpe Model railway show held by the Scunthorpe Modern Image Railway Group Some very good layouts today Knew most of the exhibitors there too Some shots of todays show
  9. Well it's been a while but to be honest not much had happened on the layout I've been busy on my home layout really I must have shares in a well known DIY store lol Anyway Tomorrow I'll pay a visit to Howden Model railway show at the weekend and see all tha layouts on show and try not to buy anything from the traders, details in picture provided I will also pay a visit to Jason of Custom Layout Signs who provided me with my layout sign for Entering the Yard which is awesome If you would like one he is on Facebook search for Custom Layout Signs and send him a message. He has provided one of the very signs for a layout there too
  10. It was a pleasure brining my cakebox and meeting others that built them too I think the show for me was the best one I'd been to for a while, I think it's beacause there was a variety of layouts n traders but the use of space as well because the walkways were wide enough to walk down and there were still 4 to 5 people deep at some layouts yet you could still get to see only bad thing was the big dint in my wallet which I wasn't planning on lol Shaun
  11. Congratulations well deserved winner Kevin
  12. I've sent my email Phil looking forward to seeing other cakeboxs there aswell
  13. Entering the Yard to do list . Lower the legs by 2 inches or less (Some of the kiddies couldn't see) . Rebuild a new digger (Cause the other one blew) . Add a new pin connection for vehicles (I have a few more for different places in mind for this one) . Add weight to rolling stock as some of them wasn't decoupling at times . New project Wickhams Trolly to add sound to (I remember Hornby magazine did an article on this so I'll try my hand at that) . Clean clean clean (The track was filthy by the end of the weekend and I don't want to even look at all the loco wheels) Plenty to keep myself busy over Christmas
  14. A busy weekend at the Hull Model Railway Exhibition but I thoroughly enjoyed it few stals and shorts but the layout ran overall really well, better than expected had to clean it a few times too One of the traders Pete gave my a sheet to fill in for a possible show next year maybe two if I'm lucky who knows Now it's time for a beer n a nice hot bath
  15. Had a busy day today cleaning the track and loco's ready for tomorrow One thing I've been working on is my rolling digger which hasn't been rolling for a while, now it's fully working it will might show up on the layout so keep your eyes peeled
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