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  1. Brian, Andy thank you for your replies. Apologies for raising this subject again, I was initially interested in why John had not voted this year as I thought his answer might give an insight into getting more people to vote. Turns out he simply missed the window of opportunity as I had done the previous year. The longer the poll is open the more votes but it is clearly a case of diminishing returns and as you guys are the ones putting in the time and effort it is entirely up to you when the cut off is. Thank you all once again for conducting the poll Steve
  2. Thanks John I missed the poll last year as I was away on holiday. I know that this has already been discussed but perhaps two weeks is a bit too short? Steve
  3. Please do not think that I am implying criticism but I am curious as to why as an RMweb member who is clearly interested in the results of the poll, you did not vote? Your answer might help Brian in his quest for more voters. Steve
  4. I am a bit late on this but a big thank you to Rapido for the latest UK Newsletter that was sent out to subscribers last week. I have just checked and it is still not available via the website, which brings me on to my next subject. As others have already mentioned the website is woefully out of date so my challenge to Rapido is to update it as some of the information is just plain wrong eg stating that you can pre order a Stirling Single! Steve
  5. I started the Rapido UK Newsletter topic back in June asking when we are going to get an update so this answers that query- thank you, it has been long awaited! My next challenge is that now, as you say, you are back how about updating your UK website as it is woefully out of date? Steve
  6. It is now September so the "later this month" didn't happen and the last UK Newsletter is approaching its first birthday, so if anyone from Rapido reads this any chance of getting a new newsletter insde a year?
  7. Frond

    The Engine Shed

    Just received the usual weekend e-mail from Hornby promoting the Engine Shed. In the blurb they talk about sneak peaks of upcoming projects including "a sample for the brand new Princess Royal!" But it is the same old picture. If this picture really does represent the current state of progress then I can't understand why the are still saying that the model will be available in the Autumn. Something clearly does not stack up. Is it incompetence using the wrong picture or is the project behind schedule and they are not admitting it or is there a cunning plan? PS Personally although I tongue in cheek made the suggestion that it was the wrong picture I think that there is nothing else to show, because if there was the article would have been far more extensive.
  8. Frond

    The Engine Shed

    I found the comments made by Hornby a bit strange regarding the Princess Class. They state "As the model is expected later in the year there has not been a great deal to show you until now" and then show some old pictures . I would have thought that if the model is to be released in3-4 months time there would have been plenty to show us ! Makes you wonder if they put the wrong pictures in the article.
  9. Very true I had wondered if that may well be the case. If it is then I feel that it is a shame as previous projects for third parties such as the J70 (also for Model Rail) the Stirling Single, the dynamometer car etc have all been discussed in their newsletters. If they are going to only comment on Rapido led projects then the newsletters are going to be few and far between for the foreseeable future, which is a pity as I for one enjoy their style and honesty.
  10. Exactly, Rapido have quite a few projects on the go for the UK market including the GWR 1600 for which the order book has just opened and yet they apparently have nothing to say! In their last newsletter they commented that they had failed to meet their aspiration to produce a monthly newsletter - at this rate we will be lucky to get an annual one.
  11. I have just checked and we have not had a UK Newsletter since September 2018 - that's nearly 9 months. In that same time there have been 8 Canada/USA ones . Come on Jason there must be something that you can talk to us about!!
  12. Just for information I got the email yesterday evening and I have never been a member of the Collectors Club!
  13. Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere but did anybody else find that they could not post replies over the last couple of days? When I clicked in the reply box all I got was the paperclip symbol "click to choose files" box that normally is at the bottom of the reply box but nowhere to type and no pop up keyboard. I am using an iPad. The problem appears to have gone away as I am still using the iPad to post this but I was curious if it was just me.
  14. Just want to say thanks for all the pictures l am thoroughly enjoying them. The NYMR is one of my favourite railways, wish I could visit more often but it is a bit of a journey from where l live so I have to content myself with the webcam.
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