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  1. Just watched this programme (recorded) and bearing in mind Chris's (dibber25) comments paid particular attention to the raising of the Royal Albert Bridge section. It was the Operations Manager of Network Rail who stated that " the books say they were winched into place with huge chains" . Presumably the producers of the programme assumed he knew what he was talking about! Nevertheless I enjoyed the programme immensely and as I said last week it is a pleasure to have something to watch that takes your mind off your daily woes for an hour or so. As a subscriber to Model Rail
  2. Just watched tonight's episode (I recorded it so watched it slightly delayed to cut out the adverts) . Really enjoyed it , I have been suffering from cancer for the last seven months so to watch something that really took my mind of my everyday issues was a real treat, thank you Tim and your team.
  3. Thanks again for the replies, I have got it now! I should have read up on the history of the rebuilds before asking obvious questions. Steve
  4. Thank you for your replies, I feel that I should know this stuff but I don't. However if the pacifics were successful on the route it makes me wonder why the P2s were built in the first place as the A1/A3s pre date them.
  5. The P2s were built specifically for the Edinburgh to Aberdeen route to overcome the need for double heading. After they were withdrawn and rebuilt by Thompson what happened on the Edinburgh to Aberdeen route? Did they go back to double heading?
  6. A number of posts have said that it is hard to believe that Hornby would tool up for a double chimney version as it only ran in that condition for 2weeks. Given that they are bringing our versions (nameplates, LNER green) that never ran at all I don't find it so surprising!
  7. I agree that the A2/2 locomotives were not part of the standardisation plan but they did in effect become the prototypes for the A2/3s which presumably were? I also agree that the wisdom of the rebuild is another debate entirely! However I never intended my comment to be anything deep and meaningful, it is just that I find the fact that in the (mostly) war years between 1941and 1946 Thompson built or rebuilt a total of 26 Pacific type locos using 4 different designs, with numerous detail variations somewhat ironic given his standardisation policy. Steve
  8. I have been following the discussions on the numerous difference between individual engines that have been pointed out by the well informed members together with Hornby's Engine Shed article and it still makes me smile to think that one of Thompson's main objectives when he took over as CME was standardisation!
  9. Frond

    New Hornby Rocket

    Just received my R3810 set through the post (thank you Rails) and despite everything I have read and all the pictures I have looked at I was still surprised at how small it is! Amazing little model.
  10. I have a pretty good idea what the respirators would have been having worked with breathing apparatus for over 30 years. If you can imagine a gas mask only instead of a filter there is a long rubber tube, this tube is led to somewhere where the air quality is better, in this case as near to track level as possible. The wearer basically sucks (relatively) clean air through the tube with exhaled air going our through a one way exhaust valve on the mask. Again using the LNER Encyclopedia as reference apparently the crews objected to sharing the equipment and their use was discontinued
  11. I have just re-read the LNER encyclopedia entry on the U1, and it would appear that it wasn't over popular at "home" either! Perhaps it was simply that back in the day the LNER crews had no choice but to get on with it but the ex LMS guys on the Lickey wanted no part of it.
  12. Thanks for the replies, but the cynic in me is still not convinced. Surely all the problems would have equally have applied on it's home turf? and yet it worked there for 20+ years.
  13. Firstly apologies if this has been discussed before. Over the years I have read on a number of occasions that in BR days the ex LNER U1 Garratt was tried in the Lickey Incline in an attempt to justify the cost of a new boiler as its work on the Worsborough Incline was coming to an end. All the articles have stated that the trials were unsuccessful and the loco was subsequently scrapped. What I have never read is why the trials were unsuccessful. On the face of it you would think that she would be eminently suitable having worked as a banking engine for years, indeed I t
  14. Perhaps you were too preoccupied counting Hornby references but he does mention the fire box flicker (albeit in a rather negative way). For the record I am not going to be buying either version so have no axe to grind and therefore would normally have kept quiet but thought this should be corrected. Steve
  15. Thanks Fran Nice to put faces to names Steve
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