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  1. I am looking to restore an old K's GWR 40' passenger brake van that is missing it's roof. Can anyone suggest a suitable replacement item? Thanks
  2. Not accepting new applications for business accounts until next year according to their website.
  3. SVR have announced this morning that all refreshment rooms, bars, Engine House, etc as well as all services are closed until at least the end of April.
  4. There is a photo in Middleton Press' book 'Shrewsbury to Newtown' of a stopping train train from Welshpool to Shrewsbury comprising GWR coaches hauled by ex-LNWR 0-6-2T no. 27640 on 21st June 1947.
  5. Mercian Models were at the Warley Exhibition last month and had the Carlisle kit on the stand.
  6. Thanks for the links. Some great photos there.
  7. Hi Pete, Thanks for the information (and the kind offer). Plan at the moment is to fly to Toronto Pearson and spend a couple of days sightseeing before taking the train to Windsor. I am not planning to hire a car and will be reliant on my cousin for transport in the Windsor area. At the moment I am looking at being in Canada for late May/early June. Basil
  8. Hi, I am planning to visit my cousin in Southern Ontario (Windsor) next May/June for the 1st time and am looking for suggestions for railroad places of interest to visit in the area. Thanks in advance. Basil
  9. There is a photo on the excellent Warwickshire Railways site of Stanier 8F No. 48700 on a northbound goods train at Studley & Astwood Bank Station so they did work on the Gloucester Loop Line between Evesham and Redditch in BR days.
  10. I don't understand this suggestion. Hereford to Redditch is not an existing line - Redditch is the southern terminus of the cross-city line via a branch off the main line at Barnt Green. Travelling from Redditch to Hereford involves a change of trains at University or Birmingham NS stations.
  11. When I moved to Redditch in 1974 there was a minimal service - two morning commuter trains to Birmingham (1 on Saturdays) and 2 from Birmingham in the evening on weekdays. Service frequencies on many lines were much less than today.
  12. Plenty on the shelf in WHS Redditch this morning.
  13. My experience of its performance is entirely different. I ran mine in on a rolling road for about 30 minutes in each direction before fitting a decoder and find it is a very smooth runner. It easily pulled seven coaches on level track (no inclines on my layout).
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