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  1. Maybe a bit early for your period, but 47 361 Wilton Endeavour was a regular through Didcot in 96 / 97 A Tinsley engine at the time It was in a very sorry looking state in its very faded RFD livery. It would make a fun model to try and replicate. Geoff.
  2. Stamford East for me, Geoff.
  3. Good evening Tony, I'm pretty sure I had a couple of those coaches, as I was there when Baz turned up. That was the first time I met Baz. Of course I could have it completely wrong. Regards, Geoff.
  4. You beat me to it Tony. I was going to mention the O2/2, it does run well. Regards, Geoff.
  5. On the subject of the J11, does anybody know who does an etched chassis for one?
  6. It could be us Jesse, although I didn't need Tony to lead me down an old git road, I'd found the turning myself and was already half way down before I met Tony. Joking aside I have learned a lot from him as have you. I can imagine only too well the colourful words down the other end of the phone. Looking forward to seeing the J6 in action on LB when you're over next time. Regards, Geoff.
  7. Funny I have the same sort of phone calls with Tony. J6 is looking good Jesse, and you've spilt blood, proper modelling. I assume the vocabulary has expanded accordingly? Regards, Geoff.
  8. Good to see Stoke Summit is still up and running. Regards, Geoff.
  9. I'd love one to go with the comet chassis please Mike. Regards, Geoff
  10. How about the 1950's at Peterborough North.
  11. I think that would work Tony, re -shooting progress pictures from the same angle. Always good to see progress pictures of locos under construction on LB. Regards, Geoff.
  12. Keep them coming Tony, I do enjoy them, especially as I can't visit at the moment. Good to speak to you yesterday. Regards, Geoff.
  13. The O2 with the GN cab for me to.
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