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  1. A most enjoyable day yesterday playing trains with good mates. Thanks Tony and thanks to Mo for a lovely lunch. Also good to see Jesse again and have a good chat.
  2. Good to see you again yesterday Jesse.
  3. I think Mo is right, it could be made into a nice bungalow. There is certainly plenty of room for a shed. I think we should come up and have a proper look round, yes it would be great to move up your way. Regards, Geoff.
  4. Thank you for a most enjoyable day again Tony.
  5. Another couple of books arrived today Gilbert, and I have spent an enjoyable evening having a quick browse through them. I agree as we said there would need to be quite a few compromises but ones I think I can live with. I believe the platform could only hold six coaches, which would be interesting as most of the stoppers it would seem were longer, I've only found one that was only four coaches, the 05.50 Kings X - Grantham. I'm sure my research will turn up some more interesting stuff.
  6. It's all good fun though and most interesting looking through reference material. Don't think I've had my head out of the couple of new books I've bought trying to find as much info as I can on Huntingdon North. Not spoken to TW yet so not been directed back to the correct path.
  7. Gilbert, Thank you for a most enjoyable day, very informative. You have got me thinking about Huntingdon North now though.
  8. I'm with Ian. I prefer the first picture, does seem to have more impact.
  9. Yes Tony that A1 looks like a job for me.
  10. I remember being told by my local model shop proprietor that if you halve the price, then do the same again then that's what you can expect to get for second hand items.
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