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  1. Fantastic work James, I remember these wagons well from my spotting days at Didcot.
  2. Simon did a great step by step guide, I'm sure he won't mind us pinching it. Good tip about covering the track Jesse, I probably would have made the same mistake in my haste to get the stuff down. I will definitely get myself a cheap blender and not use mums, that wont end well for me.
  3. Looking good, Jesse. You've beaten me to it, i'm going to try the same on Hadley Green once i've finished extending the boards. I also got the idea from Simon. It does look very effective on Heaton Lodge Junction. Regards, Geoff.
  4. Tony, Are there any pictures of Huntingdon North? I didn't know there was already a model of it. Better not name any names though. Regards, Geoff.
  5. Tony, Do you have any pictures of Hadley Green in your library? I know it appeared in BRM years ago. I seem to remember you going to photograph it on your birthday? Regards, Geoff.
  6. Maybe a bit early for your period, but 47 361 Wilton Endeavour was a regular through Didcot in 96 / 97 A Tinsley engine at the time It was in a very sorry looking state in its very faded RFD livery. It would make a fun model to try and replicate. Geoff.
  7. Good evening Tony, I'm pretty sure I had a couple of those coaches, as I was there when Baz turned up. That was the first time I met Baz. Of course I could have it completely wrong. Regards, Geoff.
  8. You beat me to it Tony. I was going to mention the O2/2, it does run well. Regards, Geoff.
  9. On the subject of the J11, does anybody know who does an etched chassis for one?
  10. It could be us Jesse, although I didn't need Tony to lead me down an old git road, I'd found the turning myself and was already half way down before I met Tony. Joking aside I have learned a lot from him as have you. I can imagine only too well the colourful words down the other end of the phone. Looking forward to seeing the J6 in action on LB when you're over next time. Regards, Geoff.
  11. Funny I have the same sort of phone calls with Tony. J6 is looking good Jesse, and you've spilt blood, proper modelling. I assume the vocabulary has expanded accordingly? Regards, Geoff.
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