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  1. What’s the magic code word? Put an order in in January, couple of emails and traded a U.K. postal address and nothing. Did a phone call make a difference? J (Perth, Western Australia)
  2. Well that makes sense, kingdom of fife and all. I hadn’t made that connection before. All this while I was thinking they are kinda incorrect, but turns out they are correct!
  3. Hi everyone, Does anyone have the following set of Alan Gibson wheels surplus to requirements? 4 x G4874V - 18 spoke - 6’2” diameter 1 x 4838 - 12 spoke - 3’2” diameter 1 x 4844 - 10 spoke - 3’8” diameter I’m in the process of re-wheeling a pro-scale P2 from 00 (under scale Romford) to EM that I’m working on. I’m struggling to get any posted overseas so wondered if anyone had a set surplus to requirements? If you do please PM and we can chat about cost / postage etc Cheers, J
  4. Just to confirm, the Bauxite coloured ones would be correct for 1976 until rail freight livery was introduced?
  5. One just landed in Aus. Thank you muchly Keith and the team. now who is gonna be the first to convert to EM or P4?
  6. I wonder if the Andrew Barclay was based on one of the ‘Fife Specials’ which had a 7ft WB rather than the 6ft that is associated with the majority of the 14” and 16” class 16” Fife special - note longer wheelbase and longer tank than “normal” [borrowed from https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/andrew-barclay-works-no-2260-ncb-no-23-0-4-0st/ ] [https://preservedbritishsteamlocomotives.com/works-no-2261-fife-flyer-no-6-0-4-0st/]
  7. Considering last week it was sold in on Hornby website and now you can order it from the Hornby website, I’d say there is a fair bit of pullback from Hornby. It sucks as shipping goes from cost at Hattons (20 quid) to 50 quid with Hornby for the same item. Utter piss take if you ask me.
  8. Just had my Hush-Hush cancelled. Kinda annoying now. First a P2 now the hush-hush. Email states they can’t acquire the stock What a pain in the ass. Come on Hornby up ya game!
  9. Thanks for keeping us all updated Mike and sharing your 'tips of the trade'. Helps muchly. AG seems under the pump at the moment. I enquired a few weeks back, but he is not taking any international orders at the moment. Lucky can forward stuff via a UK address, but it seems I'm going to have to wait a while. J
  10. G'day Accurascale - A small request - would it be possible to add the years that the loco's wore the livery to the description on the interweb? I know someone posted it up a while back, but it would be handy quick reference. Cheers James
  11. Top notch stuff RT! I've sent you an email with a pre-order for these! Cheers James
  12. I got the email also I forming new that "Earl Marischal" (original bodystyle) was now cancelled. Bit of a bummer, but oh well. Is what it is.
  13. G’day Hayfield, RE mounting screws: The 6v 1mm shaft 10/20 (C type) motors use the same size mounting screws as the equivalent Mashima (M1.4 x 2) the 12v 1.5mm shaft version (B type - stubby little shaft) use a 10BA screw (weird right?!) I used some Romford crankpins until some 10BA turned up. I’m in the process of building one of the 12v ones into a 165DE to see if I can sleeve this correctly, so far so good. I’m in the process of building one of the 6v ones into a EM jinty to run on a friends large continuous run EM layout (35ft long). That shoul
  14. Brand new A4 on a coal train? Check out this page about a 1/8th of the way down (10 pictures) http://www.tracksthroughgrantham.uk/recording-the-railway/grantham-railway-galleries/highdyke-to-westborough-in-fifty-pictures/
  15. Hi 97xx I use a piece of 0.8 or 1mm rod bent in a slight ‘Z’ shape that centres the box and acts as a torque rod/link. Hope the photos make that clear
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