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  1. Hey Martin, This are a little bit old and some a little out of date but the basic concepts are there. White* - etch all the way through Black* - solid full etch Blue/Cyan - Half etch rear Red - Half etch front * depends on the etcher - best to check The PPD in the UK have some really good guides (attached). I do have a question of my own - do etchers want it still split into layers (i.e. back and a front) or just a single flat image? Introduction To Metal Etching.pdf Metal Etching Principles and Rules.pdf Etch Drawing Preparation.pdf 2019-Drawing-Dimensions-Tags-1.pdf 2019-ARTWORK-GUIDE-1.pdf 2019-Metal-Thickness-Selection-Guide-V1.pdf
  2. Thanks for the update guys. I'll shoot Tim an email. I'll check back in around the New Year. James
  3. Thanks, I'll do just that. James
  4. Hi Tim, Any update on when the website will be up an running again? Also, I know that you cant ship plywood to Australia, but there are no restrictions on MDF (I can send the link if you like?) due to the processes used in manufacture. Would you consider in the future MDF products? Cheers James
  5. Thanks for the reply TurboSnail, Will follow with Interest. The one I was after was MW1795 No14. https://www.flickr.com/photos/train-pix/5571163392 Understand that it is a bit of a special (tank looks a little deeper) but if you had the drawings I would snap one up! Cheers James
  6. G'Day Turbosnail, This looks like is based on a Manning Wardle H Type? Is this dimensional accurate to the H type or was it stretched/shortened to fit on the Hornby Chassis? Cheers James
  7. Many thanks for sharing those photos of Ainsdale and Steamport. grew up about 400m from Ainsdale station in the mid 90s and have fond memories of being allowed a go driving one of the small steam locos and signalling trains (under supervision) in the signal box at steam port
  8. Can I grab one too please Mike to send to Perth, Australia. cheers James
  9. The radio control is very clever. Do you have a list of parts that you used, or a link to another post/blog that describes what you have been using? Cheers James PS - love the kit/model bashing
  10. Wanted 00/4mm scale - 14" Andrew Barclay kits. Complete, unbuilt or partially started kits. Preferably one with the early type cab. I am missing many pieces from mine and was hoping to be able to combine two to make at least one If you have one or both , drop me a PM Cheers James
  11. What did you use to make the steam dome from Paul?
  12. Thanks for the heads up Mark, will shoot them a email J
  13. G'Day All, Wondering if anyone has access to a English Electric sales brochure that outlines the Stephenson type 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 shunting locos? Was after a scan or a copy. Attached is an article that outlines the brochure I was after a copy off Cheers James EE_Stephenson_Shunter_Article.pdf
  14. That is exactly what I wanted to do. I will salvage the DCC board when building replacement chassis to put into kitbuild/or upgrade locos (I'm sure there are some threads on this, will have a look) to keep compatibility if/when I go DCC. Thanks for all the replies. Based on the feedback I should be able to build a little test plank - I'll see if I have the space to build a little S curve. Either the Bachmann one (nice discount at Rails) or the gauge master. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any discounted trainsets over here or split controllers. James
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