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  1. Good luck with it Ken, sounds an exciting new project. Cheers, John
  2. Hi Bob, really very sorry to hear such news. All the very best to you. Be safe in the knowledge that when you're ready, the folk here in the community will support you as we can. Take care, John
  3. That canopy looks just the job now Bob. You definitely made the right choice regarding the glazing. John
  4. Looking great Bob. How do you plan to do the glazing? John
  5. Good idea will, Would be a cracking momento to have Pete. I don't suppose you can offer up your layout as such but would be great if it'd be picked up by viewers of the thread. Perhaps it's too close now to the last day of operation? John
  6. Could you build it so its like the llangollen railway station Bridge perhaps? Have a Google. It's quite a unique structure as it is elevated over the river Dee. That could simulate your baseboard edge perhaps? John
  7. Congratulations to the group, and sounds like the layout and the building deserve a good restoration and a great future! All the very best to you and the group Andy. Must be a nice feeling Andy P? like watching your own branch come back from the beeching cuts! Perhaps "Beeching Cut" could be the name of the hillside! I agree, the canal section was my favourite bit. Plenty of character. Look forward to seeing the progress. Many thanks, John
  8. Hi Bob, Personally yes I'd leave it. Based on 1) the more you tinker you may well destroy what you have done. And 2) due to the risk of part 1 - you've made a very good model that has taken time and effort and has been a labour of love. If you were to damage it I think you'd be gutted you hadn't left it alone. 3) if you consider how much it'll be moved the fact the legs are a tad flimsy probably won't make a difference once they're anchored to the platform. Of course if you find a solution, it is only modelling at the end of the day and experimenting and learning is part of
  9. Really like that first shot, quite atmospheric, a nice dull grey sky back scene would really set it off. What are the dimensions and track plan? John
  10. Really enjoyed the video Brian, Great idea! John
  11. That's looking excellent well done. If you feel like strength maybe an issue, could you perhaps glue some plasticard out of eye sight on the inboard side of the valancing? Thus adding a "spine" to the separate valancing pieces and connecting them all as one? Just an idea, John
  12. That looks fabulous Bob. I definitely agree with showing the structure through the glazing. A little more work but definitely worthwhile in the long run in my opinion. If you're thinking to have working lamps on the platform then this will only accentuate this I think. John
  13. Well done on the big 100 Bob! John
  14. Looking great Bob, Just catching up at the moment as I've been away dodging 7 metre swells in the Irish Sea! That canopy is going together nicely. That splash of colour has really brought it to life. Cheers, John
  15. Hi Bob, Progress is looking good. May I suggest some tamiya tape for doing the window frames and gutters. It's basically masking tape for modellers and won't remove any painting you've already done. It comes in different sizes and so is easy to get some nice neat lines. Regards, John
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