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  1. That's just the one I was thinking of Bob. Can't imagine it would be too difficult to achieve. Thanks for the advice on the platforms. All the best, John
  2. Well worth the extra effort in my opinion Gilbert. Yes, parts may well be out of focus but there is a lovely warmth to the colours and tone but remaining natural. On dreary days like today the sheltered platforms show all their worth in such a warm photograph. John
  3. Mostly grey with the odd patch of blue and white with a dark patch slightly obscuring the orange bit near the top..... Sounds about right for Wales! John
  4. Looks good that Bob, if you were to have a long enough canopy on the platform, you could have the signal on a bracket a little bit like the one at llangollen Station if you are aware of that one? If possible could you tell me your construction methods for your platforms please? Hope you're well John
  5. The best looking streamlined has to the NSWGR 38 Class (the first 5) although different articles report them as "semi streamlined" beautiful locomotive equalled in its performance. 3801 has just been rebuilt and looking fabulous. Congrats on the 1000 pages Gilbert. John
  6. Thank you dungrange and Melmerby, I am using peco code 100 streamline. Thank you both very much. John
  7. Sorry to revive an old thread but have done some research and found the above product. For code 100 track, would the 1.6mm or 1.0mm be best or is either suitable? Many thanks, John
  8. Good to hear from you Bob, nice to spend some time in the garden in this weather. A garden railway in a proper sunny British summer garden sound lovely. So that's an idea worth exploring. I had a go of sketching a collett mogul at glyndyfdrwy Station a few weeks back. Wasn't bad, but yours is looking much better! Good luck with it. Take care, stay safe John
  9. Champion Shaun, Thank you very much for the explanation. All the very best, John
  10. Morning Shaun! Great bit of modelling (as ever). The rust effects you have achieved on the crane cab look spot on. I have tried many different methods, from salt through powders and paints to even include watercolour pencils. May I ask your technique? Stay safe, John
  11. Hi Gilbert, That shot of the WD is fantastic. The composition seems to express the up close feeling one gets from standing next to such a beast in 1:1 scale. The locomotive "looks" as it should, large and "weighty". Something I feel many model railway photographs try to express but rarely achieve up close. You can almost here the clang of the motion as she passes. In my opinion that picture is definitely a "keeper" Hope you are keeping well. John
  12. Hi there, As the title says, I'm after Hornby magazine issue number 76. This issue had the free "operation build it" plans. My new layout will be similar in some respects and I'd like to use the plans as a gauge against my own. Many thanks, John
  13. Amazing how the human condition works, some people trying to play supermarket sweep whilst others regardless of how they feel or turmoil they're in can show an act of kindness like that. You might not be able to eat it, but at least that model will allow you to continue as "normal" in some small part. I'm stuck at work bringing record levels of oil and gas into milford haven to keep the country going in these strange times. I have new baseboards being delivered to my home today. As long as I can get ashore for my leave this week, a bit of self isolation will do my layout the world of good if nothing else! Cheers, John
  14. Absolutely beautiful finish on the V2. Tone, Hue and the way light reflects on it look superb. Fantastic looking model. John
  15. Really looking forward to this Andy! The BLT wizard ready to conjure up another masterpiece! Your student awaits with baited breath! Great idea on region. Happy New year mate! John
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