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  1. I think it looks great Bob. You have managed to get a great tonal variation. I'd be very happy with it if it was mine! John
  2. Looking really good Brian, Sorry, I may have missed it.... But is your back scene with the cliffs and sea on it something you have made or is it an off the shelf product? Many thanks, John
  3. That's a fine job Shaun. I'm afraid under the same circumstances I'd have thought I was beaten and would have had to concede and start again from scratch. Very well played, and a great set of pictures and description to help others who might like me now attempt something they thought was a bridge too far before. John
  4. All the best with the venture! Always great to see the hobby expanding enough for someone to make a living out of it! Will it just be online or would you hope to have a premises? Cheers, John
  5. Really like the look of those overgrown sidings Andy. Top stuff. The whole thing is looking great. John
  6. Looks great, really like the shed roads, your cinders and general filth between the tracks looks very effective. What did you use? Cheers, John
  7. That Sir, is absolutely excellent. A scene not often modelled but an almost daily occurrence at preserved railways. Very well executed. Great stuff indeed. John
  8. Happy birthday Brian, Layout is looking great, I like the bash of the gantry will be interested to see how it turns out. The Dapol kits still stand the test of time if with a bit of gentle persuasion! I've just finished a Dapol cattle wagon kit this week. I'm pretty pleased with it. Might have been easier if the parts matched the number on the sprue with the ones on the instructions! All the best, John
  9. Hi Bob, Does your layout come into contact with direct sunlight? Only reason I ask- is because on a previous layout I used some of the javis scatter in the past I'm afraid mine faded after only a couple of months. I think some matt varnish helped to slow things down a little bit but it's obviously not ideal! I may have just had a bad experience, but I'd hate to see you go to all that effort on your excellent layout and then find yourself pulling your hair and scatter out in equal amounts in just a few months time! More experienced modellers than me may have some tips to stop it happening. Maybe mine was just a one off as Javis has been a popular sight on our modelling shop shelves for donkeys years. Hope I've not put a downer on anything... Best regards John
  10. Absolutely fantastic! Well worth the wait for the updates! Apart from the first class scenery and buildings, I really like how spacious the area looks, and not over crowded but at the same time very detailed and very "real" looking. John
  11. Really like the proposed addition of the houses Bob. They help to set a scene and offer the opportunity of almost endless detailing. Things really taking shape! Kind regards, John
  12. 380John

    Bala Town

    That vanishing Road looks excellent! Just the right tone between foreground and back scene and the embankments enhance the "3D" effect. I've seen it done many times but some are more convincing than others. Top draw bodge! John
  13. Looking good Bob, can you tell me what filler you use please? Layout is coming on a treat. I have followed your progress in the background but things are really starting to come together and it's looking great! Kind regards, John
  14. Great find, Luke Towan is a modelling genius! His videos are very well presented. I'm sure all of us can take something away from them.
  15. That roof really sets them off, it's a nice improvement that'll help them to blend in. Hope I've done the reply correctly! John
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