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  1. That's very effective Ruston. How did you do it? John
  2. Welcome back Bob, looking forward to seeing Cambrian Street. John
  3. Hi David, I have done the same with mine. When connecting the point motor (I use cobalt digital ID) just ensure that the point blades are central to the turnout when the throwing arm is inserted into the small hole between the blades. That way when the switch is thrown the blades will touch fully one way or the other. For accuracy, the cobalt ID at least has a slider on it where the position of the arm can be adjusted allowing for accuracy when the blades are moved one way or the other. Hope this makes sense! John
  4. Good question, and following on from andys post I have a few thoughts as this is something I'm contemplating at the moment... I'm leaning to the conclusion that with a fiddle yard being "the rest of the world", if its scenic it somehow takes this away and thus to the eye it becomes more of an addition to the layout and not representing the rest of the world. Secondly due to their design and function, I don't think they are the most straightforward to scenic. Firstly unless you're making it look like a 1:1 scale storage or engineers yard it is difficult to alter it to something else. If you do and start adding other scenic items then you lose storage roads which may then impact on the fiddle yard operation. Taller Things like trees, telegraph poles etc would be caught if hands were needed regularly. That's just my opinion and as I say I'm mulling it over myself currently and if I saw a good compromise I'd be happy to swing back the other way!
  5. Looking forward to watching this come alive Andy! Nice to see you doing a roundy in 4mm again, a nice size layout at 15ft. John
  6. Good luck with the running session! I'm sure all of your hard work over the last few weeks and months has paid off. Enjoy it! John
  7. Really nice Bob. I spent hours in the garden this week, planting, tidying, cutting.... Then ruined it Monday afternoon by hitting a stone whilst cutting the grass and sending it straight through the back window
  8. Good luck with it Bob!
  9. This is coming on really nicely. I like the individual projects you have all over the layout. Nice to see it all blending in together now. John
  10. Happy Birthday Bob!
  11. Nice to see you back Nick. Not a week to be at sea! Strapped up in pembroke dock. 11 metres outside! Cheers, John
  12. That looks great Bob. I always think... If you can look at a model and imagine how the 1:1 scale surface would feel to the touch then you've hit the nail on the head.... You've hit this one dead square! Excellent stuff. John
  13. With so many businesses struggling at the moment, and many working from home... I wonder if a local business might be able to help and rent or even allow you the floor space for a weekend, then you could do a mock run in peace and quiet. Most places will probably have security etc anyway so if it was all pre-arranged it maybe viable. Failing that, perhaps a church hall, community centre or similar will allow it? I know it's all subject to sanitation and elf and safety etc but there may well be a way around it? Just an idea. John
  14. Really coming together now Bob. Looking great. John
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