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  1. Tony, Re. Removing cellotape residue from paper ,metal and some plastics Toluene is the quickest way to go. Toluene is very dangerous and we must use gloves ,have eye protection and either a fume hood or work outdoors as it is one of the nasty aromatic solvents. It is also carcinogenic to top things off. It does work though. I worked with it for about 30 years as a Book and Paper conservator , with PPE and there are no ill effects. But I am a motorcyclist and railway modeller!!! Don't for get the PPE if you try it as we all want you around for a long time yet. Doug.
  2. It is great to see this as one post. Your work is always inspiring and informative. I also have started this conversion on a 27xx open cab in my case. With my small exhibition layout al but finished I am back to coaches and locos. Miss Prisms comments on another site jolted my aging brain into gear re the Hornby bunker size and just in time also as I was about to go with the Hornby one!! So far I have converted the Bachmann mech to EM and fabricated a pair of replacement splashers . Next is the bunker. Your normally prodigious pace seemed to slow in recent months and I wondered if you were OK but I need not have worried ,your previous post showed what you had been up to. Keep it up. Doug.
  3. John, I would try the planting suggestion by becasse ,sorry for the lack of accent, if only to get the feel. Overall it looks terrific though. Doug.
  4. Hello I think you have done a 1st class job. It leaves my cut up Triang version far behind. In my ignorance I didn't know Roxey did a kit. Thank you for showing us. Doug.
  5. Hi Tony, Thank you for posting that info. More good advice. I am often surprised by locos or rolling stock that can't be disassembled for repair or servicing. As my travels in EM progress I wonder at the wisdom of push on wheels also. They defiantly look correct even more so if lightly centre pushed to represent the machining mark. I have purchased a number of kit built locos from a deceased estate and some of them have compensation failures that can't be fixed without removing the wheels which in this case are Sharman and they will be difficult to remove and replace as the 1mm nuts holding the rods in place may or may not survive. The remaining thread is very small. I may have to change the wheels to Markits as the rest of the locos are worth saving.
  6. Congratulations on reaching page 2400. You don't know me but I read this blog daily and have done for years. After watching you DVD on loco constuction I thought I would try to build a kit and following a couple of emails with the late Mr. Brewin I was away. I now model the GWR preWW1 in EM just to make it hard for myself on the other side of the world! Thank you for guiding me through the process of becoming a bulder of chasiss that work, Doug. Western Australia.
  7. John, I have no room for a realstic S scale layout due to a house move and therefore decided to follow my other interest, the GWR. You and others from the old Special Interest Group we once belonged to encouraged this along with threads on rmweb . Therefore I will follow Tavistock with great interst indeed. Retirement is helping my layout building and I'm pleased that you can work part time as you have always strived for perfction and while you have plenty of talent you need time also. We all do. Keep Well, Doug.
  8. Gentlemen,Ladies also if there are any reading, in Austrarlia we advertise run down sheds/houses etc as Renovators Delight The UK seems to have its fair share. Doug.
  9. It is great to see you starting this blog entry. As one who has seen your work in the flesh I will be following with interest. I am now an EM modeller with Pre WW1 GWR as my main interest . Looking forward to your next entry. Doug. Perth W.Australia.
  10. I have been eager to see your work and the result was worth the wait,well done. Doug.
  11. I have to repeat Mikkel's comment. For a modeller of the GW living downunder the links are a huge help. Thank you. Doug.
  12. Hi Iain, Like many on here, I too make everything so that it can be dismantled. Great work. Regards, Doug.
  13. Hello Iain.d, Have you tried Hobby tech for brass tube? As a builder of things I have sometimes found that they have what I need in stock.Good hobby shops are thin on the ground here in W.A. as you have probably found . I would like to see a photo of the coach when you finish it if Tony allows. I am an EM modeller ,GWR ,LNWR andMidland all pre WW1. Doug.
  14. Perth Western Austraia

    1. Hroth


      A fair distance from Perth, Scotland!


      (9,122 miles, according to Google...)

  15. I have been waiting for the next posts and this will be another worthwhile addition to your fleet. What you found re sizes of models from different producers is a reminder to all modellers check everything! I agree with [email protected] and while some time ago, working on a very tempremental boat motor I decided to hide the tools as I went aboard so the motor wouldn't know what was about to happen !! The jewellary will be well recieved. Doug.
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