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  1. Perth Western Austraia

    1. Hroth


      A fair distance from Perth, Scotland!


      (9,122 miles, according to Google...)

  2. I have been waiting for the next posts and this will be another worthwhile addition to your fleet. What you found re sizes of models from different producers is a reminder to all modellers check everything! I agree with [email protected] and while some time ago, working on a very tempremental boat motor I decided to hide the tools as I went aboard so the motor wouldn't know what was about to happen !! The jewellary will be well recieved. Doug.
  3. You can't keep a good modeller down as they should say. I will await the results Mikkel.
  4. I am biased but to me the Dean Goods and the new traverser look great ,superb work.I now have the vallejo colours you suggested on an earlier entry and I agree it flows very well. I won't have as much trouble painting my coach panels in future. Is there another kit or R-T-R bash in the wings?
  5. Thanks again for the insight into how you achieved the shade of paint you needed. It is the same as in my work as a book and paper conservator.At least we have a clue from the remaining work of art. It is difficult to judge from printed material due to the variations in that medium. I have only recently found a supplier of Vallejo so here goes.I also have to agree with the other posts. Your work is an inspiration. Roll on some thing from Armstrong etc.
  6. It is good to see the finished loco as I followed the progress since the start. I have also build one from this era using a Mainline body and a Comet chassis in EM. I used a piece of electrical conduit to replace the belpaire firebox and taking your lead purchased brass boiler fittings from the UK.Thank you for the paint no.s as we can't buy precision paints in Western Australia due to postal concerns and I have used your blog to gain the Vallejo numbers that you use.One day I may be brave enough to post a photo but after viewing yours there seems no need.
  7. Great idea Mikkel and beautifully made as with all of your work. Doug.
  8. Hello John, I have just "found "your blog entries. They are up to your usual standard or even better. Great to see your work again. Doug Firth.
  9. Well done Paul, I have followed your blog for a short time. It has inspired my own modelling. Hope you can continue the posts. Doug.
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