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  1. The purpose of being here is to discuss “first world problems”. If every time someone has a model railway related issue, someone else replies that they ought to be thankful that they’ve got a roof over their head, it’s going to get pretty tedious.
  2. Hello all, I’ve accidentally bought two more tickets than we need. Please PM me if you would like them. Thanks, Ed
  3. Hello everyone, I see that the Farish Motorail Mk1 FK has now arrived. Looking at the photos on the Rail of Sheffield website, its not obvious to me what distinguishes it from a regular (non Motorail) Mk1 FK. Different bogies perhaps? Many thanks, Ed
  4. csiedmo

    Dapol Class 22

    No, I don’t have a date for when it received the yellow panel while in green, but probably during one of its works visits between 1962-1964. It then remained in this condition until its collision damage repair in ‘67 at which point it gained headcode boxes and BR blue with full yellow ends
  5. csiedmo

    Dapol Class 22

    Re: D6321, the latest photo I have without headcode boxes is dated June 1965. The earliest with headcode boxes is February 1967. Re: D6322, it would seem that of the members of the class that had their headcode boxes retro-fitted while in green livery only D6302 was repainted to either of the first two styles of blue. Or to put it the other way around D6300/03/14/18/22/25/27/28/32/33 didn’t have headcode boxes while in green livery. The work on D6322 itself was carried out during April/May 1967 following collision damage at one end. The “new end” is subtly non-standard.
  6. csiedmo

    Dapol Class 22

    It wasn’t a one off in terms of having exterior fit headcode boxes. It received them following a collision with D6302 which also then received them without a yellow warning panel. Other 22s to receive the same fit were D6306/D6307/D6317/D6326 but these seem to have had the yellow warning panel added at the same time or before. D6302/D6324/D6326 were later converted to have the interior fit headcode boxes.
  7. Although not entirely disused as the Queensbury route was worked as far as City Road (goods) until 1972, making use of those lines from Laisterdyke. There are also carriage sidings in the St Dunstans loop in use at this time. I’m not sure when they disappeared. Imagine having the space to model that lot!
  8. Yet the maroon one (374-889) seems to have gone missing completely.
  9. Am I right in thinking that the existing version doesn't even have a decoder socket?
  10. Regarding the insulated vans with recessed doors in the OP, is it the case the the ones with external framework are dia 800/801 and those without external framework are dia 134? Or were there other types? Thanks, Ed
  11. csiedmo

    Dapol N Gauge Western

    Hello everyone, I'm considering buying a Dapol Western in blue for my 1967 layout and seem to have the option of getting either D1005 and modifying the battery box clips to represent the pre-1974 style, or D1072 and removing the class 52 data panel and repositioning the red dot. One the face of it the later option seems easier if I can remove a decals without damaging the paintwork (I'd rather avoid having it resprayed), but it would be more noticeable if I made a mess of it. Has anyone had a go at remodeling the post-1974 battery box clips to represent the older style clips? Just wondering about the level of difficulty in doing that. Cheers, Ed
  12. Hello Petri, I assume you've already seen this: https://www.gracesguide.co.uk/Leeds_Railway_Plant_Co Not much, I know! Best wishes Ed
  13. Hello, I don't personally have photos of any of these sheds, but there are definately photos of Cullingworth shed in Great Northern Outpost Vol 2. (IMHO a "must read" for anyone interested in the Queensbury lines). Link below. http://kwvr.co.uk/shop/great-northe-outpost-vol2/ Cheers, Ed
  14. Hello everyone, Does anyone know of any books available that show clear photographs and/or a track plan of the good yard at Taunton pre-1970s? (I see that there is a track plan on the tauntontrains website, but it makes my eyes bleed, so I could do with the clearer/larger one) Thanks! Ed
  15. I was there in 2007 but I don't recall it being particularly green back then.
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