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  1. Maybe someone had been playing cowboys and indians and decided to 'get the wagons in a circle '
  2. It also made a trip to the NYMR for the filming of the Downton Abbey movie.
  3. Looks that good, can almost smell the oil.
  4. C8841. Look's like both the dmu and the station have been thro' the paint shop.
  5. Any thought's on doing the Maunsell 350hp shunter body in oo
  6. They seem quite happy that, that one is in the dirt
  7. Not exactly put themselves out there, have they!
  8. Look's like the outside of Waterloo ML
  9. Good use of those empty Pringles tubes tho' Other snack tubes are available.
  10. The last time I used St Johns station all that was left of the booking office was a small section of brick wall.
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