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  1. Some photo's of LNER Ambulance coach 2704 here - http://www.rvp-ltd.org.uk/gallery/?f=2018
  2. There would be other stencils, depending on number of routes you could take, though not a huge number, maybe 3 or 4. One lamp as that would illuminate the stencil at night from behind.
  3. http://www.bluebell-railway.co.uk/bluebell/hkwork_archive1.html Click on the first picture on left to see the reverse. Shows lamp for the route stencil.
  4. Here's the Redhill route indicator ( also known as a 'dustbin ' by the sound it made). Mechanical links would move the hood to reveal a number, that was the route the train would then take. https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/8017276813/
  5. Temporary Restraining Order for your new stalker
  6. I take it the TRO hasn't kicked in yet, Sophia
  7. I'm glad you corrected that as I first thought your friend had bombed some poor Welshman called Gai the dafis
  8. I won't be a minute, honest guv, I'm just popping in to buy some dog biscuits.
  9. If I've got this right, the First class 445 on the stops is DM 395498 ( number just above buffer ) It's a departmental staff & dormitory vehicle TOPS code QPV. Was 1295, built 1924 Derby.
  10. Bloomin heck! Just seen a clip on youtube, your not wrong about the length
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