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    LNER and constituents (especially the GNR), building stock from kits & modifying / detailing RTR, plus the occasional excursion into Victorian steam and even Swiss railways...

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  1. Thanks Jon - and well spotted: you're right that the different step alignment has to be accommodated. I'll also have to accommodate the vertical handrails, which will be fun (). Regards, Watson
  2. I haven't had much modelling time over the last couple of days, but I have been able to settle a couple of livery questions that had been rattling around, waiting for answers. One concerns the vertical fronts of the side tanks: how were they painted? I hadn't yet looked too closely at this question but had got the impression from most of the photos I'd collected so far for this project that they were a single colour (poor lighting and B&W on-the-move photos can hide a lot) and had included them in my light green spraying the other day... until I went to bed that night and, half
  3. Thanks Jol, that's very interesting - the Craftmaster Paints link I mean - as I'd not come across them before. Mind you, it also opens up another authentically colour-matched can of worms, doesn't it: the samples of LNER Doncaster and Darlington green they show on their Railway Colours page (https://www.craftmasterpaints.co.uk/colours/railway-colours/) are - to my eye - respectively more yellow/warm/olive-tinged and more blue/cold/mint-tinged than PPP's versions. Their LNER Freight Oxide is also very different to anything I've seen elsewhere...
  4. Thanks Jol; I masked the primer because I don't want to build up successive layers of paint (e.g. primer + green + black) where I can avoid it. I have a tendency to coat too thickly (I'm working on it!) so extra layers are to be avoided, for details' sake. I know you're right about an airbrush and I have one on the way to try out, but never having used one before, I want to spend some time with it and get used to using it before using it on anything like this. Also, having gone to the trouble of getting the GNR Green matched into custom filled aerosols and having used them suc
  5. Thanks David, I do that with masking tape though I only do it once or twice, so I might increase it... Actually, for much of this job, I used these masking sheets: https://www.migjimenez.com/en/accessories/2375-masking-sheets-8432074080435.html. The tack level seems about the same as Tamiya - in fact the look and feel of the tape itself is very similar - and it allows quite complex shapes to be cut out. Once their positioned, I only made contact with the model in a few key places, but it's easier to be able to choose from the whole surface being sticky, rather than trying to m
  6. Finally got going on the light green cellulose aerosol work and it's turned out quite well I think - a touch of orange peel on parts of the boiler, but the tank sides are very good and that's where the main lining work will be: There's very little touching-in required (especially as areas such as the panel edges will be over-painted in dark green anyway) and considering how carefully I masked it and how long I spent practising on scrap bodies and empty plastic containers of various shapes and sizes before doing it, I'm pleased that's the case
  7. Ahhh - very interesting! Yes, I find the clips a touch on the enthusiatic side too and I often resort to inserting a folded slip of paper to mitigate the clench (not a phrase you hear often) but I'll investigate replacement clips, which I'm sure would be easier: the paper slips fall out at the most inopportune moments!
  8. Ahh - thank you! Might have to aquire one of those... I suppose that in HO, as it's 3.5 mm to the foot compared to OO's 4mm, you get 1/8th more space to play with, which in Bang for Buck currency equals 12.5 cents...? I look forward to seeing the layout grow
  9. As others have said, delighted to see Iain Rice's name in 283, which arrived a day or two ago. The 'Stratford Survivor' article is very interesting; having returned to this hobby less than a decade ago after a gap extending back to my childhood (like many on here) I do sometimes think it strange that there isn't more interest in the earlier eras of railway modelling, given how much of the hobby is rooted in nostalgia generally. I guess we all get caught up in the continuing march towards ever finer finescale (undoubtedly a good thing, which we all enjoy of course) but I
  10. Just found this thread and very much enjoyed reading through it: lovely layout and I particularly like the building lighting! I know they're from a couple of years back now, but these 141R models also caught my eye - whose are they please?
  11. Interested to see your helping hands stand has what look like copper clips, Jon: is there any reason for that? I have a couple of different ones and the clips are the same plated iron/steel as the rest of the thing...
  12. Today I was able to put the bogie together - very pleasing to see part of the loco almost finished! The smallest part, but still... I say 'almost finished' because I'll paint the axle ends black (with a dab of cyano first) once the completed loco's been run in a bit, in case there's any need to disassemble again. The lining on both the bogie frames and the wheels looks much better under a couple of coats of satin varnish, so that all the colours have a similar degree of shine. Crankpins and the pony truck also had some attention:
  13. Thanks Jon - it's the first time I've tried using the compass bow pen and offsetting from a curved edge and it was much easier than I'd thought. A couple were right first time, the other two took a couple of goes each though! I found painting in the black more difficult...
  14. Thanks very much Rob, as mentioned in my PM reply, those images you sent are very interesting and helpful, but it's this enlargement / detail that really shows it, doesn't it? I thought they'd have continued the lining behind the wheels: it was an age of Doing Things Properly, wasn't it - they didn't skimp, just because it wouldn't often be seen...
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