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  1. What a difference a day makes. All four are done but four near identical photos would not be interesting. First coat on. I am going to look in natural light to see if I can weather on it to get the variation of colour in the side panels. Question: what colour were the solebars(?) in GCR days? brown like on lner coaches or black as in br days. Does anyone know? many thanks richard
  2. If you have a soldering iron I would give it a try, like I said if it going to be junk anyway then you have nothing to lose.
  3. Spoke today, apparently still not happy with all the details on the cad so will not sign it off. Working on getting them all fixed then they will sign it off for the next stage. Just as an FYI of progress. Richard
  4. Filler is you friend when sorting out cut and shut models. It will hide the seams. Richard
  5. It will certainly get a good runner. Could the original chassis be taken back to components and then re soldered in a jig and the bearings reamed out to the necessary amount? At this point it is a free try, and might give you the ability to pass on one of the lanky tanks. I too have looked at using one as a basis of an F2 richard
  6. Happy knight if my memory serves me right.
  7. In order for evil to flourish good men just need to do nothing. Those who are doing good need to keep posting on rmweb so it stays useful and drowns out the negativity which some unfortunately bring. It is only a hobby after all. Richard
  8. I was looking on the Hornby page for what they were saying about the A2s and saw that for the A2/2 it said that they worked out of York shed down the GCR. I was told at a recent GCRS meeting that the only known picture of a Thompson pacific on the GC was of 500 at Nottingham Victoria going for naming. So is there other proof that Hornby’s statement is correct? Many thanks Richard
  9. I value your modeling advice and will still seek it out. Richard
  10. Bachman as sith, Hornby as Jedi. Sorry but someone would get in the Star Wars reference if I did not.
  11. More castles needed than Edward 1 built in Wales. Very expensive option.
  12. You could convert it into the crosti boilered ones which were not built. Richard.
  13. The D10 is a GBL D11 with the detail cut off and for instance wire handrails fitted, a new cab, smoke box frames, etc. the chassis is a D11 kit one, I do not remember which. The tender frames are scratch built. The horsebox is a d&s kit built gcr horsebox. The only bit I have added is a photocopy of a real wagon plate to round off the frames the gcr petrol railcar is next. It was the only one and it ran to and from bollington so was known as the bollington bug. It ran with the engine compartment door open a lot of the time which I sometimes feel I should have modeled. It is based on a 3d print from recreation 21 for the body, though I did realign the exhaust on the roof as it is printed centrally and it should be off to the side. The chassis comes from a USA ho tram with one set of bogie frames lengthened . It still needs the gcr transfers fitted. The 4 wheel stock are mousa models kits with added underframe gubbins. There are a full brake, a first, a third, a composite and a third brake. Finished off with a cct body from a kit, and scratch built chassis. TG The loco was picked as it was gcr, I know it is too late but I have yet to build the one which will ultimately pull the train. It is on the build list but as most must be built, it is taking me a time to do so. We seek your forgiveness. The last is my 12at 2-4-0 chassis scratch built by Tony, I tried to finish it but needed Tony’s magic wand to fettle the running gear to make it run properly. The body is scratch built by me mostly out of plastic but with a brass boiler , firebox and smokebox. Tony also helped by providing the chimney and dome from his spares box. It needs the rods and crank pins fettled and finished off. Then brake rods and transfers to finish it off. The photo highlights just how shaky the hand lining is in places. It it was a great session running the layout, thank you Tony......and obviously Mo for the wonderful meals. Richard
  14. Locos look great, steam, I approve. They will look great pulling the services. Got you card too. Many thanks, we have been very slow on it this year. Richard
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