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  1. Narrow planet? Do bespoke 4mm ones, do any gcr number in 4mm.
  2. I was thinking it was a set of tender frames in the photo and so put pin point bearings in from the inside and solder from the outside as that would locate them for the ends of the axles. If he meant a loco chassis and bearings for the drivers that is a totally different kettle of fish. It is interesting how different people interpret the same thing in different ways. It how the minds work. Mine has normally been discribed as somewhere out in left field. Richard
  3. Roof experiments. Tried to do the plastic sheet hot water trick. First time nothing . Water must have been too cold. next poured just off boiling water and got these wrinkles. Melting as too hot or shrinking at different times? will try holding in the steam as the next experiment. Who has had success at forming plastic? Advice welcome. Thanks richard.
  4. Very Well modeled fly. I would start from mallard photos online or a visit. Then look at painting instructions for Doncaster. Must be in an A4 book somewhere, Townsend or coster perhaps. Looks great “in the raw” Richard
  5. I had a similar experience in Zimbabwe. At Bulawayo I turned up on shed and was invited to shunt the stock for our train to Vic falls. Then brought stock into the station so I did not need to walk back from the depot. One of my happiest memories. Richard
  6. And the Americans would leave it like this so you could see it was brass . Still marvel at how clean all the solder joints are. Richard
  7. Please be seated. roof sub frames now fitted. The open ones are a bit flimsy so I will fit an extra strip under the longitudinal beams. Worth the effort cutting out all the seats, I think. Might change my mind when all the glazing goes in. Will not be running at club on Monday though as some hoped. Richard
  8. Have you tried a lace pin with keeper plate behind from brass? Then it would not matter what the valve gear is made from......as long as it is not plastic. Richard.
  9. Pee through the railings. The enginemen must not of liked that. Richard
  10. Excellent ! The shouting ladies are back. I am like you Clive, it is not the scale or time period modeled which matters most but how well it is done. Though you do have more of a lean towards the small dmu layouts than I might. Richard
  11. Would dirty water give you a darker smoke? Richard
  12. Thanks. I hope so. Though not being built at quite the rate that you manage. Richard.
  13. Vacuum brakes form the heads of any train they are in. A whole train of them would be rare, except for fish trains. Richard
  14. Working on the seats. I think I have only made half the number I will need. It looks like I worked on one per side of coach rather than two. Once more showing I can’t count like I should be able to. scratch building these is going to be more complicated than the roof ribs...especially the sides of the seats. They were hard enough to cut out when I had the etched lines to work to. richard.
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