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  1. Wait several months and we will find out. I am making about one every couple of days at the moment. richard
  2. This is four. Still ten to go. actually I already on number five, so far I have put none together in the same way. The fifth included. I am still not convinced that way number five is right so I am sure I will find another permutation for that one. Still at least I have plenty to practice on to get it right. richard
  3. I see your tube wagon, and I raise you a gcr 5 plank. yes I know I need to fit a number plate, I will get round to it. richard
  4. You make it sound so easy, but it is not, it takes real craftsmanship to make it work smoothly. My signals are still static 5 years after starting them for that reason.
  5. Some good news! i found a half complete etch for a bogie. I will take the brakes off here and put it on the scratch built one. Then it will fit in better with all the rest. what a result............as long as I have not miscounted the number of etches. richard
  6. I know little ones baffle me. My mother taught them, which might explain why I don’t . Helping her out before I settled down and finding out some of the parents were younger than I was, was a sobering experience. It took longer for that to happen in secondary school.
  7. Thanks, study from less than a couple of feet, I hope not, but we know someone inevitably will.
  8. As a teacher, thank you. However having to home school my own from year groups I normally have no contact with, I was happy when they were given time back at school, if only part time. Richard
  9. The scratch built bogie was finished up to the same point as the kit built bogie and then they were placed under a carriage to see if it passes muster in a train. the scratch built one is on the right and at the right hand end of the carriage, but then you knew that because it is not as refined and is missing brakes. Richard
  10. Thanks, you have confirmed my engineering suspicions. richard
  11. It has been a while as I was soldering on all the nuts. Not a fascinating photo, though the advice to get steel bolts for the soldering of brass nuts worked like a charm. This is the first bogie to proving stage. more interesting photo. it is probably not how it was intended to go together, but looking at the pieces and the instructions kindly sent, it is my approximation of what was meant to happen. stupid question time: the springs should be open at the sides, not solid between the top and bottom ones? otherwise they would not spring. still has brake rigging, axle boxes and springs to fit. now to copy the arrangement on the scratch built one so that can get to the same stage. Thank god I did it second, I think I would have lost the will to live if I built it as number 14. then the other 12 to make, some of which are missing the springs so a replacement set will need making x number of times. Not sure how many, but it is definitely more than once. I know master and cast as an option. richard
  12. Terry weathering will hide many a colour. now in uk again so we need the u. take care richard
  13. Does the real box have a change in brick work colour? If not I would pop out the inset and use more plasticard brick sheet and then you can paint it in an accurate colour across the whole surface. just my humble opinion. richard
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