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  1. Thanks for the numbers. I have the exact figures for each part of the compartment and they are within a smidge of what you are quoting. The derailing was for different reasons. A back to back had slipped/ bogie not quite squared. One was catching on the brake cylinder and one on the underframe/ solebars. I think they are all addresses now. richard
  2. This has given me an idea. I was going to cut out the windows but you seem to be doing it by using different pieces to make the down struts around the windows. no interiors yet in mine, but glazing here for their portraits. richard
  3. It is such a good feeling when lose track of time modeling, it shows how much you have been drawn in. For me that means I have switched off from work properly, which does not happen often. richard
  4. It s all the little observations like the road on a gradient, the buildings at different heights which make it feel more realistic. richard
  5. I got the chance to take the carriages for a road test. I spent the time trying to tweak them to improve running so did not take out a camera. Three ran fine, the others needed more serious adjustments which I have looked to do. I have started on the interiors which look like a confusing set of lines. these are the floors with marks for where the internal walls go. here is hoping it all works out. Not looking forward to cutting out all the compartment windows. Flash backs to the Barnums. richard
  6. These look well thought out. Better in the planning stage than later finding out it does not quite work. richard
  7. We had consultants come in and insisted on giving feedback to the management in front of the whole staff. “So everyone was on the same page” we grumbled about being made to go to the meeting beforehand. Was one of the best 2 1/2 hours of my life. It was great to watch. richard
  8. Really impressive shop frontages. Turned 2mm wine bottles, now I have heard it all. richard
  9. Two levels could work but need a 6 ft diameter helix which takes a lot of space why not 2 unconnected layers with one for smaller stock. The other a roundy roundy for the later stock. just an idea. richard
  10. Some show and tell for the modelers on here. I know I don’t post work as often as some. My modeling moves forward at a slightly glacial pace. It is not BR era, nor is it ECML and it is not GWR which you might think at first glance. It is a GCR Parker luggage composite in livery for 1904-10. It is one of five for that livery of which two are at this stage. 5 others are almost at this stage in the previous French grey and brown livery. They have white roofs at present so are holding back from showing their faces. these still need the solar painting finished with the brown and go
  11. Red wine almost looks black so that might be the way to go. richard
  12. It promises to not fog up but be stronger than other glue and dry clear so if some gets on the visible window it is unseen. I thought it worth a try. I will check tonight to see if it is worth keeping on going with. richard
  13. Window trial. Using this glue. Trial stick is by the end of the words. Certainly sticks, is not as clear as they suggest. It needs pressure for that. Just use the glue on the unsighted overlap. It did not fog. it does need two hours to dry. That should not be a problem to leave and return to with 7 to glaze. should at least mean no windows fall out in a year or two time. richard
  14. Part is the angle of the blade, the wrong angle and it looks to wander. ask me how I know. richard
  15. Development phase. have tried to print gold lined brown panels from drawing in paint. It does not like telling you all the dimensions. So I have numbered and measured the prints to know which to keep and hopefully copy. 14 needed. the colour is a bit off as it an old cartridge so that bothers me less. They were the right length according to the numbers but then I had to print in A4. It will be further complicated as I think the transfer paper is 8’ x11’ as it is from the USA. I also need to see if the printer will print it flat or only take from the tray below. If not...plan C
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