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  1. I thought that the tall one and the far right were the wrinkly ones but open to correction. richard
  2. You think BR had a lot of change. As pregrouping modelers we are lumped together in one era 1805-1923. it is not as if much changed in that time period from a welsh bet to locos withdrawn in 1967, through broad gauge etc. it seems to allow me Rocket along side a Gresley A1. How many would spot the issues at an exhibition? How many would keep it to themselves? richard
  3. I have always found modelers to be helpful bunch. It is part of the reason I stick around. glad you were successful. richard
  4. Pipe question. this is from the end so I assume air baked too. I do not want air brakes, so how many of the other pipes do I need? I am thinking vac pipe and steam heat pipe, but which are they. clever pipe people help please many thanks richard
  5. Thanks i had not seen anything on the roof so I will look again harder next time. it has got to the stage of being propped up on its bogies. holes drilled for hand rails so bogie pivots to make and the roof detail, then painting. richard
  6. Too far? then fitted. tables and chairs to go. should probably focus on the outside a bit more. I am trying to work out how many pipes on the end there was vacuum, steam heat, but Westinghouse too? So it could run on other systems? richard
  7. The insides have reached a stage where paint will need to be applied before fitting. perhaps a bit much, but if some can be seen then perhaps it is worth it. I still have to solve the issue of the chairs and sofa. After discussion at club with Jim I think I will build it with batteries to run as if it has electric lighting. Still to decide on livery though. richard
  8. The overviews show just how well this is coming along. Just some grass on the front bank and we could convince ourselves it is almost finished, though we all know a layout is never done. great work. richard
  9. One of these days I will get it right. Might partly explain why I went for the GCR. It then is not something I have to think about in the build. richard.
  10. Crownline kits Possibly the best attempt at building a kit that I have done. A crownline V2. I should have said thank you to mr. King for the enjoyment I got from building it. Alas not possible now. Do kit makers ever know how much others appreciate their efforts. Perhaps more so now with Internet forums. Tony will be horrified, it is not weathered yet. my condolences to his family. richard
  11. A long shot. On the carriage which is oil fired for the lights. Does anyone know when it went to electric? Did it pas through a gas phase? the Parker stock from about 8 years later were gas fitted from new in 1898. They converted to electricity some time around 1906-1910 it seems. Would this have followed that pattern or would it have skipped a step/ been slower on the up take as it was as director’s saloon. Or would it have been first because it was a director’s saloon? does any one know or have knowledge of other lines and their approach. it matters as I am torn between teak or chocolate and cream. Teak almost certainly was electric but C and C might have been any of the three options. Do I go for certainty or the livery which looks best on it? richard
  12. It will definately stand out. how about the star in yellow to make it look like the flag. richard
  13. Done bar the couplings. a mixture of lettering. Some with big numbers some will have plates. Some with stars and some with out. Some with coal wagon lettering and some without. With wire mesh siding and not. Oh the variety from a humble 5 plank. the NER lettering was from a sheet of BR restaurant car letter. It still has to have its outs side toned down with weathering too. richard
  14. I hope it comes soon for you. If it is any glimmer of hope, I have been modeling with one eye for many a year. In fact I can’t remember having both to work with. It does make depth perception more difficult but a couple of extra angles helps get pieces to sit in the correct place. richard
  15. The more of these you buy the less you have for modeling.
  16. None of this has been frivolous to me. Thank you both for your advice. So little below on the underframe. At least to start its life. All I need now do is work out when electricity was fitted. richard
  17. Only have these if they help work out if it is oil. Would that do the kitchen too? surely there would be some containers to store the oil. We’re they inside then? richard
  18. The next project begins as paint is drying. A question though. The drawing shows battery boxes below had them at the end of its life however this build photo does not. Show them. now I thought perhaps gas as the earlier builds had transverse gas cylinders. Later builds had battery boxes for the kitchen from the start. So what did this have to start? From the picture it looks like nothing! What am I missing? Anyone who is good at interpretations underframes on photos? many thanks for any thoughts, richard
  19. I followed the picture provided. Should have checked more photos. They will be staying that way now, but I will know for next time. have built a wagon in a day, it is foreign NER so I put it together quickly. On to painting. they now all need to go into the paint shop. richard
  20. Cattle dock only needs to fit the doors so you could leave it. The building on the far left could have a little extra land to sit on. Who puts their head that far into the corner. the coal stage could be on the way to the turntable as it is all part of the same process. just ideas richard
  21. So I could show this and pretend things have all worked out. I do feel that it should be a warts and all tale. So, there is this. iron lingering too long in the wrong place. Gap in the brake lever. I may just paint it black and have the brake lever merge in or try a bridging repair. Perhaps a little paper to get the paint across the gap. just to show progress has not entirely stopped due to work. richard
  22. I agree with your assessment. The top of the cab comes off the donor. So new roof, sides and cab front and rear to make. then it is how far you want to go. Move the water filler cap? Fit the reverser? Change the cab instruments? look forward to seeing this. richard
  23. Yes a minefield when trying to decide what colour to paint buffer stocks in the period. Even photos of your chosen loco might not help due to angles blocking line of sight. That happens more often than you might imagine. I spent a lot of time on the j39 dividing what was right. richard
  24. They are good for adding variety and a little different. I think I have only seen it modeled on John quick’s layout. I used the top half of this wagon from wizard. not exactly correct but passes at 3ft in my opinion. on the plus side they also ran without cages so you can build up the NER wagon to add to the fleet too. richard
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