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  1. I am adverse to brick paper at heart, but your buildings are great and are making me rethink my prejudice to the method of construction. richard
  2. A rescued kit and from eBay. A B2 to anyone post 1923. in lner livery badly painted with a gouge out of the boiler. Missing some bits, lacking in detail and some parts wrongly sighted. dropped in paint stripper and re motored, and rebuilt. Then repainted by me into GCR livery. worth rescuing? It was to me. However, where could I pick up a k’s kit if access to shows is difficult other than eBay. For pregrouping things it has certainly been useful. richard
  3. Ian thanks for showing the process. Most interesting that the top fill in is black. I must go back and check for mine as I think the gcr extended the brown up to surround the upper panels. This does look very doable. ( if that is a word). Though lots of skill and practice to make it look as good as yours many thanks richard
  4. Very slowly coming along. half of the buffer shanks fitted. though I will only fit the brake pipes on the end coaches. I do want a representation between the carriages but not sure yet how to show the joined pipes without fouling the couplings. I know there is a way, but I need it to be robust . richard
  5. Ian, That would be great, it was the complete opposite of what I imagined you might say was the order to do things. So I would really appreciate those images. thank you richard
  6. How do you get around masking for the second colour with all the door furniture in the way? I ask as I am umming and ahhhing over ease of taping and no scraping or secure fitting but having to scrape. thanks richard
  7. It must be a good rendition. I instantly knew what it was just from the pictures opening up. it is great, well done. richard
  8. Original beading: Not long from my understanding. A date, alas I could not say. Whilst I have studied the photos a lot I have been focusing on livery rather than date. I do feel that I have dug around enough whilst building these to produce an article. Though I am sure there are better qualified than I to write one. What I have learnt might also be generally known, but just not known to me before now. If I did write an article it would be one of the things I would try to work out, like the date for switching from gas to electric. Richard
  9. Steps and coupling hooks fitted. they need cleaning up. I had to make extra steps. I lost 6 to the carpet gods, but found four so had to make an extra 2. That’s about par for the course for fitting small items for me. buffers and hoses next. richard
  10. Not much to show for a weeks work, just the couplings for the end of the trains. Not fitting them to the middle of the rakes life is not long enough. And where the actual couplings will be and these would interfere. I hope to get a bit more done this weekend as it is due to rain. richard
  11. Perhaps the other reason it might be 64 is the lack of dome cover in the months up to withdrawal. I would have thought many more photos if it had been going around for 18 months like that, or it would have been commented on in reference books as a long standing alteration. just my thoughts. richard
  12. Wordsley works do both options of beading. Would a merged model of that with the d&s work. You could move the early sides on. There must be some one mad enough to make the missing bits up. richard
  13. Thanks for your kind words. If you are getting a set to build the first brake and luggage composite build as is. It is the brake third which needs the surgery. As for the bogies. The complex shape was the sides. The rest is flat mainly straight pieces. The fiddle of the side piece inserts around the central springs can be much simplified as most is hidden. I found that after building it. I enjoy seeing your builds. I do not comment much as my knowledge gets less the further I get from the gcr. I know it is very parochial of me. richard
  14. Really not much to show for this month. the brake rigging has been fitted to all the bogies, not that you can tell from the top, let alone the side. buffer housings have been drilled out for five of the seven carriages. Two more sets to do. It is more painful and tedious than you might imagine. pipes and some kind of lever to fit to the buffer beams. Then on to the roofs. richard
  15. Can you, (one), selectively lighten it so the coach stays a truer colour? richard
  16. Safety valve change, atomizer pipe runs added, cinder guards in front of cab cut outs. Starters for ten. would need front and rear views for others like new smoke box dart, depends on what the builder fitted. Richard
  17. A lovely looking model, it has great attention to detail. richard
  18. Probably killed herself, from what I hear from film titles, Bambi went bananas.
  19. Two months a long process! Come to pre grouping, I have spent a 8 months just cutting out the pieces to make 4 carriages. The build then followed. 18 months from start to finish. richard
  20. You are in my thoughts. had to tackle one of those fires whilst working in Zimbabwe. It certainly is something I will never forget. richard
  21. Seems to have a lot of through lines but fewer sidings. Am I missing something on how it operates? richard
  22. For many bogies come many wheels which need painting before fitting. now painted they will hopefully be fitted tomorrow. i know it is not a huge Step, but in lieu of Monday Club night, it is a post to show club night progress. richard
  23. That’s good to know. Reassuring there won’t be implications further down the line. richard
  24. I thought best practice was to let each layer harden off / cure over night. I could be making it all up though. richard
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