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  1. Wheel lining bow pen compass using the centre of the wheel or in 4mm I use curved lining provided by transfer sheets. valence most likely lined. Am a gcr not gnr person so happy to stand corrected.…….good luck. richard
  2. The result is much neater. it is perhaps too wide as it conceals too much black, but it is on now so the others will need to be done the same way. richard
  3. As a punter two passing on the front means I can not study each for the full time, but it does look good, so once in a while passing on the front is a good amount for me. IMHO. richard
  4. First one done. it looks a little neater than the directly applied ones. Boy does it send my eyes dolally hopefully the lining will be more visible once on the model. only 11 more to do. Though I am kicking myself as I think I have underestimated the amount of lining needed. Forgetting that I need two strips of it per side. no doubt at this rate I will find out in December richard
  5. These little jobs seem to take an inordinate amount of time and when they are finished no one notices! that is the sign of a good model. You notice they are absent from the others. richard
  6. Shame to paint the inaccurate livery as it suits the loco quite well. richard
  7. Red cow crossing at Exeter st David’s, is open with trains in the platforms, otherwise it would be permanently closed as there is always something in the station. richard
  8. I keep having to remind myself......it is 2mm, it is 2mm! great work here, as always richard
  9. It is nothing GCR related. It is coronation William stanier. really out of period and location but a great looking loco. richard
  10. Now I do not know which plan we are up to for the others. Plan R? 1.5mm wide strips were too narrow to line on and outside lining meant the lower lining was lost. the idea this time is 2.5 mm wide and put the gold transfer on the edge. Then stick it on the black painted sole bar which will give the black surround. As Keith at club said, “And then they are finished?” I think so but I am sure to have missed something out. I hope they are as I am ready to move on to a different project. I was also kindly given a DJH kit, opening it I realized why people can build more quickly than I can. Firstly all the bits were there. Secondly there was loads of information available to help with the build. maybe more exciting photos shortly. I will be doing one as a proof of concept and I still have to line the other side of the d&s third. richard
  11. B1 into a b3 Thompson convert. There was only one. richard
  12. Achievable is good. I am 13 years into a ten year build and still going. It is getting harder to pull the plug and admit it is too much, so onwards to see when it is done. Better you work this out before it becomes too much. richard
  13. We had a lecturer destruct button graffitied on to one of the desks in a lecture room at university. If you thought the talk was bad you would look over to see if the student at the desk which had the button was pushing it. those chocolate and cream coaches are from the GCR, like the GWR but better. richard
  14. The hat and coat reference is said when you know you are making a poor joke. Almost as if you are at a party and because of the weak humour you have to leave, hence getting your hat and coat. It can also be when you suggest something controversial in the group, eg that the railway with the best chocolate and cream coaches was not the GWR. That would be heretical in some quarters. richard
  15. And I thought I was done. However an email exchange with JQ had him persuading me that the brown and gold had to go on. I found fox do a .3 mm gold lining. I tried on the d&s first as it has riveted detail so could not have an inlaid piece. I will have to touch in the brown and black afterwards where it is obviously missing. This is pre decal soft so it has not sat down over the rivets yet. It is certainly noticeable. now I have done this I am committed to doing another 4 sides and realistically another 13. richard
  16. Superb work there. Thank you for sharing it. Richard
  17. Is this the solution to the problem? sorry hat coat ....gone richard
  18. They are worsley works etches for the floor, sides and ends. The rest you make yourself. Luckily I was offered some d&s etches for most of the bogies. I hade to use one as a master to make an extra one. they were enjoyable to build. richard
  19. Yes corridor side. It is more relaxing to look at as it is less busy. The frosted glass with coat of arms are fitted to the other side. richard
  20. Kit building, if not locos, these are as near as finished as I am going to be able to get them. Any more accuracy to prototype has either been stopped due to lack of prototype information or lack of skill on my part to replicate the prototype, mostly in the painting department. the are another 5 but most would have to play spot the difference to know that I was not just putting up more pictures of the same carriages. Just as I can not tell most Mk2 carriages apart. to keep it on topic, care was taken with their assembly, which is why it has taken about a month to build each carriage. richard
  21. The insides are in and the carriages have all been turned to the correct orientation. you can see the carpets if you angle the carriages and catch the light correctly. So definitely worth it. as usual you do not notice that the insides are fitted, but it is obvious when they are not. trimming the floors to fit did give me an idea how to get the brown on the solebars. Paint up very thin plasticard and lay that on as a sort of 3D transfer. It is all sunken and in shadow so it may just work. then it is on to the green Howard’s 2-4-2 to see if that can be brought to life. richard
  22. The carpets are in. I drew the line at cutting out the tassels on each corner. I am looking at how to do the brown and black on the solebars. The transfers did not work. The colour was not deep enough. Painting the brown with masks of 1mm wide strips of masking tapes over the black did not give straight enough lines and it still leaves the gold line. How to do that. My bowpen work is very poor so if that is the only route then they are going to have to have everything else done except that and then come back to it when I feel more confident. just thinking out loud, any mileage in LMS lining? It is black and straw around the edges. I just remember from using it years ago that there was no edging lining, I had to paint out one straw line. ideas? richard
  23. This one there are about 8-10 drawings of various carriages or rakes of carriages. All useful. Also information in the text. richard
  24. On the most detailed drawing we have the flooring. third and smoking have an iron plate. Those could be made, but will it be seen? the first non smoking had....tiles.....carpet I could do that as a paper coloured in. Simple but what colours? worth it? I would need 5. It would be a couple of days of diversion. I know most are saying put people in, they would be more visible, just two per carriage would be another 14 to paint up. Not sure I have that many seated people richard
  25. Not when you consider that some can build a br maroon carriage in 3 days including painting, or under a week at least. richard Home made. I found a design of mug. Printed it on paper to scale and then glued it around a plastic rod. The coffee pot/ tea pot is round plastic rod of various sizes. Cemented to each other. They are more impressionist than perfect, but should give the illusion looking through the carriage window. Others go further. Clive models the bacon in the frying pan. richard
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