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  1. If i am opperating a layout just have your kid lean over and wave their hand at speed over less than robust scenery and laugh with that" what can i do kids will be kids" chuckle giving me that look of " Because i love my kids you must do so too" especially if they end up damaging a fence or tree before quickly leaving saying "dont worry he can quickly fix it- he is a modeller." By that stage i have not only decided you must be lynched but also how to do it to ensure i am not caught.
  2. Ah the midget, tiny petrol tank, unreliable in cold weathr but fun to drive. And the midget doesn't stand behind you going "Have you finished yet?.....have you finished yet? over and over again. Thats why i stayed up close to midnight to finish it so that i could finish it in peace. This parenting malarky was seriously over sold by all the people with kids before we started on this caper. I think it was so we too could suffer like they were.
  3. And the reason why things have slowed on the wagons. For Valentines the wife took the kids to a model shop so they could get model planes to build. Read Daddy build them. So this is the Hellcat which now adorns the celling of the kids bedroom. now back to trains. Tanks were distraction enough. At least they were for a Warflat load.
  4. I assumed it was left in the guards van where he smoked his favorate brand of tobacco in his pipe, Some prefered their kippers to have the aroma of rough 5hag, though i have to say it was goldern virginia for my tastes. Read into that what you will. It censored out a perfectly respectable brand of tobacco!
  5. dont forget the paper put between the two rods so that they do not solder together and have some movement room, remove it once the solder joint is made.
  6. more wagons for the production line before spray painting them. In fairness it is -19c outside so i will need to wait until it is 25c hotter before spraying. I have more of the warflat as there was only one before. Then the twin bolster which is not quite finished it needs the chains added. Lastly the long open wagon, i already have one so i think i will add the hood which would be used for fish traffic, i do have some nicely moulded fish boxes from ten commandments, however, i fear that the wagon would have been covered so the fish would not get covered in soot which wo
  7. if i do a "raised in France" one then i do not need to worry about which was which as they would not have any markings to put on.
  8. The decision to spray paint a batch of wagons has meant that progress has been made on the building front, but the wagons are in the raw. It shows up any dodgy building. There is the war flat and a gunpowder van. the gunpowder van is a reddish colour (alizarine vermillion) that i need to match against USA paint suplies, or wait to pick up a pot when i come back to Blighty in the summer. precission paints apparently do a pot. I will need to make up my own transfer for the Gunpowder van, unless someone does "gunpower van" in black to put on the side. Still at least that is easier
  9. I know the Bachmann wagon is later, but if i am building a warflat for WW1 what would its paint scheme be?
  10. great thanks but would they have been plain green or had unit markings or were they sent over to a pool to be allocated to units once in france?
  11. there is a crompton model in the science museum which is a working model. Just push a button. My kids love watching the motion
  12. Steam lorry done. It is amazing how much time can be spent in google looking at the colours of different areas. So much so that i found a full size one for sale......and was tempted. Still not otally settled on where it will be placed in juxtapostition to the weighbridge. It is Pattinson's after a friend who has offered much sage advice, and whose modeling skill i aspire to emulate. Next up a war flat for a nice change of wagon. However, it leaves question after question . What colour were they in WW1? What end did the whippets face, (back to back, nose to nose,
  13. It is coming along Clive. Can i say having rodded my layout, you are doing it the right way around, fix it then paint it, it is an absolute swear the other way around. Also i pity you all that rodding it drove Andy and I nearly insane. Think ballasting but worse.
  14. Work has been off the layout recently, building a steam lorry, such a nice kit from scale link It even has brake pads and chain drive. It saved me having to make my own. I have always had a thing for these steam lorries and they had long lives so fit well with the idea of a wider time frame for the layout. This particular one was built from 1919 to 1929 and would have survived into the 50s(?) It will be Patterson Pattern makers to be an industry which helps Cluro castings. I just need to make up my own tranfers for it. I have had time to place some sheep, hopefully in a
  15. the first set of points on the right do not give you any prototypical moves and really the other points allow so many options th\t i would not have them and save yourself the cash. you could then space out the other track if you wished a little. train lengths need not be limited as expresses could pass straight through a small station, think GC london extension small stations. hope this helps Richard
  16. Point rodding was in before we came stateside, i did the rods around the signal box and Andy did the rods down the baack of the station. The other one tried to build a building but he does not have the patience.
  17. they blend nicely into the scene as if they were always meant to be there. Out of the 32 how many did you use?
  18. how much help? none, he is far too independent and determinded to master things on his own.
  19. The latest building on the layout. In fairness it was built by my 4 year old son who insisted it was time he built buildings like Dad, it is his first scratch build and he only had the off cuts box to work from and i was not giving him a scalpel. He thinks it looks good here and it should now be glued down i told him we should see if it looks best there before we glue it down.
  20. Yes John would have. The garrett is an impressive machine though it is floppy before going on the track so handling it was interesting. I did like the lighs which lit up when moving. Thanks Thom for bringing them. They did not run on the GC as far as i know but they did cross over it. As for Hogwarts castle, it is on a diversionary route as there was engineering work on the ECML. Prototypically definately happened. Richard
  21. The obvious ones here would be matchboard stock of the GCR which would look great here and lasted well into the BR era, they would go with th D11, J11 and the london extension station buildings, but have yet to appear. You have almost the same issue with LNER days with lack of catering stock etc. I for one am happy to keep on making them.
  22. Always sage advice thank you. ......and so to burning, will need to give this some thought as i live in a building which does not allow naked flames, fake burning will need to be done. I have a smoke wash i could put on but will need to find a picture or two of burnt banks to get it to look right. Richard
  23. more bushes added again from cast off from my first ever layout. Then they were rather unconvincing horsehair hedges, but take a pair of scissors to it and planting it around it gives small bushes, i might paint little flowers on some if the mood takes me to change from all green. I do have an issue with the bank not looking real, it is missing something. But what? Rocks? more plants? definately will be cutting back the bushes comng down from the tree to the tracks, it just does not look right. Richard
  24. Thanks for the kind encouragement, more progress has been made and i will post once i have stopped feeling the need to plant shrubs. Also opened a 6 wheel barake to start work on. Richard
  25. i have just nticed how obvious the rear angle shows of the B5 that the layout is OO.
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