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  1. Love the loco. By coincidence i have just posted picture of my proposed standard 2-8-2 on my Dettingen thread. It seems the invasion of the nobodies gets worse. Any one is able to join us if they want the liberation of going freestyle for a while. Like dr pepper, try it , you might like it. i thought i would paste it here to save wandering over to my layout thread, You are most welcome to though. Richard
  2. A montage of locos, most fit into my other passion of prototype or proposed locos, only a couple would have run on the GCR but they run when i run it in its "preserved" railway mode, with all the new builds built in preservation who is to say that these would not be built and run on the preserved GCR as it is the only preserved railway where they can truely stretch their legs(wheels) First up one that would have run, GT3 a golden arrow model which has extras added. I broke one of the windows and Goldern Arrow sent a spare free of charge, such excellent customer service. It did appear in BRM a
  3. sorry little progress on the layout as have been busy with family commitments so i will post up some different locos from my other passion, proposed, prototypes and one off locos. Richard
  4. that looks great i look forward to seeing it completed. it makes my efforts with Dettingen on here look tiny, it too is set around nottingham but on the GC. Richard
  5. As promissed lets take a tour through the buildings. If you arrived by train as you approached the station you would see the lamps being got ready in the lamp ut, with the filing cabinet top draw open and stuffed with papers. Why? But i am assured that is how Rugby's lamp hut was when it was gone round by a corespondant of mine. Then there was the signal box with the signal man relaxing he must take a break when he can. The interior of this was discribed by my friend John Cluro who was a GC signalman. I did not put in the melomine? flooring as i prefered to try my hand at the wood grain ef
  6. That is kind of you to say so. Yes you can see my great central shelf, your book identification is spot on. There is an LNER one too. I will post up the insides of the buildings next as having done the platelayers huts all the buildings are done for the layout as it stands. Once it gets end boards with curved track on to take it to a fiddle yard behind then i will have loads of houses to build. Full interiors? logic and sence would say no but i just have a feeling the Bell affect will be too much to resist. Richard
  7. The platelayers hut is built and it replaces the kit built inaccurate one. I have included before and after pictures because it got me thinking, 7 years ago when i started to build the layout i was happy with the kitbuilt inaccurate building, it had a sloping roof and wood planking, a chimney and a door. However it has nagged me more recently as the roof sloped the wrong way, the door should be on the end and it should not have a window. What it has got me thinking about is how much more of my layout will i be dissatisfied with in another 7 years time when i feel it might be nearing completion
  8. thanks for the spur explaination it has given me much food for thought seeing how well it was done and yet technically so simple. Richard
  9. A wagon set . First up the completed bolster wagons, and the loaded open. the bigest headache i find is in gettng wood areas to look like wood i have tried many colour combimnations not sure which i am happiest with, i think the steel carrier probiblly is most realistic. Then the open wagons, the Hornby coke wagon needed brake handles on ends filed off and an interior fitted, if like me s&p couplings are being used the underframe needs to have a fair amount cut away. The other is a 5 plank from Mousa models, the best kit i have built, as it it was easy and had great detail, not that
  10. from my records city of lincoln picked up its LNER number in march 1924 and infact was the first of the class to do so, it could all be just when they went through works for a general repair. The last was city of liverpool in may 1925. If i am wrong please someone correct me. Richard
  11. Yes, i am in the GCRS and it is one of the best decisions i have made, supurb advice on all questions asked on the forum and the journal "Forward" is always an excellent and informative read.
  12. you mean like this one? i sent it to him, there was enough steam raised to power my entire fleet of locos for a year. Rest assured It will not be staying there. It is a pet hate of mine too. What other pet hates should i aviod to not wind up the punters?
  13. As promissed some green pictures and also some more of the stock for wagon afectionardos. First up my B2, it came off e bay as a globilly painted LNER version with a hole in the boiler and wobbilly handrails and incorrect details, for instancehandrails on the tender. This is the result after some TLC. Then the brake van which came from a GCRS kit originally D&S i think. Then a scratchbuilt bogie wagon used for the Sheffield steel traffic, so simple as it is plasticard U section and a flat top, bogies are altered propriotory ones. Then a CCT from a Peter Kay kit, which really
  14. they are great, they help with all the little details for the goods yard. Something i will need to get right if it is to look convincing.
  15. The track is not handbuilt i am afraid. It is SMP flexitrack which makes it Bulhead. This is right in the main for the GCR period, (I think) but would have been mostly changed over to flat bottom later, and the points are Marcway, with a slight introduction of the soldering iron to tweek a V or two to ensure the best running. It then has the correct size and spacing of the sleepers which you do not get from the peco alternative. Apart fron building from scratch which is fun and simple with GCR wagons because they liked solid simple wagons which can be measured off in the Tatlow book, on LN
  16. maths can be such a graceful thing, i would love to see it in practice and see how long it takes to extract one formation and deliver the next. Richard
  17. i was not aware of that as i am too young to remember it, but i will bow to your greater age, and wisdom in these matters as you were around to experiance such stern treatment by the station master yourself c.1920.
  18. i did not believe it was your modelling to start with as the first couple of pictures had glazing, then i was reassured by the others, they look interesting in the multi coloured scheme but after filing and filing i know they will look great properly painted. Richard
  19. it would ruin the young boys fun, he is passing the time by swinging his feet back and forth and he has encouraged his father and mother to join in with him. They were very indulgent parents and quite progressive for the time. It has mearly captured a moment in time with an early colour photograph.
  20. If you bring it to America, i will happily run it through, the name did come out of the German station sets that i think Kibri did when i was a kid in the seventies, as my father and i wanted a British station it was the most English sounding of the names offered, all my layout attempts since have been called Dettingen, though thi is my first, (last?) attempt at something serious. It will be a slow build as i am trying to give everything maximum detail. A build it once and build it right, hence my openness to issues or improvements being pointed out, in order to get it so itlooks right.
  21. some ofthe latest shots showing some of my GCR stock in the station and shunting in the exchange sidings first up the stock glimpsed through the station Then up to the loco end ready to depart with my B5 for the south. The train passes the signal box Can't decide if i prefer this one? Heading off down past the exchange sidings Passing the waiting freight train It is mostly kit built, with the heavily modified Hornby wagon, and a scratch built bolster wagon important for moving the steel from Sheffield. I hope this hints at what i hope to achieve once it is finished I
  22. Or mount all your couplings higher, mine go through the bufferbeam, this stps them fowling the bogie on all stock, wagons are set this way too, it sounds unsightly but it is really not to the eye at normal viewing distances. The issue then becomes on r-t-r wagons as some have a false lower floor, but it is easier to cut this away than muck around on the bogie stock. It also makes mounting the wire very easy as it is secured through holes in the buffer beam rather than stuck below it Richard
  23. I thought i would include some locos and stock in a drip feed as i resize old photos and build new stock. First up some locos. I have to explain that i intend to run in 4 era from pre grouping, grouping, BR and preservation. I also have a thing for proposed locos two of which appear here. First up the crosti standard 5 which would have been the next batch built. It is more than an extra smokebox door as the boiler taper ges the other way to fit the chimney on the side, it is a DJH top with a Bachmann chasis and a tender from elsewhere. It has left bits to do the standard 2-8-0. The standa
  24. great pics more of the D9 please it looks great.
  25. Thank you for the kind comments and video advic on the street scene. Clive do not play down your help on two fronts, firstly it is the union rule with British workmen that one must be stood drinking tea at all times and secondly without you there would be no posts on this thread. Richard
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