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  1. Transfers are on, the tank has been named to give it character and the number has been imitated from photos of whippets in France. The gunpowder van needs to have just that written in black on each side so i feel a first attempt at a transfer coming on. The twin bolster Lastly the set. Next up loads, chains, weathering. - thanks for all the advice on this front.
  2. Thats brilliant info, i am about to rope down a carriage as well so this will be invaluable. Thank you.
  3. This looks good, very GC i look forward to seeing it with trains on show. I have something similar but on a much smaller scale on my Dettingen thread.
  4. Thank you Yes that was what i thought might be, now does anyone know of a supplier of such an item for 4mm?
  5. there will be two whippets on the wagon, which was how they were traditionally loaded, both facing the same way so i am told. physics will be prototypically obeyed
  6. Loads trial fitted, they will need roping/chaining down First up the long wagon with its wood load, it will be roped down in due course. Then the twin bolster with telegraph poles, these will be chained down Lastly the whippet, it may get personalised if i can find some letters in my spare transfers box. the second still awaits its replacement left track and i may add stores boxes to it to ring the changes. the question is how to secure the tank, i assume chains but how to get them to look under tension in 4mm, also would they not have a tightening block? transfers to come and weathering. Richard P.S. i passed the driving theory test, now just have to drive 1 mile on test to get my full licence.
  7. Next up the wagons are through the paintshop. First up the gunpowder van in bufferbeam red, it will mellow in shine aftr transfers and a matt varnish is applied. Next the warflat, tried to get the wood right. Still unsure of its lettering for transfers c.1918 Third is the twin bolster Then the long wagon Lastly the set. In the background is the flatrol it needs more work, i will be pulling out the wire as it is too simplistic as these wagons had chains fixed at the top and i think i have a solution to make it work .........watch this space. Next up trial fitting loads
  8. Some pictures of the ladies.........cows that have been back dated and put to munch happily in the field whilst watching the railway. It is amazing how much more things are brought to life with a little wash of, in this case, mud brown over them. Richard
  9. welcome, i suggest rattling through the "view new content" on a regular basis, it can have some excellent ideas coming from threads you would not normally open up. Richard
  10. Thank you all for your kind words. Those files you mentioned Clive...............plasticard does fill them up somewhat and so does white metal. What are you doing say last Monday in June at 8pm? I too enjoy the research element, though i also like to see it go together, the main painting i just get through, but then i get really into the fine painting and weathering, especially wood at the moment. In all honesty i think the kill comes from knowing what will work for the pieces and in which order they ned to go together. Building a few good kits teaches you that. How much do i and many others owe to Parkside Dundas? I have a few more pics of progress which i must upload, but i am preping for my USA driving theory test tomorrow, so they will be on hold until later tomorrow. Richard
  11. i would keep going with the end of houses look, there is gap between them, it is there in reality so it should be on the model.
  12. it looks good, you have been promissing yourself that for a while. enjoy it.
  13. Reading some of the comments, they come across as quite negative and demanding, whether they intend to or not. I would like to redress the balence and say... Thank you Jason for taking the time and commercial risk to produce a prototype model that has limited time and livery variation. Thank you for taking such time to ensure that it looks so good and taking the time to ensure that it runs through second radiu curve (the industry standard). In order that i can get it out of the packet plonk it on the railway and it will go. All of this has saved me huge amounts of hours in sratchbuilding one, especially one that tilts. If i need to only run such a unique design on my outside track or move a piece of lineside equipment on my personal railway which you have neither seen, nor do i expect you to see, then so be it. That is a small price to pay when it arrives. So thank you again, i look forward to what else you produce and i hope if i have any questions i will remember to ask you in a polite manner. Yours Richard. P.S. I have ordered an APT even though i model pre grouping steam, quality will always lure me to buy out of era.
  14. Thank you for the craftmanship ticks above, in fairness though i think it requires little skill, but a loss of sanity is compulsory. Perserverance is necessary more than any other skill. lets hope it all shows up once it is all painted up.
  15. Rivets anyone. It is not done there are still 64 to add. For the counters of rivets out ther that still means i will be 48 short of the correct number which as this is the tail end of the riveting makes me question how many i have fitted from the start. Thank goodness for transfer rivets. The next wagon was going to be a 53ft weltrol but i think that will wait until i can face a lot of rivets again. Instead i think i will build an open cct, i have counter it only has 24 rivets......easy. Richard
  16. Sorry to hear about your teeth, glad to hear you are getting back on track, and I am excited about you showing off your cad skills. Not going to lie, I have been thinking about fury a lot recently.
  17. You are making my progress look positively pedestrian I am looking forward to seeing it in the summer
  18. have you made the fire hole doors operational? i would have thought in 7mm it was a task worth taking on.
  19. Thank you Terry The big green one fits under rule one. Also layout is to be run in different era, who is to say it did not go to one of the open days at leicester or Nottingham.
  20. typo is confusing you it is a 63ft flatrol! scratch built top out of plasticard and bogies from parkside dundas.....when they arrive. It comes from a half drawn one in LNER wagons volume one which i mirror copied at work multiple times and stuck on the plasticard so i could get exact copy pieces. There is a weltrol on the next page which is calling out to be made up. it is all posted up on my Dettingen thread in pre grouping on RMWeb. Family is all well, sis is visiting for a week so kids are all especially excited at the moment. Richard
  21. Progress update. The fence has been finished for the cows field. Yes the cows are the wrong colour, but they do have horns which will be obvious once repainted. Also the long open wagon has got its load. God bless the little coffee stirers you can get which are used in take away establishments. It will be sheeted down once the wagon is painted. That is on hold as it is snowing outside again.
  22. Do i win 38 homes in 39 years on 3 continents? I do have a railway, fortunately it comes apart to travel otherwise there would have been many restarts.
  23. Buckingham photos were great, a masive insperation to me when building Dettingen. Most is scratch built, kit built by necessity but i enjoy doing it. I could only do that by learning from others TW included. Through it i learn about so many aspects, that is the fulfilling aspect of the hobby to me...learning. It keep the grey cells working. Richard
  24. now where do i source an elephant from. Also explains why the GC had Elephant wagons.
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