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  1. This subject has been discussed before, And with respect to exhibition layouts, Brian
  2. They are not always that simple to convert. I have had a couple of Roco AC locos that I have bought cheap mainly for the bodies. I found the wheels to have deeper flanges and the motor gearing was different. The worm gear was a double start version which basically halves the reduction ratio. This is done because the motor runs at half speed, the AC voltage being converted to DC via half-wave rectification. Depending upon which half of the half-wave is fed to the motor changes the direction. Brian
  3. brigo

    RhB news

    Would also overcome the current problem of passengers travelling between Scuol and St Moritz having to change at Samadan. Could now have one portion Scuol-Pontresina and another Scuol-St Moritz. Brian
  4. brigo

    RhB news

    Another site in English witha short video https://railway-news.com/stadler-capricorn-train-switzerland/ They appear to have only one unit powered with the other three having low floors. Fully automatic couplers with the ability to have trains that split. I can see them being used for a train that goes from Landquart to Sagliains and then splitting with one part to Scuols and the other to St Moritz. Brian
  5. brigo

    RhB news

    If you visit the Swiss Map site you can zoom in closer. Really useful for the photographic view. https://map.geo.admin.ch/?lang=en Brian
  6. Actually it was David Tennant and Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones) Brian
  7. When the Ade coaches were first released they came with the wrong bogies. They supplied them with the standard Minden Deutz bogies as used for 160 km/h speeds when they were actually fitted with the "Leicht" version restricting their speed to 120 km/h. The Minden Deutz Leicht were the same as used initially on the AB4yge umbau coaches and other xx4yge coaches later. I fitted Roco ones to mine. Brian
  8. Lemke which contains new items from Hobbytrain, Kato, Jaegerndorfer and Lemke in HO and N https://www.lemkecollection.de/media/files_public/dbnrmpdpoq/LEMKE%20Neuheiten%20Katalog%202019.pdf Jaegerndorfer in HO and N https://www.dropbox.com/s/ll57i42w8ndtcdb/Eisenbahn%202019%20H0.pdf?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/50xjnqcxh7lg5qn/Eisenbahn%202019%20N.pdf?dl=0 Brian
  9. Bemo HOm/HOe now available https://www.bemo-modellbahn.de/fileadmin/bemo/files/downloads/ab_2018/Neuheiten_H0m_2019_mail.pdf Brian
  10. My first N gauge layout was on a board about 7' by 15". Softwood frame of 3" x 1" with a chipboard top. I was in my 20's then and moving it was not really a problem. Used to store it on end and the only thing I had to watch was not damaging the ceiling when I lifted it up. Brian
  11. Hi Ross, welcome to the forum. I notice you've also got this project going in the Layout Topics section which is perhaps the better section. Might be best to transfer the discussion there, maybe a Mod can help do this. Brian
  12. In this situation the first thing to do is contact the seller. Has he dispatched the item, if so when and by what means (airmail or slow boat). I don't know the rules governing international transactions, but here in the UK the seller has only completed the contract when the buyer has received the item. The seller can't blame the post, courier or whoever, that's up to the seller to sort out. Brian
  13. Try this one, it hasn't got the extra rmweb bit on the beginning http://www.modelrailwayclubs.co.uk/clubs/devon/north-cornwall-and-devon-model-railway-club Brian
  14. Is there a mix up in units here. The terminals have a cross section of 0.080" by 0.030" or approximately 2.03 mm by 0.76 mm. So how will a 0.76 mm dia round socket fit on ? Brian
  15. Electrical components can deteriorate over the years, but it will mainly be switches or potentiometers where the contacts can get an oxide coating or just plain grime. Electrolytic capacitors can also dry out and fail. Brian
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