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  1. Here's a drawing of the original track arrangment around Alp Grum, I was going to scan it out of a book I have, but like so many things it's already available on the internet. Google got you pretty close, the radius was 45 m Brian
  2. brigo

    RhB news

    The poster of this video has a few more on YouTube. There is one taken in May of Pontresina to Scuol/Tarasp. Really excellent video. It shows the Samedan to Bever double tracking is in use, but there is only a single track through Bever itself because of the station rebuild. I was surprised to find that Sagliains station has been rebuilt further East, much further and they could have done away with Lavin. Looks like the only benefits are longer platforms and a longer siding possibly for shuttle trains. https://map.geo.admin.ch/?lang=en&topic=ech&bgLayer=ch.swisstopo.swissimage&layers=ch.swisstopo.zeitreihen,ch.bfs.gebaeude_wohnungs_register,ch.bav.haltestellen-oev,ch.swisstopo.swisstlm3d-wanderwege&layers_opacity=1,1,1,0.8&layers_visibility=false,false,false,false&layers_timestamp=18641231,,,&E=2803460.45&N=1182751.98&zoom=11 There is also a video of St Moritz to Tirano in winter. Almost scary not being able to see the track under the snow. Brian
  3. brigo

    RhB news

    I sometimes like to do the odd jigsaw puzzle, one contributor to the site I use often posts a RhB picture. His/her latest offering on Sunday was a picture of 602 passing the Glacier Express at Valendas-Sagogn on August 1st. Presumably the picture must have been taken shortly before the accident, weather was bright and sunny, so possibly the mudslide was caused by a sudden deluge. Here's the picture, need to do the puzzle first https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=1604e0507305 Brian
  4. I bought a DZt way back in 1983 or 1985 on a visit to Interlaken when I was modelling in N gauge. Apart from the wheels it also ran a bit on the high side. This is fairly easy to remedy by removing material from the bogie pivot, can't remember now if it was on the bogie itself or on the body moulding. Brian
  5. brigo

    RhB news

    There are some interesting photos of the new Valser containers/trains on this forum :- https://www.modell-bahn.ch/forum/index.php?thread/7790-neue-werbepritschen-bei-der-rhb-valser/ I notice depending upon which type of wagon the containers are attached to some sit higher than others. I presume at the moment they are still being loaded using pallet trucks, but the height difference must cause problems. Brian
  6. Take a look at the range of strip wood sold by Hobbies and Hobby's (different companies) https://www.hobbies.co.uk/materials/wood#q=pageitems.44 https://hobby.uk.com/materials/wood.html Brian
  7. The bypass is shown in dotted on the Swiss Maps site https://map.geo.admin.ch/?lang=en&topic=ech&bgLayer=ch.swisstopo.pixelkarte-farbe&layers=ch.swisstopo.zeitreihen,ch.bfs.gebaeude_wohnungs_register,ch.bav.haltestellen-oev,ch.swisstopo.swisstlm3d-wanderwege&layers_opacity=1,1,1,0.8&layers_visibility=false,false,false,false&layers_timestamp=18641231,,,&E=2633047.33&N=1168575.73&zoom=10 Brian
  8. brigo

    EBay madness

    Judging from his description this seems like an honest seller, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Nothing/303533509902?hash=item46ac01cd0e:g:HTcAAOSwOuheZtXn Brian
  9. I think the problem here is caused by the use of a mold release agent, which is of an oily nature, used in manufacture. You need a solvent or detergent solution to remove it or use a paint which contains a solvent. I've always used enamel paints which are oil based and contain a solvent for painting track and never had a problem. Acrylic paints do vary, some are water based and others like Tamiya have the addition of a solvent like IPA. To answer Philou's question, it's always a good idea to wash a plastic kit in a detergent solution before painting. Brian
  10. Given the state of the building on the right definitely not new. The site has been levelled on Google maps, however in this case Bing maps is your friend, it's still there for now. https://binged.it/30O8wau Brian
  11. The walkways above seem to be positioned such that a tipped wagon would come up between them. If the load is a bit "sticky" someone can then give it a prod to move it. Brian
  12. Do you know where it is ? Brian
  13. Bemo H0m and H0e available at https://www.bemo-modellbahn.de/aktuelles/information-neuheiten-2020.html Brian
  14. With all this banter about how few people live in Central Birmingham let's not forget that Curzon Street is not the only destination in Phase 1. There is also Birmingham Interchange by the NEC. The local councils and commercial stakeholders envisage 40% of journeys in Phase 1 will be made using the station. Birmingham Interchange is being built not only to connect with the NEC but with transport links to Birmingham International and Birmingham Airport. There are also plans to extend the Midland Metro (which will also pass Curzon Street) out to the station. It will also be a Parkway station with some 7500 parking spaces. This will obviously benefit people living in the surrounding area including Coventry, Warwick etc. The parking was to all be at ground level, but the plans have recently changed and will now be multi-storey freeing up land for up to 4000 homes in the immediate vicinity of the station. There is also expected to be pressure from developers to open up more land for housing in the surrounding area. Roll on London Zone 10 Brian
  15. Viessmann do some gauges for overhead that look very similar to those in the video except they are blue in colour https://viessmann-modell.com/sortiment/spur-h0/oberleitung/?p=1 The red ones are Marklin, just needed to find out what to call them, mastpositionslehre https://www.maerklin.de/en/products/details/article/70011/ Brian
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