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  1. Good morning Ian . They are both beautiful models. best wishes Brian
  2. Mk 1 painted glazed etc...underside of 47 xx and GBL black five transformed by separate handrails fitted
  3. Nice model Ian...it’s provenance? It seems to have more “ substance” than my Heljan. I’ve just received a delayed order from wizard for their Scot chassis ...Galatea name and numbers ordered from model master...there is a picture in the LMS jubilees by RJEssery and GToms of it with the dreaded yellow stripe. I couldn’t bring myself to put it on 45735 but will just to ring the changes, on this one. I have wondered why the two Jubes ended up at Barry. 45690 Leander was withdrawn from Bristol Barrow Road, makes sense . Galatea was withdrawn from Shrewsbury, then ended up at Eastleigh wo
  4. Couldn’t resist it, a class of loco long admired, apparently at the right price..a Heljan class 47 xx night owl purchased from Olivias trains. Great service from them... The model duly arrives...well packaged by the vendor....the model itself...mmmm...a thread exists on this web. I opted for the unlined black version...beautifully modelled with lots of fiddley fragile detail. No matter how I tried the tender would not stay on the track. I’ve deduced it’s the rather novel drawbar and four tender to loco wires which combine to derail it...yes back to backs all checked. Tender removed
  5. 45521 now finished with rear step added, pleased with the taff vale motor. Mk1 comet corridor composite sides added to mainline donor. A lot of work to change interior layout to suit
  6. The long firebox model wise, was modelled by mainline ( Palitoy). This variant is indeed plentiful second hand, especially if a failed split chassis thus providing a source of bodies. I hadn’t taken too much notice of such matters in my earlier years...long or short firebox...a quick renumber and name many times. The wisdom of age and a desire to model more accurately, coupled with the advent of google, threads such as this and purchase of relevant reference books show up earlier errors. The short firebox type were more prevalent in real life but not in terms of their model availabilit
  7. Good Morning John yes and you can see I have to add some cab steps to my loco. I can’t remember if missing when purchased or knocked off by me and in one of my spares boxes. I think I’ve an etch probably mainly trains of different types, and after all these years, havnt found a better way of making two pieces of metal stay aligned whilst soldering.
  8. Rhyl not quite finished pleased with the marriage of Bachmann body and Hornby cab also the motor gear combo
  9. I’m working on a LMS 460 marathon..not that I need them but just for the pleasure of building. Rhyl nearly completed, now with Taff Vale motor and comet gearbox and drive extender! I had planned to put the original canon motor into a Hornby rebuilt Scot body. A comet gearbox and drive extender fitted to that motor. I was going to compare the two combinations. Wizard appear to have sold out of the Scot chassis pack. I have however a GBL black five body sent to me by John R some time ago. A Ivatt black five chassis pack ordered . In the meantime the body improved with handrails smokebox door dar
  10. I have used a number of methods constructing chassis over the years. The Iain Rice book was my standard reference work some years ago. I currently use a Poppy’s Jig. I can recommend it. I’m currently constructing a number of LMS 460 comet chassis., using both their canon motor and Taff Vale models alternative. In both cases with Comet gearboxes and drive extenders. My preferred gearboxes are High Level, currently unavailable.
  11. Hello Ian just been looking at your layout, really nice modelling. I think I read, that your family hail from Birmingham, my own layout Water Orton has, in addition to my models, a number of rare photos of the ex midland lines to the east of the city. Best wishes Brian
  12. Ian if it’s any consolation I have just had to remove and relay some track in my fiddle yard , the odd derailment...not on all my locos, not every time, but just enough to really brass me off when it happens. I’ve finally sorted it out...or have I ?there are track gremlins especially in a loft layout.
  13. Drive extender now added to Rhyl..pick ups .....motor exchanged for a taff vale purchase running in before adding motion will photo to show how the other motor now sits above the drivers courtesy of the drive extender. I have also bought another box and extender for the canon to compare with the taff vale. I will record how I get on in due course
  14. Hello John quick report on the taff vale motor. It is a powerful type. I’ve married it with the comet gearbox and drive extender. The screw mountings are at an angle skewing it slightly. The gearbox combination though lifts it above the drivers and it fits nicely into the smokebox of a rebuilt patriot I’m working on.
  15. John love twelve wheelers....can’t think if any of any type were preserved .. let alone able to be travelled upon....to dine in one would be , have been a fantastic experience. Best wishes Brian
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