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    scratchbuilding...or modifying RTR 4mm stock...era modelled 1950 t0 75 Birmingham area mainly LMS but also GWR black country.Have large amount of stock including any number of "guest" locos

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  1. Thanks John as it wasn’t listed in my 59 loco shed I assumed the worst…then again it was a quick check, and if honest don’t really want to renumber so will retain In any event it’s only really a representative of the type that used that line, ( and an excuse to use the spare motor etc, and add yet another inappropriate type to my roster ). The West Country was largely unexplored by me in my youth. I am acquiring the relevant Middleton press books for any lines I discover. It’s quite heartbreaking seeing some of these stations in their heyday and how they are now. This series of books are a fantastic encyclopaedia of our railways. In terms of then and now, the same of course can be said of my current area of residence, the Black Country. It’s rail network was decimated and only now is it’s loss being fully appreciated , and steps taken to re dress the balance.
  2. Just going through my revamped work bench sorting out the storage drawers and found a Stanier whistle…now added …really is the last photo
  3. Last couple of photos of 44660 going through Water Orton…now with crew and cylinders slightly raised to give better alignment with running plate.
  4. Hello John yes I’m trying to source a kit for this example of RSH…the chassis you’ve just used seems a good starting point best wishes Brian
  5. I know Manna words , tidy, organised, keeping resolutions, as my better half would confirm rarely if ever apply to me! The coaches behind the five are the comet LMS artic set, another project, which has stalled. The class five has now been glazed, just awaiting crew before it’s signed off from works, to sit amongst the other examples I have on my stock shelf. Having the comet gearbox spare, and now with a small high level motor attached (Canon abandoned) I wondered how to utilise? The abandoned Taunton to Barnstaple line, has recently come to my attention. My eldest son’s in laws, live in the converted goods shed of Venns Cross station. It is a most impressive building sympathetically converted into domestic use. I was privileged to have a guided tour of the disused tunnel which is situated at one end of their property. This preamble to explain my choice of loco…a GWR 43 xx. A Mainline example duly bought of eBay. I hadn’t fully read the description only to discover my model had been adapted by the addition of a white metal cab giving the side window variant. I remember these add on kits being available back in the day. I was further intrigued as it is numbered 7331. I checked my 1955 loco shed only to find no such number. Further research showed these locos were originally numbered in the 93xx series…some were then renumbered into the 73 xx during 1956 to 1959. A check of my 1959 loco shed…( I have a number of these dating from the fifties up to the mid seventies…great reference books) 7331 had been withdrawn by then. Fortunately a few, of these renumbered locos were still in service , one 7334 based at Taunton. New plates to be ordered. The mainline chassis by the way seemed to be a good runner….until…on the umpteenth lap of my layout running in the gear wheel inner came loose. I know from previous experience cannot be made to stitch together again…Comet chassis ordered , fortunately have a spare set of 5 8 drivers.
  6. Latest addition to Saltley fleet just a Stanier whistle cab glazing and crew to finish off…a great runner thanks to high level gearbox and motor… You May notice a tidier workbench….shamed by some of the examples seen on other threads I’ve revamped my work desk…resolved to keep it tidy!
  7. Nicely done John, if it’s like my Heljan 27 it’s a good runner too best wishes Brian
  8. John a rare cop indeed….the same excitement when we saw a b1 go through, or on very rare occasion V2.
  9. High level and 1626 in chassis vast improvement to the running qualities highly recommended…now to finish her off at long last
  10. Two packages arrived yesterday . The first, another Strathpepper Jct Lima motor upgrade, for the second of my original class 27 models. This will make the recipient compatible with its twin . The second, a High level 16/26 motor and hi flier gearbox for the Saltley black five, in a bid to improve its pulling capability before adding motion to finish off. It’s been a long drawn out project, not least my ability to be easily distracted. The high level gearbox needs to be constructed and run in, I will only show when in the chassis.
  11. Really enjoyed seeing the video John…never knew that a steam locomotive had windscreen wipers…always something new ! best wishes Brian
  12. Class 27s and peak through Water Orton circa 1968
  13. In respect of traction query, not tested mine to the full, but it pulled eight coaches, including some with brass sides around my layout with ease the other day.
  14. Good morning Barry Happy New Year To be fair to the canon it was bought last year when supplies were scarce. My preferred supplier for motors and gears, as you know from these pages is High Level. You may recall I tried to place it within the frames of this loco as I couldn’t get the riser attachment at that time to the gearbox. To achieve this I did shave some of the outer casing….it didn’t seem to alter the running, but totally accept not as intended by the manufacturer. I have a small high level motor, since purchased which I will try with the gearbox, albeit not now in the black five… I do notice if motors get hot, and this did even before my alteration and without any noticeable load, that this seems to reduce the efficiency. I've found this, also to be the case with Mashimas, some being too hot to touch at times after a short period of running. I know when modellers report on products the X factor which isn’t easily defined is their own level of skill or under what circumstances they placed the product under. In this case the chassis is yet to have motion fitted and any associated resistance that can cause, the gearbox and motor has been run in extensively before being added to what is a very free running 460 chassis. The addition of lead weight is also a crucial factor to traction .The test train which failed at four coaches included two with brass sides which adds to the weight. The free running or not of certain items of stock is another factor. The Lima coaches on the hstfor example, far better running having had all their wheels replaced by excellent Peters Spares replacements. The joy of our hobby, what I havnt reported here, the trails and tribulations with the hst over the Christmas period , now sorted. My friend John R being the recipient of those tales, and angst on Pm s best wishes Brian
  15. Well a bit of modelling at last, completed the comet tender chassis and attached to GBL black five . This enabled me to test the pulling power of the canon motor and gearbox combo. Oh dear three coaches at most…..just remarked to John R if I had wanted a train set I would have asked Santa for one! A 16/26 and hi flyer ordered from Chris at high level…he claims it’s very powerful will report in due course…the canon and comet removed sitting miserably in my spares box..
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