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  1. two of the same photos keep appearing tried editing...now succeeded in taking another photo with totem added modelmaster darker orange lining
  2. Comet taking shape after a lull ....one item that appears to be missing from these second hand bodies are reversing levers. I've just created this one on comet from waste n/s etch...eagle eyed will notice use of. Hornby Royal Scot front wheel set....wrong balance weights will be changed.
  3. I'm sure others have received as well but an e mail from KR of latest newsletter...progress on GT3.... Photos of an EP sample of fell in tooling....future projects the big Clayton demonstration loco...lastly leader.
  4. The works....Crewe...anyway 46120 Royal Inniskilling Fusileer with repaired left hand buffer and smoke deflectors added sitting on the chassis of my previous Scot 45735 Patriot body, Jubillee cab new buffer beam 46140 repainted now in need of chassis donated to 46120 Lastly coudnt let it go to waste 45536 cab now married to Mainline body set higher against front plate.
  5. Hit the buffers. Literally replacing repairing the damaged buffers both on the patriot and now a new Royal Scot body I seem to gave purchased 46120 Royal Eniskillen Fusileers ...the buffer heads are bigger than the std 16 inch which are advertised as replacements . I have had to turn down two deisel oleo to the required diameter. I used my dremel as a simple lathe.
  6. A line of LMS 460 express locos on my workbench all in various states of work being done. The easiest renaming and numbering my existing rebuilt patriot to the VC holder completed. I'm in the process of repairing my latest with a new buffer beam. It has had the jubillee cab added as well. The Royal Scot repainted awaiting lining and numbering......it's a bit like Crewe works
  7. Private W Wood VC loco body arrived today. Front buffer missing left hand side...noticed one or two on eBay with this and the odd Scot. I couldnt bring myself to adapt a locomotive named after one of the bravest of the brave. I therefore decided to swap with my Sir Frederick Harrrison. I now know why the damage....too much glue by the front coupling detail remove the chassis damage the buffer beam. I've decided to transfer the nameplate splashers over instead and renumber to 45536. The now nameless loco has had the jubillee cab grafted on . Will photo tomorrow.
  8. What the jct should look like if I had the room to model it
  9. Essential pw work. I always seem to do this when loft like a sauna. A Marcway 54/36 curved left hand point now installed at East junction replacing a peco version. Great workmanship by Marcway. It has visually improved the down lines approach to the footbridge. All wired up and my now vastly improved running Scot sailing over the trackwork. A section of the up lines needed replacing due to my clumsiness with the chisel removing the old ballasted track.
  10. I have found out my book the power of the Royal scots by David Jenkinson it shows the Scot in apple green. I can't say I'm sorry it wasn't adopted by BR.....sorry any LNER enthusiasts...great collection of locos though farren My eye clearly taken in by the apple green Scot just looking at the photo again . British Legion....at the forefront impressive loco.
  11. And there it was a rb patriot body selling for less than I paid or the mainline body....cruel fate why do you play with me so....of course I've bought it. Scot chassis now working as it should. The body repaired with plasticard and plastic weld earning itself a repaint and relining in the process. . in the event there were a number of Hornby Scot and patriot bodies on e bay....evidence of the chassis failures ? Now to remove the mainline cab again from comet....my workbench starting to resemble Derby works on a bank holiday shutdown. Iain armed with the proper starting material will be referring to your thread to create Comet .i know there is an issue with the smokebox saddle being different for example. I realise how blase I how been with my own railways ( midland / LMS) express 460 s....familiarity etc... Loads of prototype info on for example Thompson pacifics but not these...
  12. I seem to recall John that TW rates the shape of the wills A 4.... Just remembered where I read it ....comparing it to the then Hotnby A. 4....since modified. In any event enjoying it taking shape
  13. Gents great looking locomotives. please keep posting . Iain another fine example joining your outstanding fleet of licomotives. The crest on 46127 .....I do love the names given to the scots with their regimental connection. Iain your model of British Legion it's the only one I've seen in 4 mm other than by the late great Mr Jenkinson. my own attempt at Comet clearly won't be as accurate but will still post when finished not least as a comparison with its original mainline interpretation. I have a high level 13/20 and hi flyer gearbox on orde, to go in it. The comparison with my now better running mashima .., will be interesting. I just managed to order them before my friend John R emptied all of Chris's stock. Lastly sincere thank you to all who read and contribute to this thread it has helped me improve both my modelling skills and increased my knowledge of my beloved former home village.
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