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  1. Hey guys anyone know how to build it as I got the unpainted version and it's in kit form but there's no instructions with it
  2. I plan on having directional lighting at the corners of the loco so one white on the left side and a red at the rear on the right and the same the other way, I also plan on having a cab light so would that be wired to the green wire
  3. Have this DCC chip but I'm not sure what one it is Also how would I modify the wiring to fit inside the Hornby Sentinel loco to allow me to have headlights and taillights
  4. It also went to Edinburgh as well again to check clearances
  5. Bombardier aerospace have cut 5,000 jobs and are really struggling at the moment so it wouldn't surprise me if bombardier don't exist in the next year or two
  6. Any idea when it will be publicly revielled
  7. Hey guys just seen a photo of 91119 in retro swallow livery with the lner logo as well and am wondering if it's genuine or if it's a Photoshop
  8. Thanks for the suggestion I tried using clear gorilla glue and it kinda worked but only secured the bottom pieces of the ballast
  9. Thought I would start a topic on my new OO guage DCC controlled garden railway loosly based of Edinburgh and the Lothians Still very much a WIP but will keep you updated on the progress
  10. Hi, yeah I contacted Rapido who put me in contact with yourselves and Thank you, they havent arrived yet but once they do I will reply to the email
  11. Question for you guys I'm currently building a 00 guage railway in my back garden and was wondering what's the best sort of thing for ballasting the track
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