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  1. The Bridge at Remagen is an N-Gauge World War Two era layout centred on a true scale model of famous Ludendorff Bridge that spanned the Rhine close to the town of Remagen. The layout has a predominately military theme depicting the Rhine bridge as it was in September 1944. Chronology this sitting between Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge, and at the point where the bridges defences were being strengthen in the face of the imminent threat of the advancing Allied Armies. The bridge and the immediate boards are a true scale representation of the actual br
  2. To clarify - The operating team is not against the idea of a person at the front to engage with the public. We're against expanding the core team out beyond 6 full-time operators due to the multitude of logistical problems with accommodation and transportation this curses. Depending on the location of the exhibitions, we do have a number of day operators that we call on to supplement the full-time operators to free up an operator to act as a front man.
  3. Keep an eye out on ebay. One might come up. Formations looks like a loco, 5 coaches and trailing drive car. We'd probably want 2 sets coupled together with a DF11 on the front to look the part on Beijiao.
  4. No Soviet or Korean, but I have been looking at whether I could get a Swedish X2000 train set. These were exported to China and introduced in 1998 at the beginning of their High Speed Network programme. I’m thinking we could have one being loco hauled through the layout.
  5. Another bit of work in progress for the truckstop area. A 1970’s Mercedes touring coach having a bit of engine trouble. I've also opened up the side panels and will have the drivers wife/girlfriend doing something in there. The model is an old Wiking one. Nicely detailed, but very brittle plastic.
  6. Maybe we should get the local police involved to investigate.
  7. It’s still eating into our pub time. I think the vote is against you.
  8. Not always the case. China's weight limits are way above what we would allow on UK roads. Check out the weighbridge at 2:20. 130 tons on 4 axles.
  9. No. That low loader is too western. I'd drop the roller onto a three axle truck and modify it so the back end is sat down hard on the suspension to make too overloaded. As for how they got it on. Back the truck up to an earth bank and drive it on in the same way your forklift is loading the barrels in the background.
  10. Paul, some bedtime reading for you on how trucks should be loaded and strapped down. It’s .gov.uk but the principles are the same. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/857507/safety-loads-on-vehicles.pdf
  11. The question here should be ‘how the hell has that load stayed on?’ Or maybe the site manager is looking at the driver and saying ‘其余的在哪里....?’
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