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  1. Update on the Eurostar. Coach end drawn up on 3D CAD. It’s away for test print. Then if ok I’d start the converting the set.
  2. Continuing the long running LNER theme in this thread, the Eurostar rake will be turned out in a reimagened West Ridings Limited livery. I'm toying with two idea on train formation. First would be the 14 car North of London formation operated by GNER on their White Rose service. The other would be a 2 twin set 7 car formation with the divisible coaches replaced with a DBFO coach. I'll most likely end up modelling both options.
  3. It would be easier to use the 1st class Divisible coaches, but have you tried getting hold of any? There's a couple pairs going for £60+ on ebay right now. So far I've payed an average of £20 a pair for the standard 2nd class coaches.
  4. Its not so great on the other side of the fence. Not had chance to touch my layout since getting back from Glasgow back in Feb. BTW, I think we dodged this bullet. Model Rail Scotland wasn't to blame... https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5584958/coronavirus-scotland-nike-infected-25-people/
  5. Also been playing around with my Eurostar set to increase the coach rake from 2 coaches to 9 coaches by modifying the standard bogie end to an articulated bogie end. All the basic cutting done. A bit of tidying up to do, and if it looks ok I’ll crack on with the other 6 coaches.
  6. Finally got some free time since lockdown started and made a long over due return to the Coronation Observation Coach. Stainless steel lining add. Just need to cut out the rear window and then it’ll be ready for painting.
  7. Under the circumstances regarding the Covid-19 virus, the exhibition managers for the N Gauge Southeast 2020 have taken the decision to cancel the show. Not an easy decision, but under consideration, probably the correct one.
  8. We had a bit more progress this morning with the crane area. Starting to come together.
  9. 380 hand painted people later and the paddle steamer is looking a lot more crowded. But not finished yet. All the heads need painting from where I cut each from the frame. Then there’s a few more bikes to add and a whole load of suitcases.
  10. With Glasgow completed, it’s time pay the layout a bit of attention with trying to improve reliability. A common problem we have most shows is locos stalling over the points. To cure this I’m fitting latching relays to each of the points to change the polarity. These are the 4 banks of relays all ready for fitting.
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