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  1. The tender has received a light dusting of Halford's etch primer and the spud bogie has been temporarily located. I need a 4BA brass washer but wouldn't you know, that's the one size I've run out of. However, the good news is that with the tender in place, the spud can propel the loco chassis. The bad news is that the loco chassis repeatedly derails on curves. Time to check whether the wheels are in gauge and whether I need to increase the amount of play in the axle boxes. Check twice, cut once...
  2. Thanks, Pete! 1 metre of chain duly ordered Regards, Phil.
  3. Does anyone know of a source of oval/elliptical link chain, 4 links per inch? Thanks in advance.
  4. The bearing eventually stayed put and was opened out with the broach. It was surprisingly easy to fit the driving wheels even with the footplate in place and with some patient tweaking with the hand drill the leading and trailing axle bearings have been teased so that all the wheels sit on the track. So far, so good; to coin a phrase. The chassis is quite free-running even before lubrication: but the spud bogie won't shift it. No great worries yet: the spud is very light in weight, so with the tender on top it will have more traction. And there's always Plan B...
  5. A K's cast white metal kit for LNWR 'Problem' class 2-2-2 "Lady of the Lake". Retrieved from the fabled Round Tuit box and still on the vacuum-packed cards. Silly me, I've fixed the footplate before fitting the driving wheels, so this is going to be fun. One of the bearings still needs opening up with the broach, but has twice come unglued from the chassis. The tender is going together slowly: I'm fitting a Tenshodo spud bogie with about the right wheel spacing. The wheels themselves are a bit undersized, but once the bogie is in place the tender sits level. Whether it will have the oomp
  6. Does anyone know of a good source with a wide range of modelling chain? I'm looking in particular for an oval-link chain with links 1/4" long x 1/8" wide (6.3mm x 3.2mm). Thanks in advance.
  7. I like the Skipton show, so I was pleased to be invited to take Leighmoor Bois there this year. Bearing in mind that Hornby-Dublo went out of production in 1964, you can always expect problems but there were only a few. Those blasted speed bumps and potholes had the stacker boxes bouncing around in the trailer to such an extent that they caught on the baseboard edges. Fortunately the trains still ran. One of the fiddle yard roads sprang a short circuit which wasn't there when I tested the layout on Thursday. and the Silver Jubilee set, which ran fine on Friday night and Saturday morning, the
  8. My Hornby-Dublo 3-rail layout at the Woodvale Rally last weekend. 12' x 6', seven baseboards, three of them scenic. Hornby-Dublo track throughout, with some cutting and splicing: rod-and-tube across most baseboard joins. Almost entirely Hornby-Dublo stock, with several repaints and nevershuddas. Buildings mostly Metcalfe, with some Superquick. The Woodvale Rally is now at Victoria Park, Southport; a smaller site but superior facilities. The ground is still wet and uneven, though.
  9. lankylad

    power supply

    With the entire layout rotating, there was the problem of how to transfer power from the static baseboard to the revolving track. The technical term for this sort of set-up is "slip rings". I call it a bodge job. Looking for a cheapo way of doing this made me think of cake bases. Phoning round local wedding party organisers drew a blank until one of them mentioned her supplier: a shop only a couple of miles away. I bought two 18" wedding cake bases, stuck masking tape around the edges and then copperfoil tape on top. The cake bases were glued to the layout, and wires from the track were solder
  10. Finding a way to motorise the Lazy Susan was harder than I'd expected. Places like Halfords and auto repair shops no longer carry stocks of spares: their efficiency is my delay. I found toothed belts at a local lawnmower shop. The pancake-style motor came from a model railway exhibition. The spring... I had trouble finding a spring until I tried a real hardware shop where the owner said: "How many do you want?" Using a strip of Meccano did give me a certain satisfaction. Unfortunately the motor isn't beefy enough. Uppards, anyroad!
  11. Although working the layout from the front makes it easier to talk with the public, it also means that you can be more easily distracted and can also obstruct their view. Will Grime Street appear at Manchester?
  12. Regrettably I wasn't able to find a pair of Lederhosen with a 72" waist. But the layout does come with a Noch sound system with cow bells.
  13. This is my new layout, inspired by a Max Bygraves song. It started with a Lazy Susan given to me as a Christmas present. This turns on some very nice ball-bearings, so the obvious thing was to build a layout on top of it. This is made of foamboard braced with balsa. The track is a circle of Peco 009, the trestle bridge is an old Heljan/Con-cor N gauge USA kit, the scenic base is oasis blocks, the rockery is Faller Spachtelmasse and Hydrozell, the ground cover is electrostatic grass and Woodlands Scenics ground cover. The buildings are mostly Faller, the figures Preiser, except for Mori
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