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  1. That is very interesting and something I hadn't noticed. It also means I should include this pipe as it is an ex LNE Gresley full brake. The sliding side doors end windows and corridor connection removal has already been completed but I was wary of adding g the pipe in case it was an air brake conversion or something added in the 70s. The Alloa and Larbert layouts depict early to mid sixties. Thanks to all who have posted your input has been great help. Dave.
  2. Its not a vacuum pipe as ex passenger bogie vehicles already piped internally such as Gresley and Thompson vehicles also had these pipes running along the solebar. Another unfortunately poor image of a Gresley vehicle conversion.
  3. Must have been fun cleaning that smokebox at the end of a journey.
  4. Currently converting an Ian Kirk Gresley full brake to a tool van as one of the support coaches to accompany the new Bachmann crane. Questions I have are does anyone know what the external usually white painted pipe running along the sole bar was added for? Its been suggested its Air but if so is this for pneumatic tools or air braking? If the former is the compressor within the coach and where are the take off points? Does it run along the solebar on one side only? Also does anyone know when these pipes were added as I am modelling this for display on both Alloa and the under construction Larbert layout which are early to mid '60s. Thanks to all who may read this and offer anything no matter how diverse as I the build has currently stalled as I'm reluctant to just stick on a pipe without knowing its purpose or when it was carried. In attach an unfortunately very low res image of such vehicle but it clearly shows the pipe(s) in question. Thanks in advance. Dave.
  5. Thanks to everyone who posted and from the many positive comments it would seem that this years show was well received..makes it all worthwhile. The weather threatened but thankfully nothing dramatic happened and our friends making long journeys all managed safely. We of course had Alloa running in what is likely to be its last appearance in Scotland and very enjoyable it was. My personal favourite..Hornsey Broadway. The detail on this layout is breathtaking plus it ran faultlessly so a big thank you to Kier for making the trek north. A couple of Alloa residents..one of many J36s and a big green engine! And the last bus to Glasgow but be assured it will be back next year to welcome you back. Thanks again to all our visitors traders and exhibitors. Dave.
  6. Its already underway and building to be another great show. Glad you enjoyed this year and thanks for the great comments.
  7. It was indeed NS and appreciated. Yes the old 'bus on a bridge' thing seems impossible to resist by many although I have to admit if there is a nice bus to be displayed theres only one place for it! Dave.
  8. Thank you for your kind comments Jamie. The layout is 34ft long and operates on a continuous run with end on fiddles feeding trains to the front on both the mainline and branch. There is pretty well always something moving which of course is totally unprototypical..but the public pay their money to see trains moving not static exhibits. Everything on the layout is accurate for the location and period and run at scale speeds with many of the locos by necessity being kit built like the WD 2-10-0s and many NB and Caley 0-6-0s. Diesels are represented mainly by the DMUs and railbuses that operated on this line from early 60s although the odd Clayton makes an appearance plus a Metrovick Co-Bo on a filling in turn on minerals. The track is SMP with all pointwork hand built as again it needs to be to accurately follow the actual trackplan. All signals are accurate and built from photographs and all operate and are used throughout the running. When we were at Warley we received the Signalling Society award for best and most accurately signalled layout..a great surprise to all of us. As said we have often been asked if its EM which is indeed a compliment although unlike ScRSG I have never heard of someone confusing it with P4..the track is nowhere near that standard although for a large fairly complex layout that has to be reliable on the exhibition circuit that would be a step too far I'm sure. I attach a pic of the layout at NEC at Warley on the evening before the show opened. It was a great weekend and topped off with Alloa awarded best visiting layout with Pete W doing the honours. Thanks again. Dave.
  9. In this case yes it is as the BR Morris van is parked in the station yard just as the original pic. We do have a bus on the bridge though at the other end and very nice it is too with slight weathering and a slightly sloping platform!
  10. Posted a few comparison pics on the Exhibitions page as Alloa due to be at the SEC in Glasgow in a couple of weeks . Possibly already listed some of these but as they are to hand.
  11. Very nice shot of two well weathered locos and the Brit (70018?) looks like it has had the tender draught screens fitted. An often overlooked detail but one that is so obvious on the real thing and is easy to add. My own 'Dutchman'
  12. Well thats the Alloa make over now complete and although I say it myself its looking really well and back to its original best with colours that had subtly faded a bit now as they should be. A number of 'Real & Model' comparison pics have been taken for display so attached a few of these.
  13. Kier I laughed out loud when I read that..sort of comment that Mrs Jacksons boy would have made..good one! Our group all agree that the layout list at this years show is looking exceptional and with Hornsey Broadway right at the top of my own must see list. There are a fair few top names attending this year and we are especially delighted to welcome guests like yourself making the journey north with such inspirational layouts. As part of the set up team I will be welcoming you on Thursday so look forward to that. All the best and drive carefully. Davy Scott.
  14. Looking forward to exhibiting Alloa again at our home show. The layout has been the subject of an intensive refresh over the last few months with all new back scenes and most scenics including all grasses and many trees replaced. In addition several of the bespoke signals have been rebuilt and as always rolling stock is absolutely accurate for location. A few recent pics for those not familiar with the trainset. Dave.
  15. Try your weathering using powders on coaches too. A Hornby Porthole with black powder simply dusted over the sides then wiped off leaving the door seams prominent. Black/brown powder mix on under frame and bogies with the roof airbrushed but that could just as easily be brush painted and as the roof clips off its very easy..why don't all coachers come apart like this?
  16. A good advice and I agree with the use of powders and perhaps a wash but stay away from the airbrush just yet. I have weathered a couple of my own locos using only an initial wash then powders to demonstrate at exhibitions the 'safe ' way to weather fpr beginners. Powders wash off if you have overdone it and even if there is a little residue left then in crevices thats fine as it will add to the effect. I use a simple Humbrol wash and almost immediately wipe off with cotton bud following the natural lines that gravity would take if rainwater was running down the side of the loco. After dry then its Mig powders usually just three which are mid brown dark brown and black which I mix to achieve the colours I want. I apply with a cheap brush..as it destroys these very quickly.. and stipple into the body then wipe off with a soft cloth or bud with often a wet finger to streak and remove any excess. Not exactly technical but if the end result works then its fine. With out of the box locos especially Hornby the first thing is to 'lift' the unrealistic matt finish to an almost gloss in places using cotton buds impregnated with T cut or Brasso. Once you have achieved the slightly polished finish bearing in mind that the cleaners would usually clean cab and tender sides and lower boiler leaving the top of the boiler apply the wash. Using decent brush wash it down over the entire body and it will leave a semi matt finish that allows the powders to adhere to better plus it will run into seams and detail same. Black with little brown mix and stipple over the lower areas with black for soot over the boiler top and cab roof. Don't forget a little sand colour round the sand box fillers. The 'oil & grease' detailing liquids are great for showing streaking down from a leaking seam on the tender or as a puddle of wet around the tank filler. I am by no means skilled in painting and weathering having only chanced my own models but the results have pleased me an dod course when you look atvit its all your own work which is satisfying so have a go. A few pics to hopefully encourage you..its a lot easier than you might think. The factory finish. After careful rubbing with T cut and a bud to create a gloss metal look then weather back. Nearside same loco.. wash then powders with added detail with the most obvious being the AWS piping under the running plate. A Bachmann 47/7 using only wash and powders to demonstrate easy weathering techniques at a recent show. On the trainset.
  17. Will certainly be having one to to with my '56. First thing will no doubt be to 'lift' the inevitable flat paint finish and weather. Sir William being tested on 'Alloa'..the trainspotters on the platform cant believe their eyes. Dave.
  18. After all the immaculate pics of Maude. My own and one of a few on Alloa which of course will be appearing at Modelrail Scotland in February. Looking forward to meeting with some familiar and perhaps some new faces at the show. Dave.
  19. vitalspark

    Dapol Class 21/29

    I've been experimenting with these or rather with Craftsman brass replacements as the discs supplied look too small a diameter which is exaggerated by placing the hole over the lighting line on the nose. On the real thing the centre disc would appear to be dead centre of the door seam although as its hinged on one side this can't be but in model form it should be as near as no difference. The Dapol discs when fitted over the light in the nose are miles away and look completely wrong. My solution is to sweat a piece of 0.45 wire to the back of the disc and drill a corresponding hole in the nose. Tacky wax in the hole and push fit the disc which of course can be removed easily too. You can of course simply glue the larger brass disc to the nose but make sure you place it as central as possible and do not use the light/hole to align. I will post pictures shortly. Dave.
  20. Beautiful model indeed. We can't compete with that but have to make do with a detailed and weathered Bachmann. My D11/2 earning its keep on Alloa.
  21. Yes she is scheduled for relocation soon as the trainset is undergoing make over for its final outing to Glasgow next February. Obviously the 47/7 is a bit of nonsense posed for a shot after weathering and the fastest express through that platform would likely be J36 hauled!
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